Best Heater For A Conservatory

Best Heater For A Conservatory

The conservatory is a place which you can keep warm during all seasons and can enjoy endlessly. But keeping warm and cozy in winter you’ll need a heater, today well go over our round up for the best heater for a conservatory.

Also, if you want to rely on the home’s central heating system, things can be quite tricky. Some of the heating systems are not designed to heat a conservatory, while others are not energy efficient to cut extra costs from the bill. All in all, you need the best heater for a conservatory.

best heater for a conservatory

There can be plenty of ways by which you can heat a conservatory. You can install underfloor heating sometimes or in the walls. You can also keep a standalone heater only in the colder season to enjoy on the flip side. But the space problem persists as many homes are equipped with a compact conservatory. 

Worry not! As we have a solution to your conservatory heating problems. Below is a list of the 5 best heaters for a conservatory of all time to help you get the right deal.

Got no time? We feel you! We have reviewed hundreds of products and here’s our best pick and runner up to let you save some time:

Our best heater for a conservatory :

Warme Designer Electric Wall Heater

Warme Designer Electric Wall Heater

No doubt electric heaters are ruling the market with their advanced features. The same is the case here with this Warme Designer! It has the utmost 2KW power heating capacity with a programmable thermostat and a wall-mount on-board. Thus, you won’t need to pay extra for the lengthy installations in your conservatory. Moreover, this maintenance-free model has an ultra-slim (8cm) look, which will complement your conservatory and gets you a cozy feel in no time.

Runner up for Best Heater for Conservatory:

Duronic heater HV102 with Mica Panels

Duronic heater

Mica Panels are the new advancement to heating, and that’s one reason this Duronic HV102 holds the runner-up tag! It has a 2.5KW heating capacity with insulating mica panels to make it a superior yet safer choice than oil heaters. Also, you’ll love the control overheating due to the adjustable thermostat and lightweight assembly. All in all, this HV102 can be your dream choice for the conservatory.

Our Buyer’s Guide:

There are plenty of choices regarding the power, style, functionality, or overall performance while looking for the best heaters. Worry not, as we have got your back as always. Here are some important considerations and quick tips to follow while buying the best heater for a conservatory.

Factors to consider while buying the best heater for a conservatory:

Type of Heater:

In summers, it’s no big deal to heat the conservatory while the issues persist in the winter seasons. There can be plenty of options to choose from, including the electric, oil, radiator-based, and fan heaters’ models. You need to select the right one for you as per the availability of the power source, size of the room, and the investment you’re going to make.

Size and Shape:

Make sure to check the space and dimensions first before you step into the market to purchase a heater for your conservatory. Gas heaters are usually larger and take up more space as compared to electric ones. Make sure to look for a skinnier and taller one to fit the compact conservatories.

Power and Performance:

As per the size of your conservatory, make sure to buy the best-suited heater. A less powerful heater for your large greenhouses might be of no use. Most commonly, heaters from 1KW to 3KW are considered ideal for the conservatoires.

Style and Elegance:

Aesthetics matters the most for the homeowners who have spent money on buying a house with a conservatory. Thus, make sure not just to pick a heater but also to complement the space you want to place.   

5 Best Heater for Conservatory:

1. Warme Designer Electric Wall Heater

Best Pick for Heaters for a Conservatory

Warme Designer Electric Wall Heater

Warme Designer is famous for its compact design and patented technology. It comes out as the ultimate solution to your conservatory heating problems.

These are a place to enjoy in all seasons. Hence there needs to be a heater to have a cozy environment. This Warmer Designer has a 2KW output to yield a better outcome. This efficient yet powerful output is enough to heat a 22 square meter area within no time.

Another top-notch feature is the adjustable thermostat with accurate readings and an instant heat mode on the go.

Are you in need of heating the conservatory in 5 minutes? This Warme Designer is the solution. Also, the memory feature lets you devise the heating mechanism for the whole week as per your need and preferences.

Quality and durability are what you get in return once you own this Warme Designer. It has some built-in sensors on-board which helps you maintain the temperature itself. Moreover, these sensors are devised in a way to protect your conservatory against overheating. 

Some additional features include the wall bracket installation with 30cm clearance and a plug-and-play setup.


  • You can easily install this Warme Designer on the wall to protect it from kids and pets.
  • It is equipped with the 2KW output aids in heating the 22 square meter area in no time.
  • It has the 100% Energy Efficient recommendation.
  • This maintenance-free model comes equipped with a digital programmable thermostat.  


  • Linking with the application is quite tricky.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

This generation 3 model brings versatility and eases all your conservatory heating issues. Recommended by the Architecture Art Design, it fits safely on the wall without any hassle. 

2. Duronic heater Hv102 with Mica Panels

Runner up for Best Heater for Conservatory

Duronic heater Hv102 with Mica Panels

These HV102 heaters are equipped with superior technology, which is way better than the oil heaters. What’s outstanding is the mica-thermic technology which can excel similar products in this category.

Moreover, the Duronic Mica Panel heating technology will take less than a minute to heat the conservatory. There can be plenty of complaints regarding the heating issues in large-sized rooms and spaces, but why not get two HV102 in your large hall when needed.

As already claimed, this HV102 with Mica Panel Technology is way better than the convector and oil-filled radiator heaters both in safety and performance.

Also, mica panels are not to be considered cautious for the fire hazards and electrical short-circuits. The physically burning action can be prevented as the heating element is entirely wrapped up and the protective covering remains cooler.

An adjustable thermostat with overheating protection feature on-board makes it the best-suited choice for ones looking for a programmable device. The device holds the 2.5kW heating power enough to get you a cozy feel even in the minus degrees outside.


  • The Duronic HVC102 is altogether safer to use and will not burn hands due to the protective coating.
  • Micathermic heating technology will save some power and is durable at its best.
  • The cable handle will outshine a tidy look in the end.
  • The 2.i5kW power is enough to heat your medium-sized room to its full.


  • Not an ideal choice for large spaces

Thoughts and recommendations:

Whenever you find it hard to look for the oil heaters and the radiator-based heating elements, this electric heater will do the job. This HV102 programmable heater let you conserve some power with its 1.5kW and 2.5kW mode. 

3. Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Conservatory Heater

Best Fan Heater for a Conservatory

Pro Breeze 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater

Let’s say you’re not a big fan of electric oil heaters; no worries! We’ve got you covered with top choices regarding the best heaters for a conservatory. No worries! Pro Breeze 2000W Fan Heater can be the dream choice. 

Gone are the days where you need to wait for a few hours to heat your conservatory as the Ceramic Technology on-board takes no time at all. This Fan Heater comes equipped with 2-settings and oscillation adjustments to fit in medium to large-sized spaces. Moreover, you can save some power with 1200W and 2000W modes.

The control is in your hands! The 60-degree oscillation mode for the heating element and the adjustable thermostat makes it the best pick for easy-to-use heaters.

A thermostat on-board measures or senses the temperature around you from time to time for better functioning.


  • The adjustable thermostat with two power settings is some versatile options for you on-board.
  • This portable and compact fan heater weighs only 1.75Kg and allows easy transportation.
  • The ceramic heating filament is safe to use in garages, schools, homes, and more.


  • It might be a little noisy.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Gas and radiator-based heaters and not the only choice. We’ve got you a fan heater that owns unique attributes, including Ceramic Heating, Automatic Oscillation mode, portability, and more. That’s where it fits in our best heater for the conservatory list. 

4. Dimplex CDE3ECC 3KW Oil Free Conservatory Heater

Best Oil Free Heater for a Conservatory

Do you need maximum power heating for your sizable space and get a cozy feel in less than 5 minutes? Look no further as we’ve got you the right deal. This Dimplex 3KW Oil Free Radiator Heater holds the 3000W power heating- suitable enough to deal with almost all room sizes. 

The manufacturer claims to have 30% faster heating as compared to the ordinary ones. Dimplex Cadiz Eco 3 uses 10% less power than the oil heaters and is efficient enough to run longer. 

Apart from the superfast warm speed and energy saving attribute, high portability is what you crave in a room heater! Dimplex Cadiz Eco 3 fulfills the criteria as it is 50% lighter than ordinary oil heaters. Move it in any room inside your house with no worries at all! Another noteworthy feature of this Dimplex Cadiz Eco 3 is its temperature control system. 

This intelligent feature supports the “Smart Heating” as you can adjust the temperature increments by 1°C (range from 5 °C to 35 °C.)

You can decide when the Cadiz Eco 3 will turn ON/OFF as the programmable 24-hours setting feature paves the way for it. Moreover, the user-friendly outlook with a large screen and LED lights make it the desired choice for many.


  • A backlit LCD and a large button present a user-friendly outlook.
  • The Twin Panel Technology gives you freedom and choice in heat direction.
  • There are no messy cables integrated into this oil-free radiator heater.
  • The BEAB certification makes it worth-buying in this price range.


  • The power cable is too short.

Thoughts and Recommendation:

With a 10% efficient heating and 50% lesser weight, this Climate Control Radiator Heater will find a place in your conservatory. It has the TPT, 24-hour timer, memory, and a superfast heating speed on-board.

5. De’Longhi Dragon 4 TRD41025T Oil Filled Radiator

Oil radiator-based heaters are considered less effective and thus got a dip in their fame. But the De’Longhi Dragon 4 is here to alter conventional thinking. Its enhanced chimney effect will help you get the right and cozy feel in no time. 

The hot air can be passed through the vents in the upright direction at a quick pace ensuring effective heating in no time. A powerful 2.5kW heat output is what you’re getting in return once you equip yourself with this best oil-filled radiator heater.

Apart from the performance and efficiency, the De’Longhi has an elegant and stylish finish that complements the conservatory where you’re about to place this heater. Additionally, the sturdy wheel at the bottom and a carry handle enable easy transportation and storage. 

Moreover, backed up by the 10 years of warranty, this Delonghi Dragon 4 is the ultimate choice for many.


  • The pre-assembled wheels ensure easy handling.
  • The elegant white finish and tidy cable holder give a smart look.
  • It can generate a 2.5kW heat output which is enough for medium to large-sized conservatories.


  • It might be a little noisy sometimes

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Many of you might have some demerits boggling in your mind regarding the oil-filled radiator heaters, but you cannot deny the sturdy and rugged feel for this one. De’Longhi has already claimed a long-lasting heating effect for this oil-filled radiator type heater which proves its worth.


In summers, conservatories are already a place fully heated. But winters might be severe in these terms. A well-built and powerful heater can solve the temperature issues to a great extent. We have compiled a list of the 5 best heaters for a conservatory to help you get the right deal without wasting much time.

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