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5 Best Garden Multi Tool Petrol Units – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

To have a fantastic garden, one must simply have tools for cuttings, pruning & trimming. This creates the need for gardeners to purchase myriads of different equipment, a chainsaw, grass trimmer, hedge trimmer, and many others; purchasing all the equipment may very well become a bottomless pit. 

With so much to do, there arises a need for a tool that is capable of performing these actions altogether, whether it is to have some extra storage space or to save a few hundred pounds. This is where garden multi-tools come into play, hindering the need for an armoury of garden tools to have an astounding garden. But how can you choose from the best garden multi-tool petrol units that fulfil your needs the best? 

Many renowned companies have been producing multi-gardening units with better features than the others, with the recent ones providing more than sufficient engine power with increased efficiency, supplying more energy with lesser use of fuel, making it cost-efficient. 

Newer models are now equipped with sharper trimmers and chainsaw attachments with better build quality, all aiming to assist gardeners in their hefty work.

With the excessive need for these products, the market has been flooded with varieties of different Gardening Petrol Units, each better than the former, making it harder to pick one.

But, stay rest assured! As we have compiled this handy guide of our picks of the 5 best garden multi-tool petrol units that’ll assist you.

Our Buyer’s Guide For The Best Garden Multi Tool Petrol Unit: 

With the diversity existing between the petrol gardening units, it’s no wonder novice gardeners have trouble purchasing the best garden multi-tool petrol unit. With that said, we’ve come up with this comprehensive guide that’ll ensure you make the right choice.

Attachments Offered

With gardeners requiring tools for several situations, many petrol gardening units may offer attachments for multiple tasks. For this reason, purchase a gardening unit that offers all the necessary tools for your needs. It’s also advised to check the gardening unit’s length to ensure it is the correct size for you.

Sound Produced By The Gardening Tool

Some people may find sound energy from the engine a nuisance, which may lead to a headache. This makes ear protection a necessity to protect your hearing. 


Gardening tools with higher weight are generally harder to handle. Therefore, before purchasing a unit, one must consider his or her ability to carry and handle heavier machinery. Lighter gardening tools may lack some features but have much better handling.


Gardening tools come with various complexity; some may prove to be harder to assemble for novice gardeners. Thus different components should be kept into consideration. You should make sure you always read and understand the supplied instruction booklet.


The last and the most crucial factor to consider before buying a gardening unit would be its cost and how much you’re willing to spend. Generally, well-built gardening units fall in the price range of £100-200.

Our Top 5 Best Garden Multi Tool Petrol Unit Reviews

1. Dealourus 5 in 1 Multi Function Garden Tool

The Dealourus 5 in 1 Multi Function Garden Tool is a versatile and powerful tool that has been designed for those who demand more from their garden tools. With the ability to perform five different functions, this tool has everything you need to maintain your garden, from trimming and pruning to sweeping and cleaning up.

The petrol strimmer is lightweight and easy to handle, with a comfortable grip that reduces fatigue and strain during extended use. The brush cutter and chainsaw are both powerful and efficient, making quick work of even the toughest jobs, while the hedge trimmer is precise and accurate, making it ideal for shaping and trimming hedges and bushes.

The pruner and power sweeper are also well-designed, offering a comfortable and controlled grip and making it easy to clean up your garden and remove leaves and debris. And, the extension pole is a great addition, allowing you to reach higher places and making it easier to access hard-to-reach areas.


  • Versatility: This garden tool offers five different functions, making it a one-stop-shop for all your garden maintenance needs.
  • Power: The petrol strimmer, brush cutter, chainsaw, and hedge trimmer are all powerful and efficient, making quick work of even the toughest jobs.
  • Comfort: The tool features a comfortable grip that reduces fatigue and strain during extended use, making it easier to handle for longer periods of time.
  • Precision: The hedge trimmer is precise and accurate, making it ideal for shaping and trimming hedges and bushes.
  • Easy to use: The pruner and power sweeper are both well-designed, offering a comfortable and controlled grip and making it easy to clean up your garden.
  • Extendable: The extension pole allows you to reach higher places and makes it easier to access hard-to-reach areas.


  • Noise: As with most petrol-powered garden tools, the Dealourus 5 in 1 Multi Function Garden Tool can be quite loud, which may be a concern for some users.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance is required to keep the tool running smoothly, which can be time-consuming and require a certain level of technical expertise.
  • Fuel consumption: The tool requires petrol to run, which can add to its running costs and make it less environmentally friendly than other garden tools.
  • Weight: The tool can be heavy, which may be a challenge for some users, particularly those with weaker upper body strength.
  • Cost: The Dealourus 5 in 1 Multi Function Garden Tool is a premium product and as such, can be quite expensive compared to other garden tools.

My Thoughts

The Dealourus 5 in 1 Multi Function Garden Tool is a versatile and powerful tool that offers a wide range of functions for garden maintenance. Its multiple functions, comfortable grip, and efficient design make it a great option for gardeners who want a single tool that can handle all their garden maintenance needs.

However, its cost, noise level, weight, and fuel consumption may be a concern for some users. Ultimately, whether the Dealourus 5 in 1 Multi Function Garden Tool is right for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a powerful and efficient garden tool that can handle a wide range of tasks, then this tool is definitely worth considering.


Suppose you’re searching for an all-use multifunctional gardening unit that is hassle-free. In that case, the Aosome Petrol Gardening unit may be the best garden multi-tool petrol unit for you. Its CGI ignition system always starts up reliably, not leaving any room for inconvenience. Its design focuses on easy usability, which means even a novice gardener can get straight to work. 

The Aosome has been equipped with a high-quality nylon string, with a startling width of 450mm, which makes it fitting to be used on larger areas, its 250mm metal cutting blades also back this up. 

Users appreciate its uncomplicated assembling process which also makes the attachments easy to switch, eliminating the users of many annoyances. It’s a 5-in-1, offering a long-reach hedge trimmer, a chainsaw, a brush cutter, a grass trimmer & an extension shaft. 

As with the KU-BO gardening unit, this also comes with a double shoulder harness but this time with a quick release which helps provide safety and reduce strain. 

Usually, tanks of gardening units are made of plastic but here metal materials are used and the tank is enclosed in a structure to further improve the built quality. If these weren’t enough reasons to consider the Aosome, the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on top of all this, leaving you untroubled.


  • Equipped with a high-quality nylon head.
  • The double shoulder harness has a quick release.
  • Includes an air-cooled engine for extended performance.
  • Easy to switch.
  • Can be adjusted by one hand.
  • Includes extension shaft.


  • High maintenance. 
  • The chain may slip from the pruner from time to time.

Thoughts & Recommendations

This tool saves you from a lot of hassles and on top of that provides a warranty of 1 year, best suitable for people who have large areas to work on.

3. Bosch AMW10 Electric Motor Unit

Now, after you’ve known that most petrol-powered gardening units are harder to carry, you may think of switching to an electric solution. The Bosch AMW10 with its ergonomic design will fulfil your needs with its 1000W motor. Its power supply is smooth and continuous, providing you with much-needed efficiency without increasing its weight.

Being lightweight the Bosch uplifts its handling, its D-shaped handle also helps with manoeuvrability. The Bosch works with many different attachments without the need of carrying any tools, consisting of adaptable attachments that easily fit. 

However, users have to purchase attachments separately, this gives them the leverage of buying only the attachments they need. With its ability to have adaptable attachments, it comfortably performs a wide range of tasks. 

It also includes a hanging hook which makes storing it as easy as it gets, being electric also makes it much quieter than its petrol-powered alternatives.

An electric unit has its benefits but it also has its downs, the Bosch is a corded gardening unit with a 10m cord which means you’ll have to drag the cord around you whenever you’re working. 


  • Quieter alternative.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Improved manoeuvrability.
  • Easy to trim even from ground level due to the extension pole.
  • Easy to store.


  • Attachments need to be purchased individually.
  • Corded tool.

Thoughts & Recommendations

Ideal for people who find noise unbearable & can’t carry heavy weight, also offers to buy attachments separately which can work for people who only want a few tasks done in their gardens. 

4. Todeco – Multifunction Garden Tool

Whenever you are looking for a reliable gardening tool this is a must to cross your mind, made by the well-known brand Todeco. Known for its capabilities, todeco multifunctional can be used for professional as well as individual usages. With its fuel capacity, it keeps you going all day long without having to stop for a break. 

Ideal for landscaping tasks this multi-functional gardening tool comes in with various blades of different types further helping professional gardeners in glorifying their gardens. It comes with a chainsaw, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, extension pole, and strimmer. The box also includes protection harnesses, such as a helmet and a pair of gloves.

With its powerful 2.2 KW engine, it spits 7500rpm, which is more than enough for all your gardening needs. However, what’s really special to this gardening unit are its rust-resistant materials, which makes it easy to maintain so that you only require to clean it with a damp sponge and it will be good to go. On top of all that it also comes in with a 2-year warranty.


  • Sufficient fuel tank capacity.
  • Provides a warranty of 2 years.
  • Rust Proof materials.
  • Includes a variety of blades.
  • Includes free-of-cost protection harness accessories.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Straightforward instructions.


  • maybe heavy for some people to work with for extended periods of time.

Thoughts & Recommendations:

Proving its abilities for even professional users, this high-end gardening tool may be the best garden multi tool unit for beginners as well as advanced gardeners, suitable for people who have high-end requirements and can manage handling weight.

5. Hyundai HYMT5200 52cc Gardening Tool

Maybe you are an avid gardener who is just starting a new journey and are looking for a cost-friendly product, which will equip you best. Then the Hyundai HYMT5200 will prove to be the best garden multi-tool petrol unit for you. 

With its robust qualities, you need not worry about any gardening task being left behind, its 52cc stroke pedal serves ample power without having any recoil management issues.

Just like the BU-KO & Aosome, this one too comes with a double shoulder harness, helping disperse its weight, its ergonomic design also provides comfort and support making it ideal for extended use.

All in all, it includes a hedge trimmer, chainsaw, brush cutter, grass trimmer & long-reach extension pole, along with a mixing jug and a tool kit, eliminating the need to purchase the tools separately. Its design focuses on user comfort, which boosts its lifespan as well as makes its emissions lower. Hyundai also covers the gardening tool with a 3-year warranty. 

However, even with its extra accessories that boost comfort, it may tire the user due to the weight of its motor.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Includes a tool kit & a mixing jug.
  • Made by a reputable brand.
  • Soft recoil.


  • The throttle might come off.
  • Protection harnesses such as ear protectors are not included.

Thoughts & Recommendations:

Recommended for people who want a budget-friendly petrol gardening unit for their daily gardening needs. Its price point makes it the best garden multi-tool petrol unit for novice gardeners.


Petrol Gardening tools are a lifesaver for beginner gardeners as it provides you with all of the equipment you’d require to start working on your garden in one convenient package. 

Our best pick, the BU-KO 52cc multi-functional petrol unit assures you of providing you with all the necessary tools needed to have an impressive garden and being the ideal choice as the best garden multi-tool petrol unit.

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