Best Electric Tile Cutters – Buyer’s Guide and Detailed Reviews

Do you want to make the garden look classier or have the protected patios in your home? The ceramic and porcelain tiles are the solution! What’s noteworthy is these tiles serve the best in the garden areas and patios apart from the kitchen and bathroom! The reason being their rigidity, water-proof ability, and scratch-less outlook. But it would be best if you had a cutting tool to make the installation easier. Consider buying the best electric tile cutters to have an accurate and precise fitting.

Home DIYing is no more a dream when you’ve your arsenal full of power tools! One such tool is the electric tile cutter which lets you renovate your home in a breeze now. You can have a professional look and a subtle finish with this time-saving tool.

There are generally two types for the tile cutters, including the manual and electrically powered. Here in this guide, our primary focus is on the powered ones that let you not break a sweat while working. Thus, no matter if you want to tile your bathroom, kitchen, or garden areas, these best electric tile cutters are the need of the hour.

Have you got no time to look for the best electric tile cutter or want to save some bucks by getting the right deal? Here are our best picks and the runner-up that will be bliss for you if you’re an avid worker or cutting the tiles for the first time.

Our Best Pick for Electric Tile Cutters:

Vitrex Power Pro 650 Tile Saw

Are you looking for the best electric tile cutter for your DIY work or a professional job? Look no further, as this versatile Vitrex Power Pro 650 will do the tile cutting job in a breeze! Driven by the powerful 650 Watts motor, this tile cutter can precisely cut without leaving the mess behind. The water recirculation system can clean as well as cool down the blade continuously during the cutting process. All in all, with the angled cutting feature onboard, this tile saw will be loved by every professional!

Runner Up for Best Electric Tile Cutter:

Vitrex 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw:

What else can be best than having the 110mm diamond-tipped blade with a rugged rim and robust body parts for extra clean cutting! Vitrex 103402 Tile Cutting Saw can generate the most precise cuttings and serves as a universal ceramic tile cutter overall. Moreover, with an adjustable miter guide and a unique ratchet, this machine can cover all your tile cutting needs!

Our Buyer’s Guide – What to look for in an Electric Tile Cutter:

Every tile cutter is not made the same! Their build quality, reliability, and cutting capacity vary as per their power and model. That being the case, it must be a confusing task to keep your hands on the best one. Here are some factors to consider while buying the best electric tile cutters.

Blade Type and Size:

The electrically powered tile cutters come in various shapes and sizes, and so do their blades. The diamond-tip edges are considered adequate most of the time. There is another type named continuous blades famous for their wide range of availability (from 110nm to 200nm). You must choose the blade size depending on the tiles’ size and thickness you need to cut.

Another attribute similar to the blade’s dimension is the bore hold diameter- the hole that fits on the spindle. The two most common hole sizes are 22.2mm and 25.4mm, fulfilling the consumer’s needs at their best.

Cutting Capacity:

The factor that matters the most is the cutting capacity! Choosing a tile cutter with a wide range of cutting thickness might help you work on multiple tile brands. Thus, if you have bought the full-sized tiles that need to be cut, this is the right choice.

Depth and Angle:

Make sure that the electric tile cutter you’re about to buy has the angled cutting option. This attribute helps you achieve a subtle finish over the edges and ledges. Moreover, the depth of cutting is a parameter to consider as well. Different tile brands have a varied thickness, and thus knowing the thickness, you’ll be able to define the power and blade size. 

The more the power, the higher the spindle will rotate, and the more thickness can be achieved in less time.


As you’re moving from the garage to the job site, portability matters the most. You must know the size and dimensions of the power tool to make it fit within your garage. Having wheels below the machine will be a plus to have!

Top 5 Best Electric Tile Cutters

1. Vitrex Power Pro 650 Tile Saw:

Best Pick for Electric Tile Cutters:

Vitrex Power Pro Tile Cutter is an electrically powered saw which cuts the ceramic and porcelain tiles in a breeze! Vitrex 103430 power tool comes equipped with 630 Watts of a motor which can even cut into 30mm of thickness. Thus, driven by the rugged yet smooth spindle, the machine can perform deep cutting into the tiles.

Considering the angled cuts, nothing can beat the versatile options available in this Vitrex Pro. 

No matter if you’re an avid worker or a professional, you can install the porcelain and ceramic tiles even on the edges and ledges with a fine-looking shape and appearance. The angled cutting ranges from 22.5° to 45°, making the cutting process much simpler and gives a hands-on experience overall.

You might not have seen the table extension in the electric tiles cutter as these are made to be compact and lightweight. But the Vitrex Pro 650 Tile Saw is designed with a folding table extension acting as a support for the larger and full-sized tiles.

Previous models from the Vitrex have water splashing problems around the machine, giving an untidy and uncomfortable experience. Worry not, as the Vitrex Pro 650 covers the issue! It comes with a recirculation system which ensures no mess around or on the machine, ensuring the fine cuts. Moreover, a cooling water system is employed in this power tool to lower the blade’s temperature.


  • A 650-Watt motor helps in driving the spindle faster and smoother.
  • The water recirculation system keeps the blade at a lower temperature.
  • This Vitrex power tool comes with a table extension for larger tiles.
  • The table tilts between 22.5° and 45°. 


  • The top plate is prone to rust and corrosion.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

As an avid DIY worker or a professional tile master, you must be equipped with the best electric tile cutter for a subtle finish in the end. Therefore, bringing you the best-ever Vitrex Power Pro 650 comes with 650 watts motor and a comprehensive cutting angle range.

2. Vitrex 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw:

Our next product has urged the DIYers to indulge in the tile cutting process and install the flooring of the bathroom, kitchen, or garden area themselves. This Vitrex 103402 is also known as Torque Master Tile Cutter in the market and the reason being its spindle rotation at higher speeds to cut even the thick ceramic tiles. Let’s see what this Vitrex 103402 has to offer more!

Vitrex 103402 is a mid-ranged power cutting tool, both in price as well as functionalities. It comes equipped with a 110mm blade mounted on the plastic cutting surface, ensuring the smooth and seamless cutting of ceramic tiles.

No matter if you’re dealing with porcelain, Vitrex will offer the same efficiency and speed. Moreover, the blade is backed up by the 450 Watts of the motor, which rotates the spindle to cut even the 25mm thick tiles. All in All, better cutting capacity and subtle finish are what you’ll get by employing this powerful cutting saw! A quick-release rip guide ensures the perfect straight cutting for any type of tile material.

The last but not the least advantage is its lightweight attribute ensuring portability. Thus, ticking the rugged and portability checkboxes, this diamond blade cutter chooses many professional and tile masters to tile the kitchen and bathroom areas.


  • The table can be tilted at 15, 30, and 45-degrees for the angled cutting.
  • A quick-release rip guide is featured for the straight deep cuts.
  • The power tool comes with a 1.5m cable for comfortable working.
  • A 450W motor and diamond blade can cut 25mm of thickness.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Water-splashing

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Are you looking for accuracy and precision while cutting the thick tiles? Look no further as this Vitrex 103402 serves the best with its diamond blade cutter and a 450W powerful motor. 

3. Plasplugs Compact plus XL DW2Electric Tile Cutter:

Do-it-yourself rather than looking for a professional tile master will always save you some bucks! Hence, are you the one looking to install the tiles in your backyard or bathroom area but couldn’t manage to cut them precisely? Worry not, as we have Plasplugs Compact Electric Tile Cutter, which is explicitly designed to cut the tiles through the wet method.

This PlasPlugs best electric tile cutter is made up of a plastic case with a fine sharp on the top. 

The plastic case is sturdy yet flexible enough to deal with almost all types of tile material. The blade has 110mm of thickness and the diamond-cutting tip and can leave the deeper cuts on the tile. Backed up by the powerful motor, the blade can even cut the tiles of 20mm thickness in no time. 

However, one thing to consider before buying is that the machine can only cut at the specified angles.


  • The machine is enclosed in a sturdy plastic setup.
  • The diamond tip blade can cut up to 20mm thick tiles.
  • There’ll be no mess for water recirculation with Plasplugs DW200.


  • No operating manual

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Whenever you’re stuck in between the plenty of choices, PlasPlugs Compact Tile Cutter will be the ideal choice. This versatile cutting power tool offers the 22-45 degrees angled cutting with no water recirculation mess. 

4. FERM Power Tile Cutter:

Best Electric Tile Cutter for Wet Tiles

Many of you might have problems regarding the tiles’ wet cutting, especially the porcelain and ceramic. Worry not, as we’ve got you covered with one of the best electric tile cutters from the FERM.

One noteworthy feature for this power tile cutter is its premium quality diamond blade supported or backed up by the rugged body parts to last longer than usual. Moreover, the blade can be cooled down by the water-recirculation system onboard, ensuring faster and efficient functioning.

The versatile operational ability makes this power tool an ideal choice for DIYers and professionals as well. You can adjust the table from 0 to 45-degrees which lets you cut the tiles at some angle to fit better on the edges.


  • The cooling water system lowers the blade temperature.
  • The work table is made durable with chrome-coating
  • Parallel and miter guide enables precise working.


  • Pre-assembly required

Thoughts and Recommendations:

If you’re the one looking for a customizable and adjustable power tool for tile cutting, FERM can be the ideal choice. Build with rugged parts and coated with chrome-plating; FERM tile cutter can achieve the angled cuts.

5. Voche 450W Electric Wet Diamond Blade Tile Cutter:

Best Electric Tile Cutter with Diamond Blade

The last but not the power tile cutter in this category is the Voche 450 Watt Diamond Blade Tile Cutter! Not only Voche-450 allows faster and precise cutting but better shaping without any hassle. The water-reservoir system can cool down the blade system now and then for efficient cutting and long-term use.

One primary attribute that keeps the Voche 450 in focus is the full-length fence and miter guide. The miter guide can be tilted up to an angle of 45-degrees to achieve the angled cutting. What’s noteworthy is you can employ this electric tile cutter for dual purposes, either to cut the dry or wet tiles.


  • The water recirculation can cool down the blades.
  • A simple dial can adjust the miter guide to 45-degrees.
  • The cutting speed can reach up to 2950RPM.


  • Assembly instructions are a little vague.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Are you looking for the best electric tile cutter with a dual-cutting option? Look no further as the Voche 450 fits best for your needs. It comes with a full-length fence with a 45-degree miter guide for neat and precise cutting. 


Tile cutting jobs seem difficult as a single mistake can ruin the expensive full-sized ceramic tile. Worry not, as you can have the best electric tile cutters in your garage for the DIY tile installation in kitchen and bathroom areas or pursue the professional job as well.

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