Best Plaster Mixer

Best Plaster Mixer

Every aspect has an opposite side as well. An adequately mixed plaster will let you have a neat, clean and furnished wall. 

Moreover, there are quite a few more reasons why you need to keep your hands on the best plaster mixers, which you’ll comprehend by the end of this guide.

Mixing the cement, paints, and mortars itself is not an issue, but finding the right mixer is! A well-equipped plaster machine will cover you in all aspects, making the plaster application much more manageable and fruitful. 

There are plenty of models for the plaster mixers, and each one can fit the needs of builders, depending on their work. For example, working on a smaller scale may call for energy-saving. Thus manual plaster mixers can be a choice. On the other hand, you might need to get an upgrade by investing in a smart plaster mixer for big projects.

Plenty of choices can confuse you, and the selection can become quite tricky. Thus, if you’re looking for an efficient plaster mixer in no time, look no further. Here is our best-pick:

Best Pick for Plaster Mixer

VonHaus Paddle Mixer Drill

The best overall choice for the speed mixer is VonHaus Paddle Mixer because it is powerful and versatile. The 1600W motor speaks for its power-mixing ability, while the Variable Speed feature can mix any kind of material in no time. Easy assemblage and the comfort handles make the mixing job less onerous for the workers on site. Also, the mixer drill is backed by 2-years of warranty.

Runner Up for Best Plaster Mixer

Evolution Power Tools Twister Variable Speed Mixer

Evolution Twister falls in our runner-u category due to being more user-friendly and an optimized choice for the builders and DIY home workers. The variable speed can rotate the shaft between the 250-750RPM, and paddles can keep the device steady even at higher speeds. The safety ON/OFF switch can prevent accidents. All in all, the component’s rigidness speaks for the quality of this power tool.

Our Buyer’s Guide:

Plaster mixers can be quite trickier to choose sometimes due to the availability of plenty of models and choices. Ranging from cement to adhesives to plasters, the power mixer can vary in power, components, and speed.

Factors to consider before buying the best plaster mixer:

Motor Power:

First things first, the motor power can be why most builders, workers, and DIYers keep their hands on the plaster mixers. The more the wattage, the more it’ll produce. You can choose the desired power based on your job requirements between 850 to 1800W.

Weight and Ergonomics:

This is something that needs to be considered before you choose the best plaster mixers. You can select a model as per weight and compactness. Heavyweight models can be challenging to handle on the job sites but an ideal choice for you to choose for large-scale projects.

Mixing Capacity:

Depending upon the work capacity and efficiency, every machine has a maxing capacity at a particular time. Thus, make sure to keep your hands on a plaster mixer with at least a mixing capacity of 25Kg. Moreover, other than DIY Home Projects, the power can range from 40 to 50Kg as well.

Paddle and Shaft:

Make sure to buy the best plaster mixer with the rugged paddle and an appropriately heightened shaft to fit your height. Otherwise, mixing the plaster, cement, and more will let you return by the time you end the work.

Top 5 Best Plaster Mixers

1.  VonHaus Paddle Mixer Drill

Powerful and efficient mixing is no more a dream now when it comes to construction. This VonHaus Paddle Mixer is equipped with the 1600W handheld motor, which cannot only help you prepare the proper mixes but saves much of the power. 

Not only valid for the cement, but this plaster mixer can utilize its operations for the paints, plaster, mortars, and more. You’ll end up having the mid-range viscosity fluids that can do well for any building project.

One of the top-notch features that most builders and DIYers are looking for is the 2-gear variable speed option. This variable speed option brings immense versatility to the job, helping make the fine mixes of any viscosity in no time. The 2-stage start option works more like a safety switch and can avoid any mishaps and accidents.

VonHaus is famous for another out-of-this feature, and that is the maximum grip and an ergonomic design. The molded handles and a comfortable grip will ease the process. Some additional features include the 2M cable and easy assembly.


  • Powerful mixing is no more a dream now when it comes to preparing the mixes of different viscosity with a 1600W motor.
  • The motor is equipped with a variable speed option.
  • A two-stage start can prevent any accidents and mishaps.
  • Easy assembly and ergonomic design make it an ideal choice for the workers.
  • A 2-year warranty backs up the VonHaus.


  • Suitable for small-scale mixes only

Thoughts and Recommendations:

If you’re looking for powerful mixing and better stability simultaneously, VonHaus has got you covered. On the flip side, experts are convinced that this best plaster mixer’s operational ability is only confined to a smaller area. 

2.  Evolution Power Tools Twister Variable Speed Mixer

The variable speed option can be a bliss to have in the powerful speed mixer that can save a DIYer and a worker from a lot of hustle. As the Evolution Power Tools has got you covered with the 250-270 RPM, look no further. This comprehensive operational ability can save you from hassle, especially when looking for the proper mixes of paints, mortars, cement, and more.

Moreover, builders find it much difficult to apply the right amount of effort to maintain the mix’s viscosity in the traditional speed mixers. Thus, Evolution Power has listened to the needs of every DIYer and worker. Additionally, the ergonomic handles and the soft grips can add up to the overall efficiency.

A safety switch on the top makes it an ideal choice for the workers to keep their hands on this best plaster mixer. It cannot only add to ease of usage but prevent any accident from happening. A 2-year warranty from the manufacturer speaks for its durability and ruggedness.


  • Safety on/off switch can make the job much easier for the workers.
  • The ergonomic soft handles and grips pave the way towards a better force application and more straightforward controls.
  • Paddles are attached for effective maneuverability.
  • Last but not least, the plaster mixer is easy to clean and maintain.


  • A very short whisk

Thoughts and Recommendations:

There is no substitute for a powerful plaster mixer as it holds the ability to ease your job and, in turn, enhances productivity as well. All in all, this Evolution Tools machine can be regarded as the best plaster mixer due to its high-torque motor.

3. Refina Mega Mixer Handle Drill

Heavy-duty constructions can be trickier to handle when preparing mixes, as it can be a tough and time-consuming job. Making this job less demanding for the workers and home DIYers is our next best plastic mixer choice, i.e., Refina Mega Mixer Handle Drill. The reliable and robust design with some powerful components on-board can do wonders for you.

Many workers found making complaints about the handling and mixing issues in the past. Not anymore now! Refina Mega is equipped with the Back & Hoop Handle mixer, which yields an ergonomic design and an easy-grip overall, even at higher speeds. 

Considering the speed, the machine can range from slow to higher levels, ensuring the plaster mix’s right viscosity in a breeze.

No matter if your machine catches some fault while on the work, Refina still got you covered. The extra responsive customer support, along with the warranty, will ensure you a secure investment.


  • This Refina Mega’s speed can reach up to 450RPM, ensuring you the perfect mixes of many kinds of materials.
  • The machine’s working capacity is up to 50 kg, making it ideal for large-scale projects.
  • The gearbox houses the rugged parts and components to last longer than usual.
  • The mixer only weighs 3.1kg and can be easier to handle, even for novice workers.


A little expensive as compared to others

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Things will have been much better if the ergonomic handle has the ruggedness as the previous models do! But on the flip side, its lightweight and compact construction, along with the mid-range 1050W power, can prepare mixes for paints, epoxies, and cement. 

4.  Vitrex VITMIX850 850W Power Mixer

Vitrex VTIMIX 850 can be a little low on power if you’re looking for something extraordinary for large-scale construction and projects. But being a budget-friendly mixer on the flip side, it holds the ability to mix the materials like cement, plasters, and adhesives. Fitted with the 850Watts motor but weighing much lesser, this Vitrex VITMIX850 can be a perfect carrying tool on the job site.

On the other hand, unlike other machines, the VICTREX VITMIX850 is only a single speed mixer. It comes with benefits but limitations as well. Ranging in between 0-550RPM, the power mixer can even blend and mix the large-sized particles to some extent, but the viscosity range will be within limits. A lock-speed option can be enabled to maintain the RPM within a specific range as per the material.

The ergonomic handle can be a noteworthy feature that works best, even on-site and off-site. The soft rubber handle will help you get a firm grip and a bare metal piece to rest your hands on! The 120mm paddle comes with the manufacturer’s package and can fit in a high-torque power tool like the Vitrex VITMIX850!


  • Lightweight design makes sure you get the right amount of power for the ideal mixture.
  • The adjustable speed enhances the versatility and makes the job less demanding.
  • The machine’s 550RPM is optimum for the cement, plaster, and adhesives.
  • It allows even continuous operations for hours.


  • Only a singles-speed model

Thoughts and Recommendations:

The size is much smaller as compared to the other one but has a flip side as well. With this smaller size, you’ll end up having less ergonomics from the machine’s side. But this best plaster mixer can prepare the mixes for cement, mortars, paints, and more with ease.

5.  ReaseJoy 1800W 850RPM 220V Mixer

Whenever you’re about to work on a large-scale project, power is not the only need! There must exist an idealistic combination between power, ruggedness, and durability. Look no further as we have the best plaster mixer of all time holding all these attributes, i.e., ReaseJoy 1800W Mixer. 

The pure copper motor and an Aluminum gearbox speak for the durability and high-performance of this 220V mixer. The 2-stage reduction and a soft start further enhances the efficient mixing and prevents splashing.

Next, we have the 6-level speed option, which keeps the moving wheels under limits. A soft start and a lockable speed option enable you to continue the work even for hours without any hassle, and you can keep control over the performance as well.


  • Pure Copper motor speaks for the durability and rigidity of the machine.
  • The higher efficiency can be achieved via the 6-level speed variability.
  • The ergonomic handle and the compact design make sure the machine offers a comfortable and anti-slip design.
  • Portable, easy and operational at optimum conditions


  • Speed knobs need to be regulated.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

ReaseJoy can be regarded as the best plaster mixer of all time whenever it comes to certification and quality of components. It can mix paints, glue, cement, feed, and any material you want.


It might be tempting to save a few bucks but not an ideal choice for the DIY home worker or a builder; mixing the cement, plaster, paints, and feed has become a lot easier and less demanding by the time you own the best plaster mixers.