Best Grow Tent UK- Buyer’s Guide and Detailed Reviews

The hydroponic growing of the plants has over the past several years been gaining a lot of traction. If you looking to get into Growing, then you might find our guide on the best grow tent UK helpful so please read on below!

The UK is known for its bad weather and having a grow tent can definitely help in allowing your plants to have the best start.

The first and foremost thing to know about the grow tents is their rugged build quality and extraordinarily strong fabric. The fabric is integrated with the metal framing to stabilize it on the floor. Grow tents are simply the housing that can hold the grow lights, nutrient system, ventilation sources, and more to make them a full setup for proper thriving. 

A best grow tent UK comes with all the suitable equipment to maintain the optimum growing conditions.

Thus, with the grow-tents being much more important, it’s necessary to invest in better quality and a budget-friendly one. Because you won’t like the zippers to come out and the fabric to be worn out after one week of usage. Multiple other factors that count include premium quality zippers, gorilla strength, click-lock poles, and more.

Have you got a busy schedule for this month, or don’t you want to invest much time in research? Worry not! Not only have we compiled a list of the best grow tent UK but let you have a quick look at our best pick and runner-up category to save some time.

Best Pick for Grow Tent UK:

MARSHYDRO CM Reflective Mylar Grow Tent:

grow tent

MARSHYDRO Grow Tent features the no-light leakage property that makes it an ideal choice for professionals and avid gardeners. Equipped with the 1680D canvas material, it can grow all types of indoor plants. It’s easy and faster installation, along with the rugged metal framing and premium quality zippers, makes it best suited to grow plants healthily.

Runner Up for Grow Tents UK

BLACK ORCHID Geno-Box Grow Tent:

black orchid grow tent box

The Black Orchid Geno-Box Grow Tent finds its place in the runner-up category due to its versatile propagating system that can grow aquaponic, hydroponics, and aeroponics. Four hanging bars ensure no equipment left behind, including fans, heaters, and lights. With three low-level ventilation vents and the lightweight velcro covers all the rest of the needs to grow a mini garden of yours.

Our Buyer’s Guide:

The market is saturated with plenty of products in this grow tent category. Hence, investing in the right one feels difficult and complicated. If you’re looking for the best grow tent UK, here are some considerations to make before buying.

Factors to consider while buying the best grow tent UK:

Heat Resistance:

You’ll need heat and temperature inside the grow tent to maintain the plants’ optimum conditions to thrive. But inner heat can be leaked to the outer environment, limiting the plants’ growth and raising the indoor temperature. Thus, make sure that the fabric material can hold or retain the heat inside.

Fabric Density and Growth:

The integral part to consider before buying the grow tents is the fabric density and rip resistance. The 600D polyester material is more affordable and dense enough to retain enough heat and moisture inside.

Reflective Lining:

Another attribute that counts is the reflective coating inside, which helps plants thrive and maintain the optimum conditions for a longer time. Also, it ensures that you get maximum advantage from your inner lights. 

Top 5 Best Grow Tent UK:

1. Senua Hydroponics Loft Grow Tent:

grow tent

Unlike the competitors, this Senua Hydroponics Loft Grow Tent features the high-quality 600D polyester material, which leaves no stone unturned in providing quality growth and thriving plants. Moreover, its new ultra-advanced framing technology makes it the center of attention. That’s one of the reasons why this grow tent has managed to get a place in our best grow tent UK list!

Apart from the 600D polyester, the ultra-strong D19mm steel framing is strong enough to keep all the light frames, heaters, or fans in place inside the tent to maintain the optimum conditions. Hence, keeping in mind all the needs and wants of an avid grower or a professional gardener, this Senua Loft Grow Tent manages a self-contained inner environment overall.

This grow tent will take up to 10-20 minutes for installation, which even requires no tools at all. A portable carry case comes along with this grow tent for easy and safe transportation.


  • The 600D Silver Mylar reflects all the light in the inside environment.
  • This grow tent needs 10-20 minutes of installation.
  • D19mm strong steel tubing can carry all the heaters, fans, and lights.  


  • Poor welding

Thoughts and Recommendations:

In case you’re looking for a self-contained environment indoors to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers, look no more! Senua Hydroponics Plant Propagation system needs only 10-20 minutes for installation, making it an ideal choice for beginners and professionals. 

2. MARSHYDRO CM Reflective Mylar Grow Tent:

Best Pick for Grow Tents UK

The MARSHYDRO CM Grow Tent will never get out of fashion for the farm growers and gardeners. Their 1680D Canvas and double-stitched fabric can trap the light for the longest time. 

Moreover, the MARS Hydro Grow technology will further ensure that no light leaks out of this tent to maintain enough temperature and heat for the plants to thrive at their best.

The MARS HYDRO is lined with 99% Mylar from the inside, reflecting the lights to keep them trapped. Moreover, the fabric is integrated with the metal corner adapters to keep the tent stabilized and steady on the floor. For enhanced protection, the zippers are locked to avoid slide opening.

Are you looking for easy access or clear sight of your plants from the outside? MARS HYDRO features the windows by which you can not only observe but ventilate the grow tent efficiently. Also, having a quick look through the window might save the plants from catching insects.

MARS HYDRO has overcome the demerits of previous Mylar grow tents and come out as an ideal choice overall with its faster installation and removable floor tray.


  • Windows on the tent make it the best choice for the indoor environment.
  • Thick tent material ensures rugged construction and stability.
  • The removable floor tray makes it convenient to place the grow tent.


  • A little pricey

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Overall, the MARSHYDRO Grow Tent has made it to our best pick category due to its rugged design and waterproof removable tray. Also, plant lovers and DIYers will not find it hard to clean the debris and catch leaves separately effectively.

3. BLACK ORCHID Geno-Box Grow Tent:

Runner Up for Grow Tents UK

Are you looking for a premium quality branded grow tent that would leave no flaws behind in thriving your plants? Look no further as Black Orchid has launched this moderately-sized Geno-Box, which not only suits the needs of first-time growers but the farmers and plant lovers. 

One such advantage for Black Orchid Geno-Box is the vast space and enough room to keep the lights, propagators, seed trays, and cloning kits.

Black Orchid has got you covered with this versatile Grow Tent, which can grow all types of plants and come out as an ideal choice for the hydroponic, aquaponic, and aeroponic thriving or propagation systems. What’s noteworthy about this Geno-Box is its four hanging bars which can hold any extra equipment and peripherals to ensure the optimum growing conditions.

Moreover, there are three levels of ventilation inlets which are guarded by the light proof Velcro covers. Thus, these serve the dual purpose by trapping the light and maintaining enough oxygen and carbon dioxide levels inside. 

The double lining with the cable entry sock prevents heat loss and maintains the optimum conditions for long.


  • Three low-level passive ventilation inlets maintain the oxygen and carbon dioxide level.
  • Light Proof Velcro covers trap the heat and light.
  • Grow tent is suitable for all types of hydroponic and aquaponic plants.


  • Poor quality zipper

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Black Orchid has come up with the Geno-Box having dimensions of 50x100x50cm, which is an ideal choice for all types of indoor gardens. Propagating the aquaponics and hydroponics, this tent with enough ventilation inlets will bloom the plants to their best.

4. SavingPlus Indoor Grow Light Box Tent:

Best Grow tent UK with Hydroponic Fan:

savingplus grow tent

You won’t want to equip yourself with a heavy-weight hydroponic plant growing system. We feel you! Here is the wholly lightweight yet sturdy grow tent, which provides an airtight environment and thriving indoor garden conditions.

First things first, the grow tent features the 600D Polyester Oxford material and the Aluminium coated bars and framing. Thus, unlike other grow tents within the same price range where you get the 210D fabric SavingPlus Grow Tent is way better! The steel framing is powder-coated to make it look smooth and enhance the overall frame strength.

The carbon fiber hanging poles are employed to install the lights, fans, heaters, and other peripheral equipment to optimize the growing conditions. Along with that, the Velcro fasteners increase the worth of this hydroponic propagation system by emitting the complex setup conditions. 

And, the inlet and outlet vents are equipped with fans and adjustable openings so that you can ventilate the inner space as per your convenience and need.  


  • White powder-coated stainless steel poles enhance the rigidity and stabilize the tent.
  • 600D polyester fabric makes an airtight and waterproof combination.
  • The carbon fibers hangers are employed to install the heaters, fans, and more supporting equipment.
  • Velcro fasteners are coupled with zippers for maximum safety and security.


  • A little bit of light leakage from the zippers

Thoughts and Recommendations:

If you’re an avid gardener trying to catch up on your hobby indoors, SavingsPlus might prove as an ideal choice for you in this best grow tent UK category. Moreover, equipped with fans, exhaust vents, and 600D polyester, you’ll love using this hydroponic propagation system.

5. DICN Black Tent for Home and Outdoor Garden:

Best Grow Tent UK with Mylar Film:

No one would love to see their plants thriving poorly and bloom late! Worry not, as the DICN Black Grow Tent is here with the highly reflective Mylar films to save the lights and heat. Not only will it help you grow the plants, fruits, herbs, and flowering plants all year round but in all seasons as well. Thus, irrespective of the temperature conditions outside, your mini-garden will bloom in all kinds of weather.

What’s noteworthy in this DICN black tent is the Mylar Film which is lined inside to provide maximum reflection. Highly reflective Mylar films are better able to trap the light inside and improve plant growth. Moreover, the 600D oxford material or fabric can retain the heat and temperature inside with the anti-leak property.

The easy setup and one person installation make it the best-suited choice for the avid gardeners and the professional ones who’re looking forward to growing some vegetables and fruits on a smaller scale.


  • The material of construction is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • Highly reflective Mylar films are lined inside to retain heat and light in the inner environment.
  • The grower needs not worry about the outside weather.


  • It doesn’t come with a carrying case.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Easy setup and usability are what an avid grower needs in a best grow tent UK! Look no more as this multi-purpose hydroponic grow tent can thrive the plants indoor and outdoor.


Indoor plant production and growth can be more challenging if the optimum conditions are not well-maintained. Worry not, as we have compiled the top 5 best grow tent UK to help you achieve the right conditions for hydroponic and aquaponic plants systems.

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