Best Log Splitter Uk

Best Log Splitter Uk

Log splitter comes in a variety of sizes and types. Most commonly, the electric log splitters are in more demand as compared to the manual ones. The reason being less noise, more efficiency, and better yields. 

However, you might encounter yourself with plenty of choices in your research that will surely make the job a little arduous and confusing. Worry not, as ill take you through below some of the best ones available on the market and that’ll help you arrive to decide which one is best for you why.

In this best log splitters UK guide, we’ll move you through the top 5 choices of all time. We recommend reading the whole guide; however, here is a quick spotlight on our best pick and runner up in case you are short on time!

Best Pick

Forest Master FM10:

This FM10 has got you covered with all the aspects of wood cutting and log splitting! This electric duo cut log splitter has the dual/twin-blade feature and the ram-stop, and an optimized cutting capacity. Utilizing the 10T of force, the machine can cut even the hardened woods, including oak, Timberwood, and more. The 2200W motor power is enough to cut even the most extended logs in less than 30 seconds.

Runner Up for Best Log Splitter UK

Forest Master Ltd DUO10T:

This Forest Master, all equipped with the Duocut twin blades and twin lever lift technology, will be the best-suited choice for all of your home DIY and commercial projects. What’s unique is its vertical and horizontal log splitting action, which adds versatility to the machine! All in all, this excellent log splitter will have you covered for the logs in the range of 16-20mm.

Our Buyer’s Guide:

Choosing the best log splitter UK can be a tough one for you in case you’re out in the market with a little knowledge. Thus, here are some quick tips to follow while looking for the best ones.

Factors to look at while buying the best log splitter UK:

Force you need:

The first and foremost need is to look for the force! The log splitters can range in between the 5-ton force capacity to 12 tons- having their pros and cons for each type of wood log. However, the universal rules imply that the more force, the better it is!

Cycle Time:

The whole process from entering the wood log into the machine and activating the ram to the returned actual position is called the cycle time. Make sure to buy a log splitter with no more than 10 seconds of cycle time to ensure quick functioning.

Motor Power:

In case you’re about to buy an electrical one for your garage, make sure to buy with more power. The log splitters can range between 2200- 3000 watts of motor power- the bigger, the better! A motor with more power ratings will have the torque generated for an extended period before stopping.

Wheel, Stands, and Safety:

The rest of the factors might include the smart functionalities that would make the whole process easier and smoother. The wheels, once added, can surely help you move the machine without any hassle. On the other hand, the stand and side-support are a must-have thing to split the hardened wood logs. 

Top 5 Best Log Splitter UK:

1. Forest Master FM10 5t Electric Duocut Log Splitter:

Best pick for log splitter UK

In case you’re searching for a log splitter that might relieve some stress out of your mind while breaking wood- Forest Master FM10 can be the ideal choice. One of the top-notch quality attributes that has got the attention of many woodworkers and home DIYers is the Duocut Blade with electrical operations. This blade is sharp and efficient enough to optimize the splitting process using the two blades that move synchronized.

Along with the duo cut log splitting, the Forest Master is equipped with a firm stand to support the base and a ram-stop to avoid movement. This way, you can attain and extract the maximum capacity (10 tons) out of your machine. The powerful 2200 Watt motor will be enough to split the hardened logs and save the power to follow the energy conservation principle. 

Also, the machine cannot use the power when not in a cycle to repossess the maximum output.

Next, we have the adjustable cycle that benefits most of the woodworkers out there. It can easily match with the log length and width to not only split efficiently but quickly. 

All in all, the 5 tons of force can be generated via Fore Master FM10, which is enough at a workshop and commercial level.


  • Duocut blade ensures the splitting up to 500mm diameter.
  • The machine has a stand and a ram-stop to extract maximum efficiency without any power loss.
  • Total 5 tons of force can be generated via this Force Master FM10.
  • In case you’re concerned about power, Force master FM10 offers the power loss mode.


  • Duoblade is not ideal for smaller logs.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Looking for the enormous 5 tons of force and a better spitting capacity, Force Master FM10 can be the ideal choice. The machine lets you prepare the wood log for stoves, burning, and more purposes in no time utilizing the duo cut blades and a powerful 2200Watt motor. What else a woodworker needs!

2.  Forest Master Ltd DUO10T Log Splitter:

Runner Up for Best Log Splitter UK

Forest Master has come up with the DUO10T, another top-rated log splitter in the market. This machine is equipped with 10 tons of force capacity and a Doucut blade option to securely cut the logs in multiple pieces. Duocut twin blade option can optimize the splitting and enhance the machines’ capacity to work even on the harder wood.

Another top-notch quality feature is the Twin Lever Rapid Lift Jack. Enabling this machine to be the best log splitter UK, faster splitting, and a capacity range of 16mm to 20mm makes it the best choice for the workers. 

Simultaneously, the adjustable blade position will offer versatility, offering the splitting services for a range of width and height of wood logs. Also, in the case of larger wood planks, the machine provides the outclass option that is the vertical and horizontal splitting.

Last but not least, ForceMaster Ltd has the dual working mode for log splitting. You can utilize the foot pedal and hand lever to split the wood planks for a quick yet more effortless way.


  • ForceMaster uses two blades as compared to one, offering the DuoCut Twin Cutting.
  • Twin Level rapid jack ensures easy lifting and cutting simultaneously.
  • The machine can cut in a range of 16mm to 20mm, offering a versatile range.
  • This log splitter works in a dual manner, i.e., vertical as well as horizontal way.


  • Manual is outdated

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Different people and home DIYers require different needs! Thus, this powerful log splitter comes with the Patented Forest Master Heavy Duty Doucut technology with a hydraulic lever lift yielding 10 tons of force. Two splitting blades rather than one are always better at this!

3. Heavy-Duty Electric Log Splitter 8 TON

Are you looking for multiple speed options in a log splitter? This Heavy-Duty Electric Log Splitter can work on either the full forward or reverse mode. The machine can take only 5 seconds to work on the full-speed method and split the logs into multiple pieces. 

Moreover, considering the capacity, this 8 TON log splitter has a max splitting capacity of up to 400mm, especially when you have the Duocut blade enabled. The splitting work will be smoother. The two edges will synchronize, cutting and tearing even the hardwoods, including the maple, oak, and walnut.

Moreover, leaving behind all the features and attributes, the 60mm RAM can be utilized to attain this log splitter’s maximum yield. The manufacturer supports the machine with up to a 3-year warranty that proves its worth.


  • The duo cut blade holds power to split even maple, oak, and other hardwoods.
  • The 3-years of warranty back up all the parts and components.
  • The large 60mm RAM is combined along with the blade for an effective and powerful cutting.
  • The fast two-speed splitting can tear apart the wood logs in less than 5 seconds.


  • No vertical splitting

Thoughts and Recommendations:

This hydraulic log splitter does not yield far better cutting and splitting as compared to the ordinary machines. 2-speed options along with the Duocut blades and a 60mm RAM will ensure the wood logs for your next winter season or the DIY work.

4. Logmaster Electric 7 Ton Log Splitter

This rugged yet efficient log splitter will reduce the hustle to a minimum level. The machine can indeed generate a force of up to 7 tonnes, enough to split the hardwood in no time. This way, you can easily split multiple kinds of wood and planks to prepare for the stove and burning purposes. 

Another top-notch feature is the quiet operational performance that will need no swing of ax from your side in tearing up even the hardwood- the Log master will do the job from A to Z!

No matter if you’re a beginner or a novice to DIY work, this electric log splitter will handle the job like a pro. With an automatic return and a streamlines movement; the log master electric log splitter can split the wood in less than a minute.

The kinetic flywheel is employed besides the blade that keeps the wood planks moving into the machine to reduce the resistance. All in all, backed with a 12-month warranty, the Logmaster Electric 7 ton log splitter is entirely worth it!


  • Look no further when you want to split the hardwood with the 7-ton force.
  • The machine can split 40 cm long and 30cm wide wood logs in less than 3 seconds.
  • Kinetic Flywheel ensures easy movement and smooth splitting.


  • Not a right choice for logs longer than 380mm

Thoughts and Recommendations:

As claimed by the manufacturer, this best log splitter UK is 5X faster than the rest of hydraulic splitters. This log splitter works extraordinary to cut the timber wood without a swing of an ax.

5.  Charles Bentley 10 Ton Hydraulic Splitter

No matter how much you love the automatic electric log splitter, the manual ones are a must-have for the short-scale splitting work. Thus, our next best log splitter UK is the Charles Bentley 10 Ton hydraulic splitter. This hand-operated splitter can generate up to 10 tons of force with the lever. The handle is covered with the rubber handle grip for an easy to hold ability.

Charles Bentley has never compromised on the user’s needs. Thus, this 10 Ton hydraulic splitter has the wheels attached to ensure easy maneuverability. Moreover, it can be a portable choice for your garage, maintaining no-electricity usage.


  • The hydraulic machine can generate 10-ton power with the handles.
  • The hand-operated machine features a two-speed pump for versatility.
  • The hardened steel material works for durability.


  • The machine only works for the horizontal position.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Charles Bentley Hydraulic Splitter can be regarded as the best log splitter UK in the manual operated category due to 10T force and a two-speed pump on-board.


The Winter season might call for some wood-burning stove, or you might be a DIY lover who loves to work in a home garage. Both ways, you need the best log splitter. We’ve covered the top 5 best log splitter UK in our guide to help you get a better deal.