Best Cordless Strimmer

Best Cordless Strimmer

Want to strim but hate having to lug a cable around with you, probably about time you find out which is the best cordless strimmer so you can save yourself time and hassle vs the mains plug version!

Yes, we’ve all been there, just about to finish up your strimming but the cable doesn’t quite reach where you want it to and out comes the extension cable to connect the main cable for power….Not good!

Cordless strimmers are all the rage these days as they offer more freedom to move without having to plug into mains power, they are also less noisy vs a petrol engine strimmer and they are easier on the environment.

best cordless strimmer

Don’t be put off by a cordless strimmer, they are equally as powerful as there petrol friends but a lot less cumbersome to maintain which offers plenty of time saved for those that are not strimming professionally and want to maintain there gardens without all the hassle.

Today I’ll walk you through several of the best cordless strimmers available and the pros and cons of each one.

Ill also share a buyers guide along with some useful information on what to look out for when considering buying a cordless strimmer, which will be helpful prior to you making a purchase.

Now let’s go through the best 5 strimmers round up with details about each of them and the ones I recommend!

Our 1st choice for Best Cordless Strimmer

BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer with 2.0 Ah Battery

cordless strimmer black and decker

The Black & Decker 36v is a world class strimmer and a very well known brand to back it up, its our 1st choice when it comes to cordless trimmers

With two power modes “eco” or “turbo” it offers you the options to increase the strimming speed for heavier cutting requirements or to use the eco mode that can help to prolong the batteries overall charge.

Providing cutting speeds of up to 8500 rpm this is more than enough for cutting through the toughest of gardens supported with its in built “E-drive techonology”.

What I really like on the Black and Decker apartment from the cutting speeds is that it weighs in at only 3.5kg which is not a lot of weight at all considering this is a power tool.

Our 2nd pick

DEWALT DCM561P1S 18V Li-Ion XR Cordless Brushless Line Strimmer

dewalt grass strimmer

The Dewalt DCM561P1S 18V Li-Ion Cordless strimmer is a real powerhouse! If you are looking for a strimmer that can power through the toughest of shrubs and log grass then this one is really the best one to consider.

A world leading brand that have been manufacturing more heavy duty power tools for years and this Dewalt will not disappoint.

Top 5 Cordless Strimmer Reviews

BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Cordless Strimmer with 2.0 Ah Battery


  • Super lightweight coming in at only 3.5kg
  • Can cut for upto 50 minutes off one charge
  • 36v 2Ah lithium-ion battery included, recharges in 80 -90 mins
  • Switch it up between different power settings with the “Eco” or “Turbo” mode to improve performance and run time
  • Impressive automatic single line feed system
  • 30cm cutting width, perfect for all size of gardens
  • You can adjust the head between edging or strimming.
  • Fully adjustable telescopic pole to suit the height of the person operating the strimmer.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty form Black and Decker


None to mention.

Our Thoughts

The black and decker GLC cordless strimmer is definitely our best and first choice in this review.

The battery is the first thing to note, being able to strim for upto 50 mins off one charge is a great for a power tool and is more than enough strimming time for a small to medium size area of garden. If you need to charge it, its fully charged in 80-90 minutes so you can go again. Battery vs petrol is much easier to manage and lesss messy so no problem to simply put the strimmer away after use.

Weighing in at only 3.5kgs is a massive plus. If you have a larger garden to cover then having a very small weight on your arms will help keep away any arm aches allowing you to get on with your work.

It has 2 nifty power settings so for those needing to get through thicker bush or grass the turbo mode will push through this and on the eco setting, the cutting speed is still strong but works to prolong the charge of the battery.

With 30cm of cutting width, this is a perfect size for cutting larger areas as well as being able to trim up the egdes of a lawn without causing any damage.

Some strimmers don’t offer a telescopic adjustable setting so if you are tall or indeed small, the black and decker has you covered with its ability to be adjusted to the length of your preference, I really like this feature!

DEWALT DCM561P1S 18V Li-Ion XR Cordless Brushless Line Strimmer

2nd Place and Good for Professionals


  • Built with a brushless motor for reduced friction and long running time.
  • Different cutting speeds from 0 – 6000rpm which can easily cut wet and dry grass.
  • Ergonomic handle
  • A generous 33cm cutting width which is perfect for small and even large gardens.
  • 18V 5.0Ah Li-Ion battery with fast charging times.
  • Professional safety guard for added protection.
  • Quick loading 2mm dual-line string.

The Dewalt Cordless Brushless Line Trimmer. Quite simply put up there with the best of the best available now. A powerful strimmer, manufactuered by a leading brand and comes with a generous battery that is quick charging and enough to tackle any size garden that comes in its path.

The cutting width on the dewalt comes in at  33cm cutting that makes it ideal for cutting both delicate and rough areas.

The 18V 5Ah battery which charges in 75 minutes allows cutting speeds of up to 6000RPM! At 6000 RPM expect around 25-30 mins of cutting time off one charge but with the other lower RPM setting of 4500 you can expect to have 45 minutes of cutting time.

Fitted with a brushless motor to provide plenty of torque, it makes this strimmer hard to beat in its class. The brushless motor also helps to prolong the lifespan of the strimmer as it eases the friction when cutting.  You can rest easy knowing that the strimmer can tacke on tougher cutting projects without getting burnout.

The Dewalt Cordless Strimmer comes with a fast-loading 2mm dual line feed string of which you can easily adjust to suit the type of garden you will be cutting be that grass or even reeds.

Lastly, the strimmer is also fitted with a safety guard for your protection when in use and to avoid any loose gravel or stones in the garden being pulled up and flung at you.


It’s a little heavier than some of the other strimmers we’ve reviewed here but its not a deal breaker when you consider the cutting power this one offers!

Our thoughts

A compact and powerful strimmer manufactured by another world-class brand. At a higher price point than some of the other strimmer’s but its powerful and definitely worth considering in your final short list.

Bosch Advanced Grass Cut 36 Cordless Grass Strimmer with 36 V Lithium-Ion Battery


  • Strong and heavy-duty design.
  • Complete with a powerful 36 V / 2.6 Ah lithium-ion battery.
  • Lightweight at 4kg vs other heavy-duty strimmers.
  • 35 minutes of cutting time available from one single charge, recharges within 90 minutes.
  • Twin nylon cutting line perfect for those tougher shrubs.
  • Generous 30cm cutting width
  • Plant guard that assists to protect your existing plants from being hit with the strimmer line
  • 2 years warranty, extendable to 3 years via the manufacturer website.

A powerful cordless strimmer that is supported with a 2.6Ah lithium-ion battery.

The strimmer use Bosch’s Syneon Chip not only allows yu to automatically change cutting powers but also helps to maintain maximum output from the battery without wasting battery power.

With the semi auto feed twin line this increase your cutting coverage and for those with larger gardens, this is a game changer!


Not ideal for those with well maintained gardens as its purpose is for more heavy duty work.

Our Thoughts

A real contender in the heavy duty range of strimmers. Bosch is a well established brand that produces quality power tools at an affordable price point.

VonHaus Cordless Grass Strimmer with 20V MAX Battery


  • Powered by 18v 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery.
  • Super Lightweight weighing only 2.2kg, lighter than the other models reviewed today!
  • 30 minutes cutting time from a single charge, recharges similar to others within 60 minutes.
  • Single nylon cutting blade and includes 9 spares.
  • 25cm cutting width which is perfect for small to medium size garden areas.
  • Adjustable trimmer head that supports edging cutting
  • Telescopic adjustable pole that you can set to your height.
  • 2 years warranty.


Suited more to small to medium sized gardens, wont stand up to tough shrubs vs the heavy duty models reviewed today.

Our thoughts

A nice to have strimmer that will work on gardens that are kept up with and tidy. Not suitable for you if you need something heavy duty as it may struggle with longer grass and shrubs.

We like the adjustable cutting head and the telescopic handle that can be adjusted to your height.

WORX WG163E 18V Cordless Grass Strimmer with Command Feed and 2 Batteries


  • Converts into a mini-mower or edger.
  • Adjustable pole height to suit the users height.
  • Fitted with two wheels for extra stability.
  • Adjustable cutting head, good for those tricky areas.
  • Quick release cutting line feed
  • Comes with 2 x 20V batteries.
  • Lightweight at 3.5 kg.
  • Very reasonable price point


We’ve seen some other reviews of it being a little cumbersome to change from edging to mowing but the fact yu have this option in one device is a big plus vs other strimmers.

Our thoughts

Priced well and offers versatility with its mower or edger cutting options. It comes with 2 batteries so one can be in use and the other on charge. Weighs in at 3.5kgs which is very easy to handle even over longer cutting times.

Buyers Guide Professional Lawnmowers(H2)

a cordless strimmer


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a cordless strimmer is the battery. This is the main element that will power the strimmer and ultimately you need a battery that will hold a long charge as well as recharge fast. The higher the voltage, the more you can expect in the performance of the battery and the power it will provide to the cutting levels of the strimmer.


Many of the strimmers are fitted with one cutting line and some of them have dual twin cutting lines. It really depends on the type of cutting you will be doing on a regular basis. For example if you maintain your garden regulalrly you probably don’t need a dual twin head cutting line and a single cutting line will suffice. The more heavy duty strimmers will be ideal for those with longer grass and shurbs that require that additional cutting power.


Some of the above strimmers we have reviewed have multi fuctions in them ie they can be made into a mower or an edger. Some have adjustable cutting heads or have telescopic handles to suit you actual body height.


Ideally you want a strimmer with adjustable height and this is where a telescopic handle comes into play. They allow you to get the perfect height that keeps you feeling comfortable when handling the strimmer.


Satefy with any power tool is also paramount. Most of the strimmers offer cutting guards that keep any loose stones hidden in the grass from being flung up into your eyes or face. Its always advisable further to wear a pair of safety glasses when using any power tool to keep you safe.


I hope you found our review of the best cordless strimmers useful as well as the buying guide and some of the key things to look out for when considering which strimmer would be best suited to you and your needs.

Thank you for reading through the reviews and please feel free to read some of our other reviews below.

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