4 Best Pyramid Patio Heater UK – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Looking for a decorative and fancy accessory to spice up your outdoor gatherings this fall, or are you seeking to attract business in an outdoor space?

Today we’ll review the best pyramid patio heater UK and give our feedback on our best pick and runner-up!

Whatever may be the case, a patio heater is sure to keep you cosy during your evening gatherings all year long. Usable both as an ambient source of light or for heating reasons, patio heaters come in many shapes and sizes, with the pyramid patio heaters being the most impressive looking. With the multitudes of different patio heaters in the market, choosing the right pyramid patio heater UK might be a bit daunting for you.

Pyramid patio heaters are an efficient way to heat up your outdoor environment; they provide you with a warm settling light, which keeps you comfortable even with the decreasing temperatures around the winter. They are a modern alternative to bonfires, providing not only charm but also significant heat due to their modern build. 

They also add an extra level of safety that other outdoor heating sources lack; moreover, they are also known for their fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness. These qualities make them far superior to their older alternatives.

Patio heaters also enable us to spend more valuable time with our family and friends; with the coronavirus vaccination process under implementation around the world, you now have an opportunity to make up for the time lost around the previous year. Proving to be a great way to reinvigorate ourselves for the upcoming years. 

So you’ve decided to get your hands on the best pyramid patio heater UK. For us, Littleborough’s 13kW pyramid patio heater is the top choice.

But how do you select the right one for you? Let’s get into it.

No time to read the detailed reviews? Worry not! Here are our best picks!

Our BEST Pick For The Best Pyramid Patio Heater UK

Littleborough’s 13kW pyramid patio heater 

pyramid patio heater

Are you searching for a pyramid patio heater that makes no exceptions on its efficiency? One which provides a substantial range that will meet all your needs? Littleborough’s 13kW pyramid patio heater may be the right choice for you. As it makes no compromise on keeping you comfortable even in the chilliest of the evening.

Runner-Up: Best Pyramid Patio Heater UK

Dealourus outdoor pyramid patio heater

best pyramid patio heater

As our runner-up, we have the dealourus outdoor pyramid patio heater. With its notably high safety standard & well-built quality, you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

Our Buyer’s Guide:

Patio heaters are available in all sizes and shapes; even within these sizes and shapes, there are numerous different kinds, each contrasting in potential from the other. With so many to choose from, one may feel overwhelmed when selecting the best pyramid patio heater UK or anywhere else. One should consider the following aspects of a pyramid patio heater before making any purchases.

Here is a helpful resource also if you want to clean your patio heater

Energy Source: 

The energy source is a vital factor to consider when buying a pyramid patio heater. Usually, propane-powered models are offered, eliminating the need to worry about wood or cleaning as it only requires a propane gas tank to attach, and it’ll be good to go. 

But with the involvement of modern technology, companies have been making great efforts to produce models that offer higher efficiency, and now electric as well as infrared heaters have been made available. 

Heat Provided: 

Whether you’re getting a pyramid patio heater for your outdoor business or for your domestic use, experts recommend getting a heater that provides at least 40,000 Btu or 12 kWh of heat. Enough to make it work effectively. 

Built Quality:

Pyramid Patio heaters made of rust-resistant materials are much easier to manage and can be used in any weather conditions; they also have a much longer life. Making it perfect for any outdoor public use.


One should also consider the area they want to heat. Usually, pyramid patio heaters work in 100 square feet or 10 feet by 10. If your requirement exceeds this, you may need to get a number of patio heaters.

Portability And Visual Appeal: 

Some models may not be as portable as the others, usually patio heaters powered up by natural gas are more permanent than the other alternatives. However, most of the models now come with wheels, making them easier to move. 

The visual appeal also makes a significant impact; if you’re focusing on getting more traction on your outdoor business, you may need to consider the design offered. 

Our Top 4 Best Pyramid Patio Heaters U.K. Review: 

1. 13KW Glass Tube Pyramid Patio Heater:

Looking for a propane-powered pyramid patio heater that doesn’t make any compromises, neither in elegance nor its warmth, then you should be looking at getting your hands on the Littleborough Pyramid Patio Heater. With its impressive heat output of 13KW, you’ll be left all toasty and warm all evening long. It encloses a fountain of flame in its pyramidal structure that is not only known for its luster but also for keeping its viewers in awe.

Standing tall at 2270mm, this patio heater works wonders in a radius of 1 meter. It comes in with adjustable heat dispersion that means you can also utilize this accessory during summer evenings for its soft radiance. 

With all that glitter, it still doesn’t make any concessions in its safety; coming in with electronic piezo ignition means you only need to play with a button to turn it on. It also turns off automatically if any outside sources blow out the fire. 

To save you from the hassle of changing its propane canister often, canisters of larger sizes can easily be attached. This piece can also be moved around without much trouble as it only weighs around 35 kg making it portable.

Moreover, it comes in with a free stainless steel cover to make the patio heater last long, giving it the capability to work in different weather conditions without much harm to its body or internal parts.

But this eye-catching ornament comes at the expense of having to deal with assembling myriads of different build pieces. However, users say it’s totally worthwhile. 


  • Works effectively in the 1-meter range.
  • Provides a heat output of 13KW 
  • Adjustable heat.
  • Comes with an anti-tilt safety switch.
  • Includes a stainless steel cover.
  • Automatic shut-off safety device.
  • It can work for extended periods due to its large capacity.


  • Assembling is difficult even for experienced hobbyists but worth it.
  • Unpacking various parts is time-consuming.

Thoughts & Recommendations: 

Best for domestic and commercial uses provides a good range of heat without making any exceptions over safety. This makes it the best choice but bear in mind the time to assemble it.

2. Gasdepot Real Flame Outdoor Pyramid Patio Heater

The second pyramid patio heater on our list is the Gasdepot outdoor pyramid patio heater. Providing you with a pleasing display all year long and cutting you the hassle of using lighters or matchsticks to turn it on, a simple ignition button lights a blazing display on. With its sleek design, this decorative ornament not only beautifies your patio but also provides significant heat.

Backed up by its customers, its sturdy build allows it to work all year long under any conditions without causing any inconvenience. Its shape emits heat in a radial direction; powered up by propane, it provides a sufficient heat output of 13KW, providing its users a calm and comfortable feeling. Capable of accommodating greater amounts of propane, it deals with your worry of having to replace it frequently.

Coming in with a parts warranty of 1 year, this pyramid patio heater has been getting nothing but excellent reviews from its customers. Its assembly time is relatively lower; however, users have stated its instructions manual to be inadequate; however, it is comparably easier to assemble. 


  • Easy ignition.
  • Excellent user reviews.
  • 1 year part warranty.
  • Multi-seasonal.
  • Accommodates higher amounts of propane.
  • Lower assembly time.


  • instructions manual can be improved.

Thoughts & Recommendations: 

Also, coming in with a hose and regulators, this pyramid patio heater is capable of fulfilling and providing an excellent experience to any public or domestic gathering without having any issues.

3. Dealourus Outdoor Patio Pyramid Heater

Looking for a model that exceeds in its built quality and safety? Look no further, as the Dealourus outdoor patio with its stainless steel body can sustain any levels of heat without any adverse effect. With all the safety standards and built quality, its creators have still achieved a remarkable feat in providing a modern & attractive design.

It measures 2.27 meters, which helps in the dispersal of heat. Its tall height increases its range; it works wonders even at a range of 2m all-around. Much thought has been given to its build design; it also has 2 wheels attached, making it manoeuvrable. 

Coming with all the safety standards, it also has a net that isolates the flame and prevents accidental contact with the fire. It also comes with bar regulators and a hose.

Using propane as its primary fuel source, the dealourus outdoor patio heater emits sufficient heat as recommended by experts. What’s noteworthy about this pyramid patio heater are the features offered at its budget-friendly price point. However, users have the opinion that its instructions manual lacks a few steps.


  • Includes a safety net.
  • Well built quality.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Attractive design.
  • 2-meter long range.
  • Emits sufficient heat.


  • Steps to provide further assistance to users can be added.
  • Improvements can be made in its eco-friendliness.

Thoughts & Recommendations: 

Dealourus outdoor patio pyramid heater is cost-efficient for the safety standards it provides; safety has been its priority; it also offers various features and has a stainless steel body. This could be the right choice for almost every use with so much to offer.

4. Dealourus Bronze Outdoor Patio Pyramid Heater:

The last on the list is the dealourus bronze outdoor patio Pyramid Heater; what’s notable about this is its unique built. Its outer body is of bronze steel which gives it a modest and elegant look, while the inner body is of stainless steel, which is surprisingly good at resisting high temperatures. This combination makes it sturdy and long-lasting. 

This pyramid patio heater has a user-friendly design. Having a built-in temperature level controlling knob helps you control the temperature of your environment. It also has 2 wheels that significantly increase mobility, which is very convenient when changing the patio heater’s position, making it portable. 

Dealourus bronze patio heater also has electronic ignition, meaning just pressing a button will light it up. One added feature of this patio heater also lets it control the height of the flame.

Just like the previous dealourus patio heater, this one is also CE approved, actively showing us that safety is the backbone of these products. A safety net has also been included with this patio pyramid heater.


  • Added safety net.
  • CE approved.
  • Elegant design with bronze steel.
  • Sustains high temperatures effectively.
  • Electronic ignition.
  • Portable.


  • Is not waterproof but does come in with a heavy-duty waterproof cover.

Thoughts & Recommendations:

Safety is the backbone of this pyramid patio heater, easily fulfilling all the tasks required and offering much more, with a stylish design as an added bonus. Best pyramid patio heater UK for businesses, as it’s already widely used in different restaurants & bars.


Pyramid patio heaters are a convenient and manageable way to replace bonfires at different gatherings; they are also a beautiful addition to your backyard or patio. Coronavirus has greatly highlighted the need and use of pyramid patio heaters, now may be the best time to get your hands on one as the Covid-19 restrictions uplift. 
Our best-pick littleborough pyramid patio heater and our runner-up dealourus outdoor pyramid patio heater offers a wide range of notable features at a good price point, making them the best pyramid patio heaters to choose in the U.K.

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