5 Best Scarifiers – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Efficient gardening tools are the keys to a stunningly beautiful garden. Did you know the soil in your garden with time loses its richness giving your garden a dull look? To overcome this problem, gardeners came up with the idea of lawn Scarifiers in the 19th century. A lawn Scarifier is a gardening tool that cuts through the soil, holding the weed at bay and aerating the soil, which brings up a massive change in the absorption of nutrients in the soil. Making it an essential gardening tool, but how to choose the best scarifiers for you? Let’s dive into it. 

Scarifiers were traditionally used to draw bad fluids out from the body, lawn scarifiers work on the same principle; they help remove harmful thatch & moss from your garden and rejuvenate the soil. 

In the modern era, scarifiers have changed a lot from their previously manually powered forms that required strenuous human labor. Their old forms have now been substituted with less demanding electric & fuel-powered alternatives to make individuals’ lives easier. Now with added features that may baffle any gardener when choosing the best scarifier.

Every greenskeeper strives to keep their garden green, never making any exceptions in the richness of its soil. They know the importance of removing dead grass & moss off of their lawns. They depend on scarifiers as in life there are times when without any investment one cannot cut.

So you’ve decided to bring your garden in its pristine look and are looking to purchase a scarifier but wait! There are a few things you need to keep in consideration when buying the best scarifier for you. 

Too busy to go through our reviews? Worry not; we got you covered. Here is our best pick:

Our Best Pick For The Best Scarifier:

Bosch AVR 1100 Vertical Cutter

Looking for an ergonomically designed scarifier that’ll give your garden a neat cut without making any compromise on its comfort? Then you should be thinking of none other than the Bosch AVR 1100 Vertical Cutter. With blades designed by modern technology, it comprises a Jet-collection system leaving no obstruction to airflow.

Runner-Up For The Best Scarifier:

AL-KO 38P petrol scarifier

Is carrying a cord too much of a hassle for you? Worry not cause the AL-KO 38P petrol scarifier has you covered. Offering multi-tools and tool-less exchange between scarifier and raker are its notable features.

Our Buyer’s Guide:

With scarifiers fulfilling such an important task, it’s no wonder why the market offers multitudes of different scarifiers, each varying in specs. However, due to market saturation, novice gardeners may find themselves scratching their heads when choosing their gardens’ best scarifier. 

Thus we have compiled this intensive buyer’s guide covering every aspect to make you arrive at a better deal.


How easy the machine is to move is of great concern. Some machines offer more mobility than others; this also depends on how fast the machines remove the debris and moss. Machines with smaller engines are lightweight thus easier to move but may sometimes lack power which will slow you down when scarifying on a slightly larger scale.


The power supplied by the engine is directly proportional to how effective the scarifier is in removing moss & thatch off of your lawn. The size of your lawn needs to be considered before choosing a scarifier. Generally, lawns below 1,200meter^2 can work well with scarifiers with smaller engines.


The removed moss & thatch is disposed of in the scarifier’s collector. It is worth noting that larger sizes prevent you from emptying the collector often, however, smaller sizes may fill up too early, and you’ll have to clear them before continuing your scarification.

Type Of Scarifier:

Both petrol & electric powered scarifiers are available. Electrical scarifiers being perfect for lawns of smaller sizes as you’ll have to carry a cord around with you. Petrol scarifiers come in as expensive but will free you from the hassle of carrying a cord with you, ideal for larger lawns.


Nowadays, most of the scarifiers come in with adjustable height, so you can choose your liking’s perfect height. However, some hand-held scarifiers may have specified height, making it important for you to double-check if the scarifier you want to purchase offers variable height.

Our Top 5 Best Scarifiers Review:

1. Bosch AVR 1100 Verti Cutter:

Designed to be compact, this scarifier won’t lack any power, even with its small size. The Bosch AVR is an electric scarifier with an astounding 1100 watt engine, enough for all your needs. Being an electric scarifier makes it lightweight and convenient to use, offering higher mobility than petrol-powered engines.

Offering an ergonomic design with a 32cm working width, this scarifier is sufficient for any household gardening task. With a Jet-collection system ensuring no thatch or moss is left behind in the machine, this basically means it allows higher airflow through its body. What’s noteworthy is that the Bosch AVR has 14 rotating blades, allowing more airflow; this, combined with the jet collection system, will enable it to deal with the moss & thatch better.

Like all the other Bosch products, this scarifier also focuses on user-friendliness, coming in with a foldable design making storage easy. Providing variable heights of 5/0/-5/-10mm and functioning as a multi-tool, you can rake, scarify and aerate your lawn with this scarifier. Also, presenting itself with a 2-year warranty elevating many of your concerns.

Known to provide high power, users are advised first to use the higher height settings as lower height settings may rip off the garden. 


  • Great airflow system.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Multi-Tool, usable for scarifying, raking, and aerating the lawn.
  • 50L collecting box.
  • Easily storable.
  • Variable height adjustments.


  • Lower heights may damage the lawn.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

The Bosch AVR lawn scarifier is perfect for people who often scarify, offering a gentle way to scarify, helping new grass grow. Able to fulfill all your gardening needs, this scarifier is best for medium-sized gardens.

2. AL-KO Comfort 38E Lawnrake:

Are you looking for a robust electric lawn raker? With a large capacity saving you from frequent visits to dispose of the thatch? Then you should be looking at the AL-KO Comfort 38E Lawnrake. 

Fitted with a 1300 watt motor, it can do away with any arduous gardening task. Having 2 blades gives this scarifier the ability to rake as well as scarify your lawn. Offering a tool-less cassette interchangeable system makes it convenient for users to switch between the blades. To ensure it has been properly adjusted, it comes in with a safety indicator. You also don’t need to worry about having difficulties assembling this scarifier as it’s relatively easy.

A 55L capacity tank saves you the hassle of making recurring visits to empty the collector. To uplift the mobility, 4 wheels have been attached in addition to its light-weighted build to provide users with a comfortable experience. The Al-KO comfort 38E also saves you from the troubles of cleaning it, as the underside is smooth and won’t attract any dirt or debris.

Like the other newer models, the AL-KO also offers variable height, which can be changed to 5 different heights by just switching a knob.


  • Robust build with 1300 watt motor.
  • Interchangeable tool-less cassettes.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy assembling.
  • Adjustable height.


  • 12m cord means you’ll need to carry extension cords around you.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Ideal for smaller gardens, the AL-KO offers sufficient energy along with a good built, making it very convenient & long-lasting for gardeners. So, long story short, this one can be the right choice as the best scarifier for small-scale scarification.

3. AL-KO 38P Petrol Scarifier:

Digging for a petrol-powered scarifier that saves you from the annoyance of carrying a cord with you? Facilitating further in the level of comfort provided by other scarifiers? Then you should be looking to get your hands on the AL-KO 38P Petrol Scarifier.

Delivering a dual purpose while running on petrol, the AL-KO 38P has a medium-sized engine of 53cc; regardless of its size, it offers adequate power fulfilling any small to large scale job with ease. As with the previous AL-KO model on this list, the petrol-powered option also comes in with 5 variable heights. Also, with the same interchangeable cassettes assisting its users.

With a German-built quality, it is sure to provide you more than its money’s worth. Proving to be long-lasting, it also comes in with a 2-year warranty, further providing relief to its users.

With its ambition for comfort, even its petrol-powered option is lightweight and convenient compared to other models. However, it could be slightly more costly than the electric options.


  • Cordless.
  • 55-liter collector.
  • Effective and powerful.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Easy tool-less change of cassettes.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • It might be shaky on uneven ground.
  • Higher maintenance.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Best compatible with people that have to work on an extended lawn. Can also be the right choice as the best scarifier for professional uses. It is recommended for gardeners that operate on a large scale.

4. Hyundai 210cc Petrol Lawn Scarifier:

Maybe you’re rummaging for something even more powerful, something that could easily traverse on any terrain, then look no further. The Hyundai 210cc Petrol Lawn Scarifier will take care of all your worries. Fitted with all-terrain wheels, it never feels unsteady, even when scarifying on the most uneven surfaces.

Even with a 210cc robust engine, the Hyundai lawn scarifier is known for its fuel efficiency. Not making any exceptions in its build quality, it has a solid steel deck with a comfortable grip. This machine significantly reduces your exertion even when performing strenuous tasks. 

Delivering flexible heights with safety features, this model is the epitome of comfort. Including retractable blades, you need to worry about damaging the machine when crossing a path; it also automatically stops as you let go.

However, users state its collecting bag to be smaller when compared to its power, requiring you to make frequent visits to get rid of the thatch and moss in the collector. 


  • Offering massive power.
  • Flexible heights.
  • Retractable blades.
  • Scarifier as well as an aerator.
  • Important safety features included.
  • Greater levels of comfort.
  • Equipped with all-terrain wheels.


  • Costly.
  • Small collection bag.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Perfect for gardeners that work on a professional level and have a slightly bigger budget. It is offering much-needed safety features, which become a necessity when working for extended hours.

5. Wolf Garden Multi-Change Moss Remover:

And to end the list, we have the wolf garden multi-change moss remover. Time and time proving it’s the best manual scarifier not making any exceptions on quality, its 10 year guarantee backs up these claims. 

Offering a 30cm raking width, it works on the push and pull principle; it lifts the teeth and drags the moss and thatch with it. Consequently, removing the weed off of your lawn. Made for people that have a small garden to take care of and are on a budget. 

However, the box only includes the scarifier and not the handle; this could be a silver lining as now you can choose your preferred height. The simplicity is effortless to assemble, but using it on a medium-sized garden will prove to be an arduous task.


  • 10-year guarantee.
  • Good build quality.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Cost-efficient.


  • Box doesn’t include the handle.
  • Only usable for small spaces.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Could be the correct choice as the best scarifier for people who occasionally need to scarify and have small lawns; it’s also very budget-friendly and easy to put together.


Scarifiers help in helping nutrients reach the soil’s base; they are an essential machine to have if one wants one’s garden to look fresh and delicate. 

Our best pick Bosch AVR 1100 vertical cutter and our runner-up AL-KO 38P petrol scarifier offer a broad span of features, each worthy of a guide of its own. We assure you that they’ll be the right choice as the best scarifiers for you and will leave your garden neat and green.