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The final phase to producing stunning furniture is giving them a glossy look. Requiring continuous scraping until it’s smooth, this job may be tedious for any woodworker, whether a hobbyist or a professional, which makes them dig for a method that will ease this arduous task.

Orbital Sanders are the tools that provide furniture makers immense relief; with their rotating sanding blades having a random action on the wood, they easily even out any wooden surface, whether it’s for application of a new coat of paint or for refining any wooden equipment.

They complete their job without leaving any mark, making them an essential tool for DIY’ers and experienced carpenters. But how do you choose the best orbital sander UK?

Bringing elegant yet sturdy wood products into creation is not an easy task. However, to help carpenters, several types of equipment have been developed to substitute for human labor and provide better yet efficient results. Orbital sanders also function on the same principle, giving evenness unattainable by manual work in a far shorter time.

Moreover, to fulfill various tasks, orbital sanders come in different shapes and motor power, varying in the features and the duty it’s ideal for. This increases its market saturation. Making it harder for you to choose the best orbital sander. But worry not! We’ve got you covered with our handy guide.

Orbital sanders assure you of helping you make strong yet attractive goods, making them a must to get before moving on to your next project. Our best pick Makita BO5031/2 random orbital sander, and our runner-up DEWALT DEWDWE6326 random orbital sander is sure to help you with any sanding tasks while providing outstanding levels of convenience.

Too busy to go through all of our reviews? Worry not; here are our best picks:

Our Pick For The Best Orbital Sander UK

Makita BO5031/2 random orbital sander

best orbital sander

Looking for an orbital sander that can easily fulfill all your heavy-duty tasks and work for long hours? Then your search should end at the Makita BO5031/2 random orbital sander. It completes all your sanding tasks with a vector enclosure system and abrasive discs while providing an enjoyable experience. It never makes any exception in delivering an elegant and even look without leaving any trace on your piece.

Runner up For The Best Orbital Sander UK

DEWALT DEWDWE6326 random orbital sander

Dewalt Orbital Sander

For our runner-up, we have the DEWALT DEWDWE6326 random orbital sander, proving to save you from the annoyance of loud noise and also providing relatively lower vibrations makes it the best orbital sander for novice woodworkers. You will also love how easy it is to change the sanding discs on this tool.

Our Buyer’s Guide:

Even though both are working on the same piece, a hobbyist and a professional have different requirements. As technology is all about making people’s lives more convenient, myriads of orbital sanders that differ slightly but significantly affect different workpieces are accessible in the market. Making it crucial to make the proper choice for the best orbital sander. One must consider the following factors before buying an orbital sander:

Disc Size

The average disc size for any orbital sander is 5-6 inches. However, smaller sizes are also offered to help work in tight spots. Discs greater than 6 inches are also available for larger projects depending on the work you need to get done. 

Variable Speed

Most of the sanders on the market come with a fixed speed. Nevertheless, some models come in with variable speeds that can be easily increased or decreased by rotating a dial. Lower speeds offer greater smoothness, while higher speeds are better when removing stains.

Power Sources

Standard orbital spinner can be energized by cords, electrical batteries, or pneumatic air. Corded options are ideal for when you have an electrical output near your working space, offering undisturbed work. Rechargeable options take the hassle of dealing with cords out, but it limits your work time. Pneumatic options are charged by compressed air but may sometimes require frequent powering to provide sufficient power.


Orbitals sanders come in variable weight and with different handles. Sanders with smaller disc sizes are usually lighter and provide greater comfortability. With greater disc size comes greater weight, but different handles are available to assist carpenters, maximizing convenience.

Dust Collection

Professionals advise getting an orbital sander with better dust collection as you don’t want to be inhaling any of the dust particles as they can pose a health hazard. Always use a dust mask when working. 

Our Top 5 Best Orbital Sander UK Reviews:

1. Makita BO5031/2 Random Orbit Sander:

Are you searching for a heavy-duty random orbital sander that provides smooth yet quick output? Something that is easily usable as it has remarkable handling? Look no further than the Makita BO5031/2 random orbit sander. Equipped with a 3AMP motor, it spits out an outstanding rpm of 22,000.

Ideal for use by contractors, professionals, and due to features offered, even for hobbyists. An ergonomic design boosts the maneuverability of this orbital sander. The surface being wrapped in rubber makes it non-slip and increases the insulation. With an abrasive disc, it quickly evens up any surface. However, what’s noteworthy about this orbital sander is its efficient dust collection system that won’t let any dust escape, especially at high speeds.

You’ll love how lightweight yet powerful it is, offering variable speeds and many other features just at the weight of 1.3kg. Furthermore, you’ll see no fluctuations in its speed once set to a specific RPM, even when undergoing hefty situations. As with the tool, the box also has good built quality; having a double wall enables it to take an impact without letting the inner machinery take any damage.


  • Heavy duty.
  • Easily changeable discs.
  • Efficient dust collection.
  • Lightweight.
  • Variable speed.
  • Non Slip surface.


  • Dust collection might suffer at low speeds.
  • Corded.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Ideal for removing stains, paint, and for smoothing a surface, the Makita BO5031/2 orbital sander will be the right choice as the best orbital sander for all types of users as it performs all tasks without much trouble, preferably when you have an electricity output nearby.

2. DEWALT DEWDWE6323 Random Orbital Sander:

Suppose you seek a sturdy yet robust random orbital that conveniently offers use for an extended period. In that case, the DEWALT DEWDWE6326 random orbital is for you—working well with bulky and delicate jobs due to its 280-watt motor offering a substantial RPM of 12,000.

What makes this model so preferable is the comfortable and easy-to-deal experience that it extends to its users; having low levels of sound pollution and minor vibration makes it one of the best orbital sanders in the market. These qualities further boost the sander’s stability, which reduces the risk of leaving any marks—making it reputable for neatly removing any paint or stain in a short time.

Like the previous model on our list, the DEWALT dewdwe6323 is covered in a rubber layer, offering a comfortable experience when working for long hours. An airlock-ed dust bag makes sure that effective dust collection takes place. However, the on/off button can be a little inconvenient to use. Still, it’s nothing when compared to the features it offers.


  • Speed control.
  • Effective dust collection.
  • Robust motor.
  • The dust bag is airlocked
  • Easily changeable sanding discs.
  • Covered in rubber allows better handling.


  • On/off buttons placement and size can be improved.
  • Corded.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Perfect for the use of wood, doors, and walls. Offering a robust motor, this orbital sander will be the right choice as the best orbital sander for hobbyists and DIY’ers as it is relatively easy and smooth to use.

3. Bosch PEX 220 A Random Orbit Sander:

bosch sander

Whether you’re glancing for an orbital sander that can be single-handedly used or something that will give an enhanced look to your workpiece, your choice should be the Bosch PEX 220 A random orbital sander, offering random motion, leaving you with a scratchless even surface.

Ideally to be used for sanding and polishing, giving an elegant look to anything you move it upon. Users love how efficiently its dust box works, as it has a built-in microfilter that extracts all of the dirt, and easily removes it from the surface of the wood. Offering single-hand use saves you from wrist fatigue and shows us how lightweight yet compact its design is.

Customers declare this orbital sander not to make any exceptions on its speed as well as efficiency. With a velcro clamping system, sanding discs easily take place and are very convenient to interchange. Fitted with a 220 W motor, it provides a matchless RPM of 24,000. Making it compact yet affordable.


  • Reputable brand.
  • Easily changeable sanding discs due to velcro system.
  • Offers single-hand use.
  • Low sound levels.
  • Decreased vibration provides better maneuverability.
  • Equipped with a microfilter.


  • It might not be as suitable as other orbital sanders for the removal of paint.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Easily polishes and evens out any rough surface while providing traceless sanding. Even with single-handed use, it can easily cover any large area. Right choice as the best orbital sanders for any contractors or professionals as it offers high speeds in a compact size.

4. Hi-Spec 2A Random Orbital Disc Palm Sander:

Maybe you’re looking for something that provides a relatively softer use that doesn’t make any compromises even when under load, then you should get your hands on the Hi-spec 2A random orbital palm sander. 

Palm sanders are generally smoother and allow an elegant use; they move in relatively minor orbits to provide a gentler touch to your piece. They are known to hold up well when used to remove paint or for applying varnish for polishing—having a rubber handle and producing little to no vibrations. It offers an ultra-smooth sanding experience at an attractive price point.

Spitting out an RPM of 12,000 it’s more than sufficient to work for any sanding tasks. You’ll also like how it evenly applies pressure overall. What’s notable about this orbital sander is the comfortable experience it provides.


  • Palm sander offers gentler use.
  • Satisfying experience.
  • Low vibrational levels.
  • Works well under load.
  • Smooth sanding experience.
  • Elegant results.


  • Not preferable for contractors that have large work volumes.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Suitable for all hobbyists and DIY’ers looking for elegant results, offering a convenient use at an affordable price point. Its lightweight makes it ideal for delicate use.

5. VonHaus 430W Random Orbital Sander:

Von Haus Orbital Sander

If you’re a newbie that is just picking up a new hobby and doesn’t wanna invest too much for the time being, then the VonHaus 430W random orbital spinner will be the right choice for you.

The VonHaus 430W random orbital sander provides you with many features that the professional sanders boast about reputable for the sturdiness and the desirable specs it offers at an attractive price point. 

Offering variable speed and a stunning RPM of 13,000, it completes all your tasks in a relatively short time.


  • Sturdy built.
  • Extremely budget-friendly.
  • Variable speeds.
  • Long life span.
  • Good dust collection system.
  • Compact design.
  • Provides professional finishing.


  • It May not be able to suppress vibrational levels as well as the other models.

Thoughts And Recommendations: 

Right choice as the best orbital sander for hobbyists or people that are just taking up a new hobby or want to try out a DIY. Offers an extremely fair price point with almost all the features available in the high-end models.


Orbital sanders are a lifesaver and are a key factor in producing elegantly refurbished goods and saving carpenters from arduous work, and giving them a satisfying experience even when working for an extended period. 

By looking at the market, one may find many models; we have selected our top 5 best orbital sanders that provide sufficient RPM and a comfortable experience to help you the best.
Our best pick, Makita BO5031/2 random orbital sander, can perform all your sanding tasks while being the most economical option, boosting efficiency, may prove to be the right choice for you as the best orbital sander UK.

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