Best Mini Greenhouse

Best Mini Greenhouse

If you have a small space but want to grow delicious vegetables or plants in a greenhouse, then a mini greenhouse would be ideal. However, you may be wondering which is the best mini greenhouse for me and space that i have.

There are a few things to consider when looking for a greenhouse which ill help you with below as well as provide my best picks in the min greenhouse category so that you can come to a decision on which woould the best fit you and your space.

Top 5 Mini Greenhouses

Kingfisher GHWOOD Wooden Greenhouse

This is a perfect size for a small garden and it can certainly fit in plenty of seed trays and young plants to get you started! With its wooden structure, it adds a touch of classic to the garden or space vs some of the pvc options out there.

With openings from the 2 doors at the front and the roof vents, which are a nice touch, there is plenty of easy access to your vegetables or plants so you won’t need to fiddle around trying to get to them. Also included are shelves so you can easily fit your trays or small pots on and the shelves help to keep the greenhouse sturdy and robust, even in strong winds.

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Plantpak 70200425 Grow House

Different form the others in that is painted a lovely and neutral white!, Super easy to assemble and can be done in less than 30 minutes!

Inside are 3 shelves for putting your baby plants and veggies and the doors close easily and have a magnetic front to help keep them closed.

Plenty of room for seedling trays and places to put pots, the bottom shelve holds the most space and you can always use this for keeping your pruning tools or additional trays and soil storage.

It might be advisable to place the mini greenhouse on top of some bricks or have it slightly elevated to help keep it off wet ground, we do have some lovely wet weather in the UK!

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Selections Wooden Framed Polycarbonate Growhouse

Similar to the Kingfisher, this wooden mini greenhouse is made from treated wood that can be maintained in further years thus prolonging the life of the greenhouse.

With polycarbonate screens, these are safer than having glass and better suited for those with young children or pets they may bash into the structure. Polycarbonate has been used in ore recent years as its been found to last longer and help maintain good light inside the greenhouse at the same time allowing protection from harmful uv rays.

Fitted with 3 shelves and double front doors, it also has a roof vent that can be opened and closed allowing in all important airflow and direct sunlight for those plants that need it.

As with the other greenhouses, its also easy to assemble and one person can manage the assembly in 30 minutes to an hour.

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VonHaus Compact Walk In PVC Plastic Greenhouse

Next up is an alternative to the traditional wooden style greenhouse. Made from PVC this greenhouse offers room to step inside access shelving on the right hand side or left hand side. Ideal if you want to keep plants on one side and veggies on the other.

The frame is sturdy and the shelves can take a good weight load considering its made of plastic, it stands up to the test.

Covering the entire greenhouse is a plastic covering which helps to keep out any pests as well as moderating the temperature inside. This in turn allows your seedlings to nurture and start to grow.

A simple and easy set up that many will choose especially if you are a beginner to growing your own produce!

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Gardman 4 Tier Compact Growhouse

A wonderful mini greenhouse, the Gardman is perfect for growing. Imagine harvesting your very own cherry tomatoes or some cucumbers to go with that salad!

With 4 shelves , these is plenty of room to pack in your trays and pots. The shelves lock into place and they are kept secure to hold a good amount of weight. A roll up front cover/door is there for ease of access to your plants and the over all cover for the greenhouse is made from waterproof and weather proof plastic. 2 hooks also at the back of the cover to fasten to a fence that helps keep the doors open or keep them rolled up.

Very simple set up and easy to assemble in no time!

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What to consider when buying a mini greenhouse?


Ideally you want the prefect size for your space. The beauty about mini greenhouses is that they fit in almost any space , shape and area! They are also a great way to get your feet wet into the world of gardening and can be a great way to grow small amounts of produce you can use in meals such as a lettuce, cucumbers or tomatoes.


Most of the mini greenhouses are made of either wood or plastic. Both materials work just fine, the wooden ones are certainly more eco friendly however, with both materials being long lasting, i dont see you throwing any of them anyway in the near future as they are well made products that should last years ahead!

Purpose of use

You may be looking to grow tall plants or small, either way you should consider if you need less shelves but more height for the taller plants or vice versa if you will be growing smaller in height produce. Smaller in height then ideally you would like to have more shelves so you can maximize the growing space and harvest.


There are many options available and it really depends on your budget as to which one you decide on going for. I have presented 5 of my best picks above which are all excellent and all at different prices. you may decide to start with a lower priced option and see how you feel rather than spending a lot on your first step into gardening. On the other hand, you may wish to go for a certain look and feel of mini greenhouse and therefore price is not a problem.


I really hope you found some good knowledge from the above mini greenhouse options available and what to look out for. Growing your own produce is an extremely enjoyable not to mention healthy and cost saving past time. Good luck with all that you grow and ensure to enjoy yourself along the way.

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