Best Lawnmower for Stripes

Best Lawn Mower To Make Stripes

Using a lawnmower to make stripes can be a little daunting task as it might require you to have some knowledge prior to the process. But several types of machines are designed in that typical way to handle the stripe making process effectively. Thus, if you’re one of those looking forward to having a shape of your lawn by yourself, we’re to help you with the best lawn mower to make stripes.

Mowing – or specifically making the stripes is done via several different types of lawnmowers and rollers. Most of these mowers have different blade assembly to adjust the stripe height. And it is also equipped with smart attachments to yield a tidy and neat look.

Got no time? No worries! Here is our top-pick regarding the best lawn mower to make stripes.

Best Pick for Lawn Mowers:

Hyundai Petrol Self Propelled Lawnmower:

Powered with a 2.6kW Hyundai OHV engine, this self-propelled lawnmower is equipped with a 4-stroke 139cc engine. It offers an easy start, but the lowered fuel consumption is holding its position at the top. 

Apart from this, it has adjustable height settings, which can range between 25mm to 75mm to let you design the stripes in your way. No more need to go to the dump area sooner as the 70 Liter grass collector can hold the whole lawn’s clippings at a time.

Runner-Up for Best Lawn Mowers

Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Variable lawnmower:

High-specification aerospace technology makes this Hayter Harrier outclass the other competitors in the market. The Briggs and Stratton 625E-Series Engine works well with a large displacement and a 190cc engine. The 4-stroke OHV-type cylinder further enhances the overall efficiency in making the stripes. 

Plus, the Splash Lubrication and flat paper air-filter hold the additional attributes for this variable lawnmower. Hayter’s patented Vari-Pitch technology further enhances the airflow, ensuring smooth movement.

Our Buyer’s Guide:

To help you manage the lawn mowing and better-looking stripes on the ground, the best lawn mowers can sometimes be harder to obtain. Worry not, we’ll help you make a safe purchase regarding these machines.

Factors to look for while buying the best lawn mower to make stripes:

Cutting Width:

First things first, the cutting width or blade width is the one thing that matters most! The best lawn mower to make stripes should hold the wide cutting width to ease the process. Otherwise, the grass may cut in an untidy way from the borders of flower beds.

Cutting Height:

Cutting adjustments can only be made if your lawnmowers are equipped with adjustable knobs and manual levers. Thus make sure to buy a lawnmower with at least three to five adjustable heights. All you need to do is change the height from the lever and get the right stripe height.

Handle Adjustments:

You don’t need to bend your back all day long to get the desired stripe height! The best lawn mowers with handle adjustments enable you to make sure that the machine’s height matches or falls in the proximity of your hands. 

 Top 5 Best Lawn Mowers to Make Stripes:

1.  Hyundai, Petrol Self Propelled Lawn Mower:

Best Overall Lawn Mower to Make Stripes

Are you looking for some extraordinary power to stripe your lawn in no time? Look no further as we’ve got the best lawn mower to make stripes for all time. This Hyundai Petrol Self Propelled lawn mower utilizes the 2.6 kW OHV engine, which works on the 4-stroke principle. 

Not only has the engine start seemed a breeze, but the continuous operations consume much lesser fuel. This makes it an ideal choice for the home as well as commercial use.

Moreover, British Striped lawns have received much praise over time. Hyundai will have you covered! Its 28cm split ribbed rear roller makes the possible job less-onerous for the beginners to achieve that drive. The rear-wheel-drive makes the movement much more manageable and ensures the stripe formation in no time. We have the 48cm cutting width on the top of it, idealizing this lawnmower for self-propelled strip making.

Stripe formation may require you to adjust the height as well; otherwise, the final would’ve been destroyed. Thus, employed with a single point adjustment, the five cutting heights can be achieved in no time.


  • Single point adjustment can cut the height in the range of 25mm to 75mm.
  • The split 38cm ribbed rear roller makes the British Stripes in no time.
  • A 70 Liter grass collector forms the compact storage option for you.
  • The 2.6kW Hyundai OHV 4-stroke engine has low fuel consumption.


  • No mulching

Thoughts and Recommendation:

This best lawn mower to make stripes holds the utmost 139cc engine power and low fuel consumption. Moreover, it is easier to maintain the machine as it has easier access to all the components. Enabling it to an ideal size from the medium to large-sized gardens, 525mm cutting width will cover you.

2.  Webb WERR17P Supreme Hand-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower:

Best Lawn Mower to Make Stripes with Adjustable Height

Lawnmowers have been quite complicated in their functioning and difficult to handle sometimes. Worry not! This Webb WERR17P will be the ideal choice for you in terms of the best lawn mower to make stripes. 

One of the petrol lawnmower’s notable features is to have a 23-77mm cutting width. This cutting width ensures you to make stripes and suitably form the designs. Not just this, but the Briggs and Stratton 500e engine will reduce the hassle of cutting all types of grasses.

Apart from the performance, what else a gardener or a lawn-lover needs to have in the grass ground? The answer will be cutting options and some smart attachments. This Webb WERR17P has got you covered! Equipped with the three cutting options and a split rear roller helps you cover the whole ground in a breeze. You can achieve different size patterns and cutting heights ranging from 23 to 77mm.

Considering the rear-discharge and mulching, you can quickly collect the clippings, and a 55-litre grass bag will help you gather the left-over parts.


  • The sturdy ABS deck enables you to firmly run the machine and tackle the ground job on time.
  • Featuring the powerful 500e engine brings in the ultimate power and performance.
  • This lawnmower is also equipped with six cutting heights, offering versatility.
  • Single lever adjustment eases down the process further.


  • It might not be the right choice for extensive gardens.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Whenever you’re thinking of buying a lawnmower for medium-sized gardens, the Webb WERR17P will have you covered due to its split rear roller and a single level adjustment option. 

3. Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Variable Lawnmower:


The Hayter Harrier 41 Pro has outclassed all other lawnmower machines due to being class-leading and collective performance features of all time. Hayter Harrier 41 brings in the power via Briggs and Stratton 625E-Series engine offering a large displacement and a better efficiency. 

Moreover, a 190cc 4-stroke engine makes sure that you get all the desired cutting capacity you need- even from the corners of the ground to maintain the spikes’ pattern. Not only this but also an in-exhaust emission utilizes less fuel. Additionally, the OHV-type cylinder configuration is something new to this lawnmower machine reducing the overall noise and good tonal quality.

Most lawn owners and gardeners complain about the machine’s wear and tear, and the problem is solved via this Hayter Harrier. The machine also minimizes the wear and tear for rock-solid stability reducing the maintenance needs. Additionally, the variable-speed option and a forward speed feature can easily tailor the motor’s efficiency to yield the desired spike pattern and length.


  • Heavy-duty wheels and rugged construction can safely utilize your investment.
  • The cast aluminum cutter deck at the front with a variable speed option lets you get the right spike pattern.
  • Ergonomic handle and Splash Lubrication makes it an ideal choice for the best lawn mowers to make stripes.
  • The rust-resistance and better handling reduce the turfs during turns.
  • The variable-speed option will enhance the versatility of this machine.


  • The variable speed control knob is stiff.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

As compared to the variants, the speed and accuracy of this machine are far better. Considering the auto-drive and a two-piece polymer roller, both attributes hold the maximum efficiency. This can also be regarded as the best lawn mower to make stripes and confers excellent strength overall, increasing its demands. 

4. Cobra RM40SPCE Petrol Lawnmower:

Best Lawn Mower to Make Stripes with Petrol Power

Are you looking for hassle-free work and a better cutting width and height? No worries! The Cobra RPM40SPCE Petrol Lawnmower has a 40cm cutting width and a 17-55mm cutting height, enabling it to be the best adjustable lawn mower to make stripes. 

No wonder why this machine is likely to hold the grip on the market as it has the 6-stage adjustment option on-board. You can alter the design as per convenience. Moreover, the self-propelling machine holds the power of 3.4Km/h, ensuring you mid-range walking speed on the ground. A recoil pull-start helps you start the engine in no time.

The Cobra RM40SPCE lawnmower helps you eliminate the necessity of pulling the recoil more often. The electric ignition key starter and additionally the rear roller can reduce the hassle to a lesser extent. Moreover, if you’re finding it hard to accomplish the job, the larger width rear roller can mow the grass to a large area, maintaining the border or the edges of flower beds.


  • A 50 Liter collection bag with a full indicator can help you mow the large area’s grass.
  • The 135cc Cobra DG450 engine features an easy electric start and a cut the lawn effortlessly.
  • A pull start and self-propelled option can maintain the walking speed of 3.4 Km/h.


  • No throttle to adjust the speed

Thoughts and Recommendations:

The foldable handles and the reduced footprint makes sure the machine remains easy to store and maintain. RM40SPC with a robust engine and a self-propelled motor can be the ultimate choice for most lawn care persons and gardeners. 

5.  Mountfield S421R PD Self Propelled Lawnmower:

This S421R PD is a practical and functional lawn mower machine, an economical option for gardeners. The powder-coated steel chassis can be a brilliant addition to this lawnmower, which keeps the rust away and offers durability at its best.

Moreover, a 4-stroke engine and an OHV working principle enhance the device’s operational versatility- a recoil start is a plus attribute! Mountfield S421R PD has a 41cm cutting width with an adjustable 20mm to 70mm height. 

Thus, choosing the appropriate height for the stripes of grass and the overall ground is more comfortable and more manageable with a manual lever.

The collection box is more comfortable to attach and remove. Moreover, decent space for grass clippings can be achieved, and you’ll end up saving much time of yours.


  • A powerful engine can endure the harsh conditions and can cut 41 cm cutting width.
  • The attractive stripe making is achieved via the five height adjustments.
  • The grass collection bag is large enough to mow the whole garden.


  • It doesn’t have a proper speed control function.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Are you looking for a better mowing speed and a model that can control the throttle over time? Mountfield S421R PD is the choice.


Make your lawns look tidy, clean, and better at borders. The best lawn mower to make stripes are backed up by rigorous power, better handling, multiple height adjustments, and easy operational activities to get you the right look you want for your lawns!

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