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Best Pillar Drill Uk

Are you a DIYer enthusiast or an avid gardener looking to upgrade the home workshop tools? If so, you must not miss out on the powerful yet best pillar drill UK. No matter if you’re an expert or starting things in the first place, a pillar drill is a must-have power tool to drill holes in various kinds of materials. These materials might vary from wood to plastic and metals. 

But if you’re the one still wondering why should you keep your hands on the pillar drills? Then, plenty of reasons might come to mind. The topmost being the hole placement accuracy and accurate hole depth. You can create holes of the same dimension with precision in no time. 

Moreover, drilling at an angle and attaching peripherals to a wood and metal piece might be a few more reasons. 

While drilling, the machine power, and the high-speed chuck are factors that count to achieve perfection. Thus, keeping these in mind, one of our best picks for best drill UK.

Best Pick for Best Drill UK:

BOSCH Bench Drill PBD 40

The fact is not deniable that the BOSCH is leading the market with a “best seller” tag, and this PBD40 tops the product list from BOSCH. This pillar drill has paved ways for DIYers and metal workers to dig holes in metal and wood pieces with precision and accuracy. An integrated LED illumination has eased the drilling process. A parallel guide will help to tackle the large metal projects even for a novice. All in all, you will not be able to catch a better pillar drill machine in the market.

Runner-Up for Best Pillar Drill UK

Clarke CDP152B Bench Drill Press

Whenever you’re looking for some technical advancements, including better chuck capacity, spindle taper, and a drilling depth gauge, Clarke CDP152B will be the choice. It falls in our runner-up category because of its 12-speed option, which can drill any type of metal, glass, and wood. Moreover, an adjustable 300 to 2250 chuck RPM, which is powered by the induction motor (450W), will help you get neat and clean cutting of holes. You’ll not be at a loss after buying this best pillar drill UK.

Our Buyer’s Guide:

Before you make a purchase, it’s a must to check the factors that might influence your work in the future. Thus, regarding the best pillar drill UK; here are some of the considerations that you need to brainstorm before you make a deal.

Factors to consider before buying the best garden rotavators:

Powerful Motor:

First things first, check the motor power rating to know the chuck speed and the machine’s efficiency. You cannot have a pillar drill that does not drive the belt to the desired RPM as it might dig the shallow holes and not a good choice for hard materials.

No Load RPM:

No-load speed is another critical consideration that should influence your buying decision. This corresponds to the RPM and chuck speed under no load.

Chuck Capacity:

The drive belt powers the chuck, whose RPM is a measure of how fast and efficient a drill can be! Apart from the chuck capacity and RPM, the chuck guard is another feature that matters the most. It not only covers the upper portion of a drill to protect you from debris but ensures the safety of the worker’s hands.

Tilting Angle:

The table in the best pillar drill UK has the tilting angle or sometimes the 360-degree swivel. This, in turn, helps the workers to utilize the tables even for the workspace. Moreover, tilting can lead to angled drilling.

 Top 5 Best pillar drill UK

1. Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 Industrial Steel Magnetic Drill

The Evolution Power EVOMAG28 brings in the ultimate power to drill holes in various metal and wood objects. It’s never short in power with a 1200W motor that rotates the chuck at higher speeds. The pillar drill makes precise and accurate holes when it comes to efficiency.

One of the most common problems while drilling holes can be inaccurate hole depth and misbalancing. But the same is not right for the EVOMAG28. Its compact and handy design lets you drill holes even in awkward and confined spaces. A robust electromagnetic adhesion at 1300Kg makes sure that the drill didn’t get off-track while making holes.

If you’re still not satisfied, the EVOMAG28 has come up with the spoke handles, which can be connected on both sides of the pillar drill. Not only they balanced the drill, but they kept it in a firm position to avoid any mishap. Furthermore, the drill can also make precise yet deeper holes (up to 50mm) utilizing the powerful 570RPM. A carry case comes along with the EVOMAG28 to ease the transportation difficulties.


  • EVOMAG28 has a powerful 1200W motor that generates 570RPM to dig deeper holes.
  • The fast-spinning chuck is perfect for bridges, I-beams, and frameworks.
  • The compact size and the side handles ease maneuverability.
  • EVOMAG28 best pillar drill UK is backed by a 3-year warranty.


  • The EVOMAG28 operates on the 110-Volt, which confines it for on-site usage only.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Whenever precise and accurate dimensions are in need while digging holes, the EVOMAG28 comes to mind. Plenty of reasons are behind, which urged this pillar drill to fall in our top 5 list, causing optimized and clean cuts. The strong magnetic adhesion and integrated cooling system ensure that the drill becomes the choice of gardeners, metal workers, and DIYers.

2. Sealey GDM790BR Radial Pillar Drill

Pillar drills are ideal for the bridges, I-beams, and even digging holes in any type of object! But have you ever wondered that off-table drilling can be dangerous sometimes and may not yield the precise results due to being off-track? Here comes the Sealey GDM790BR. This pillar drill has come up with the heavy-duty power that even enables off-table drilling, extracting the machine’s versatility.

Moreover, if you’re finding it hard to keep the drill balanced, this Sealey GDM790BR comes with a solution. It has a no-volt release switch and a pulley cover-cut microswitch, ensuring you an easy and safe drilling mechanism. The radial feature allows off-table drilling by which you can maintain different angles while digging holes.

The drill bit’s fine positioning is maintained by the radial arm, ensuring that the holes are drilled in a precise way to overcome the mishaps. Some additional features include the higher throat depth of 420mm and a 5-speed mechanism.


  • A heavy-duty and premium build quality ensures effective results.
  • The radial arm has a rack and pinion assembly to drill in place.
  • The off-table drilling is more comfortable to achieve with Sealey GDM790BR.
  • A no-volt release switch ensures safety and security.
  • The 5-speed mechanism can dig deep up to 820mm depth.


  • Many customers complain about the better price but find it hard to dig the holes precisely.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Whenever you think of buying the best pillar drill in the UK, Sealey GDM790BR comes to mind. The 5-speed option ensures the versatile operational ability, which quickly digs precise holes. On the flip side, the 230-Volt mechanism can work for both the home and site use. 

3. KATSU Mini Bench Drill Pillar Press Stand

Are you looking for the power, durability, and accurate drilling at the same time? If so, KATSU Mini Bench Drill is the ultimate dream choice for you. KATSU has overcome all the downsides of previous low-grade pillar drill by utilizing the best-ever advanced features. 

One of the topmost attributes that own the Best Pillar Drill tag is the 100W motor. The accurate drilling ensured the precise cutting depth and angled cutting as well. Moreover, no matter if you have the wood or metal planks to work on, KATSU has got you the best side of it.

Featuring another attribute that has got the attention of many is the adjustable speed. Plenty of materials are there, which needs very little speed, while others need the higher chuck RPM. KATSU mini Beach Drill can adjust the RPM between 0 to 8500 and enabling you to craft the DIY project in your own way.

A handle lock comes with the KATSU drill, which ensures you keep things in place while you precisely measure your hole’s dimensions. A maximum drill capacity of 6mm can be achieved for various kinds of metal and wood projects.


  • The speed can be adjusted between 0 to 8500 RPM to drill a hole in any kind of metal and wood projects.
  • KATSU mini drill performs the desired drilling with the ergonomic design.
  • The drill can dig up to 6mm, making it an efficient and powerful machine.
  • The powerful 100W motor and 220V operational ability tackle the on-site and off-site purposes.


  • The drill is bad at making the grip on the drill bits.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

If you’re in search of an efficient and powerful drilling machine, KATSU mini will get you covered. The reason being the powerful 100W motor that can rotate the chuck up to 8500RPM. Moreover, many of you might be looking to dig the holes in glass and metal pieces; the ergonomic design and a capacity of 6mm make it the desirable choices for all. 

4. Clarke CDP152B Bench Drill Press

Have you ever seen a corded electric drill press that is not just powerful but portable at the same time? Clarke CDP152B has got every DIYer and metal worker covered with the advanced features. The chuck capacity of 3-16mm enables you to dig deeper holes even in the strengthened metal pieces. The drilling depth gauge comes along with the machine itself to not need to spend bucks on the equipment.

What’s noteworthy in this Clarke CGP152B is getting the 2250RPM at 230-Volts and a 450W induction! Moreover, the 360-degrees swivel makes this pillar drill a solid choice for the DIYers and metal workers. You can rotate the base completely to use the desk as work support.


  • The machine Clarke CDP152B comes with the drilling depth gauge.
  • This best pillar drill UK comes with 12-speeds, which can be adjusted for easy digging.
  • A wide RPM range from 300 to 2250 ensures digging holes in every kind of material.
  • The tables come with a 360-degree swivel to use as a work support.


  • There is no light for precise digging of holes.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

You can call this Clarke CDP152B a perfect and all-in-one choice for DIYers and hobbyists looking forward to a complete experience. This machine cannot only dig holes with a chuck to bottom distance of 460mm, but you can utilize the swivel option to have some space on the desk. 

5. BOSCH Bench Drill PBD 40

BOSCH has come up with a fantastic power tool of all-time, which will ease your work regarding joining different planks, digging holes in metal, glass, plastic, and much more. One noticeable feature worth buying includes the precise drilling with extra-sharp results in the final product.

As you might have seen, our previous pillar drill has a clear demerit in the form of the absence of light. Thus, precise drilling is a dream of many! BOSCH Bench Drill has featured the integrated laser, and an LED to illuminate the workspace proximity and dig the holes at the right angle.

Some additional features that aids in project handling include the parallel guide, a wide working area, and quick-release clamps to work efficiently on larger projects.


  • BOSCH has come up with an integrated laser and LED for precise drilling.
  • The parallel guide feature will save the lives of many while handling projects.
  • BSOCH PBD40 equips the quick-release clamps to deal with the larger workspace.


  • The wheels for this machine are not quite satisfactory in motion.

Thoughts and Recommendation:

No one can deny the fact that BOSCH Bench Drill has got you covered with its advanced yet precise drilling features. The easy and comfy options will let you dig the boreholes and develop the exact workpiece you want. Moreover, if you’re a novice, the built-in LED and illumination will tackle the mishaps by offering you clear and precise cutting.


No matter if you’re looking to drill into the wood, metals, and plastics, these best pillar drills have got you covered. We’ve listed the top 5 best pillar drill UK that’ll surely outclass other traditional drills in the market with their efficient results.