Best Hover Lawn Mower

Best Hover Lawn Mower

Are you a lawn lover? If so, you need the Best hover lawn mower to achieve the perfect lawn!

If you’re new to hover lawnmowers, dont worry, today you’ll have an insight into how the best hover lawn mowers work!

One of the topmost attributes that make these power tools ideal for lawn mowing is their easy movements.

This machine follows the push and pulls mechanism that works like the wheels underneath. No matter if you’re about to mow the sloppy ground or the flat one, these hover ones can do wonders.

On the other hand, apart from easy manoeuvrability, these hover lawnmowers are more comfortable moving on bumpy grounds.

The small lawn owners must consider these nifty machines a must-have thing to beaut their place. Neighbourhoods are no more unattractive now!

If you dont have time to read the whole review below; no worries! Here is our best-pick regarding the Best hover lawn mower category.

Best Pick for Hover Lawn Mower

Spear and Jackson 33cm Hover Collect Lawnmower

One of the top features for Spear and Jackson is the 1700W power with the 20Litre collection box. No need to worry when clearing the large-sized garden as you don’t need to remove the box now and then.

A robust cushion of air slides the machine over the ground, and a soft grip ergonomic handle pushes the limits further.

Runner Up for Best hover lawn mower

Flymo Hover Vac 280 Electric Hover

Flymo Hover Vac 280 features the 29cm cutting width and an ergonomically designed overall assembly, which can be an ideal choice for professionals and lawn lovers.

With a 20L large collection box, the machine weighs only 8.8kg, having a compact design for storage and transportation.

Our Buyer’s Guide:

Factors to look for while buying the Best hover lawn mowers:

Cutting width and Height:

One of the top features that you need to consider is the blade’s cutting width that decides the time you need to clean a lawn.

While on the flip side, a height adjustment feature lets you make the stripes and trim the grass as per design. Typically, the cutting width ranges from 28cm to 33cm.

Storage of Hover:

The best hover lawn mowers are equipped with lightweight and compact designs. Weighing less than 8kg is always a plus in case of storage and transportation.

Transparent Grass box:

Make that the grass box has sufficient space and holds the transparent design. Thus, whenever you need to trim the lawn, it must be more comfortable to look at whether the box is empty or not.

Wire Length:

One of the essential yet needy features is the wire length. Ensure the wire length ranges from 10meter to 12meter so that you don’t need an extension to cover the whole ground.

Top 5 Best Hover Lawn Mower:

1. Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Collect

There can be plenty of choices for the hover lawnmower, which you can choose based on the features and attributes.

Hovering the Flymo Easi Glide 300 over the ground, you can quickly move the machine over the bumping ground.

If you’re a novice or a beginner, this compact mower will help you glide this hover easily over the bumpy ground and gentle slopes.

The 1300W motor power enables professional gardeners and lawn lovers to deal with any type of grass and weather conditions.

No matter if you’re using this power hovering machine in a commercial ground or your backyard, the Flymo Easi Glide 300 comes equipped with a 12m cable.

You can easily mount it in the socket and glide it over the whole ground.

What’s noteworthy is the 30cm cutting width of this machine, which holds the ability even to manage the extensive grounds.

The cutting height ranges between 10-30mm aids you contain the stripes or clear away the grass in a specified pattern. A 20 Liter grass collection box will manage to gather the clippings.

Weighing only 8.50kg, this Flymo Easi Glide 300 is comfortable to use. A 30cm cutting blade makes sure that no clippings are left behind in your neat and clean area.


  • The 1300W motor and 12m cable make sure that the Flymo Esi glides over the bumpy ground with ease.
  • The machine can cut the 10-30mm grass height in no time.
  • It comes equipped with the 20L grass collection box to ensure a neat, clean and tidy lawn.
  • It weighs only 8.5 kg making it an ideal choice under lightweight hover lawnmowers.


  • The 1300W power can deal with the smaller grounds only.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

In case you’re in search of the best hover lawn mower with no maintenance and zero assemblies, this Flymo Easi Glide is the best-suited choice.

Simply unfold the handle, bring this powerful tool to the ground, and you’re good to go with cutting and collection of clipping side by side. 

2. Flymo Hover Vac 280 Electric Hover Collector

Lawnmowers can vary in size and shape. Thus, if you’re looking for a machine from small to extensive grounds, Flymo Hover Vac 280 is the need yours.

One of the utmost features that makes it the best-suited choice for the novice and professionals is the ergonomically designed outlook and better usability.

Flymo Hover Vac 280 can gather the grass clippings in its 20L grass box. Thus, there is no need to empty the box again and again in case you’re looking to clear the ground.

All in all, this hovering machine enables easy cutting as well as a collection of clippings in a very compact and seamless manner.

The ease of usability offers you to hold the handle and manage the maneuverability firmly. It weighs only 8.8kg, ensuring easy transportation and storage.

Also, the manual operation mode helps you manage speed and movability, especially if you’re a novice or a beginner.

Now, the neighborhood lawns and your courtyard will present a neat and clean look.  


  • The 29cm wide cutting width makes this lawnmower the best and well-suited choice for small to medium gardens.
  • The ergonomically designed machine is more comfortable to hold and maneuver with less force.
  • The 20L collection box can gather the clippings side by side to reduce the garbage.
  • A lightweight assembly with a compact look allows easy storage and transportation.


  • The blade cutting width is smaller.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Ergonomically designed powerful hover tool, this Flymo 280 is simple and easy to use! It is backed by 1300W of power and a 28-29cm cutting width suitable only for the smaller to medium-sized grounds.

However, the machine, the blade quality, and the integrated front roller make it easy for storage and maneuverability.

3. Flymo TurboLite 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower

One of the top-notch quality attributes that put this lawnmower on the map is Flymo TurboLite 400.

This Flymo model’s hovering ability makes the mower machine fly over the ground, enabling the super-light assembly and easy to maneuver.

The 1500W powerful motor offers the winning combination of durability, ruggedness, and power all along.

It might not be the toughest one, but it is well-built and a pleasure to operate with fewer efforts.

Moreover, many lawn DIYers and professionals find it much tricky to hover the lawnmower for a longer time.

The problem arises where the user needs to hold the lawnmower’s handle for a long time resulting in the bent back problem.

Moreover, this machine is equipped with a 40cm cutting width metal blade ensuring you the easy yet effective way to deal with the grass. 

The wide cutting blade enables the lawn mulching and makes sure that the grass looks tidy and clean.


  • This compact yet powerful machine is better able to handle the grounds from medium to large size.
  • The machine comes with a 40cm metal blade to cut and mulch the ground.
  • A long 12-meter cord is enough to deal with the medium-sized lawn or backyard.
  • The cutting height can be adjusted in this powerful hover, ensuring the desired grass pattern.  


  • No grass box is there for the collection of the clippings.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Are you still in search of the Best hover lawn mowers? Look no further now as we have the Flymo TurboLite 400 has got you covered.

The rotary metal blade with five height adjustments lets you cut and trim the grass in your desired pattern without any hassle.

4. Spear and Jackson 33cm Hover Collect Lawnmower

Are you obsessed with your lawn or want to see the whole backyard neat and beautified? Worry not, as we’ve got a powerful choice in the shape of Spear and Jackson Hover.

The ultimate 1700W motor power backs up this 33cm hover collector along with the extensive collection box. 

What’s noteworthy is this Spear and Jackson’s versatile operational ability as it owns the wide cutting width blade.

Spear and Jackson have the ultimate power, which is not only best-suited for trimming the grass lawns but can hover on the ground with some unique cushion of air.

Thus, this hovering aids in easy maneuverability around the garden.

A soft-grip handle and full-width power steering enable the users to control the machine without any hassle.


  • The 33cm wide blade cutting enables you to cut or trim the grass and cover a large area in less time.
  • A softer grip handle with a power steering handles the ergonomics of this hover without any hassle.
  • A 12m cable makes sure that you need no extension for medium-sized gardens.


  • A grass collection box is much smaller.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Whenever it comes to a heavy lawnmower, this 1700W motor power can trim the grass and clears the ground in no time.

A stainless steel blade with cutting height ranges from 1.2cm to 3.3cm and a 12m long cable do it all! 

5. McGregor 30cm Hover Collector Lawnmower

If you’re looking to buy the best hover lawn mower that is worth the look, durability, and functionality at the same time, McGregor 30cm is the ideal choice.

Like Flymo Models, this lawn mower machine is easier to use, and the manoeuvrability is up to the mark. 

What’s noteworthy is the speed, and accurate movement over all types of lawns, sloppy grounds, and bumpy terrain.

Moreover, a simple push with just the tip of your hand is enough to move the lawnmower in the forward direction.

The 1450W motor makes this electric hover a sensible choice for medium to extensive sized grounds.

It can be a power saver for you as it holds the wide cutting blade, which can trim a vast area in one turn. The cutting width is near to 30cm, while the cutting height ranges from 1.2cm to 3.3cm.

Alongside, you may not like to gather the clippings or empty the box multiple times! Thus, a 20L grass collection box is enough to collect the clippings by the time you trim the lawn.


  • The machine comes equipped with 4 cutting heights starting from 1.2cm to 3.3cm.
  • A 20L grass collection box is enough to manage the clippings of a sizable ground.
  • A 10m power cable ensures you the correct voltage and current reaching towards the hover machine.
  • A steel blade is sharp enough to last longer.
  • The range of cutting heights enables you to design the stripe pattern or trim the grass effectively.


  • Grass box can be tricky to empty sometimes.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Never worry about the grass trimming if you like the clean and tidy look of your backyard lawn as McGregor 30cm Lawn Mower holds the benefits for cutting.

A 20L grass collection box will help you clear a large-sized lawn without emptying it very often.


No matter if you’re a lawn lover or want to have a clean backyard, these best hover lawn mowers will help you get the right deal.

Considering the storage, transportation, cutting width, height, and operational ability, we have sorted out the 5 best hover machines.

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