Best professional lawn mower for everyday use and why

If you really enjoy mowing your lawn or are a landscape gardener by profession, you may wish to know more about the more professional lawn mowers available on the market.

Professional lawn mowers are a lot more robust than your regular domestic lawn mowers are built with heavy usage in mind, thus are manufactured with higher quality parts and components.

We’ve put together some really interesting things to consider in this article so be sure to read through to the end to gather as much information as you can on professional lawnmowers

Now let’s get stuck into the best 5 professional lawn mowers with in depth details about them and the ones we recommend!

Our 1st choice 

Hayter Spirit 41cm 16″ 619 Petrol Autodrive

A world class lawnmower and the company has a fantastic reputation for manufacturing world class lawnmowers.

The Hayter Spirit is built with an aluminum construction that is both robust yet light weight. Durable and tough it is really built to last you a lifetime. Its easy to maneuver as it weighs in at 33kg and has a variety of cutting heights for those that don’t have a lot of strength or planning to use it for longer periods of cutting time.

What I really like on the Hayter is the self drive function that really takes all the hard work out of pushing along the mower. The roller at the back also makes really clean and clear stripes on your lawn.

The Hayter Spirit is backed with a 3 year homeowner warranty and 90 days commercial warranty for peace of mind.

Our 2nd Choice

Grizzly Tools Petrol Lawn Mower BRM

The 4 stroke Briggs & Stratton petrol motor on the Grizzly eliminates the need for mixing oil into the petrol, this saves time vs 2 stroke engines that require that oil mix.

Backed with an 1.82kw power output, its more than adequate to get through the toughest of lawns.

A good choice of 6 cutting heights are available and there’s plenty of space in the 45 litre compartment for collecting grass cuttings as you go.

A folding handle bar is fitted that allows you to store the mower after use quite easily and can definitely be a plus if you are short on storage space in your shed.

Best 5 Lawn Mowers for Professionals Reviews

1st Choice

Hayter Spirit 41cm 16″ 619 Petrol Autodrive Lawnmower


The Spirit™ 41 petrol rear roller lawnmowers utilize the latest in technology brought to you by Hayter a world-renowned lawnmower manufacturer.

One well know fact with Hayter mowers is the capability to deliver perfect stripes on any lawn.

Featuring a full width handle bar for optimal operator control, Hayter have really got this down to a tee and its extremely comfortable for those that wish to mow large areas or lawn. The autodrive is a mowers best friend, taking all the hard grind out of having to push a mower along all the while getting the perfect cut.

The main frame of the mower is made from lightweight aluminum which if you’ve ever had a heavy lawnmower makes a huge difference when using it for prolonged times. Aluminum in is also very robust and in most cases doesn’t rust which further prolongs the lifespan of the lawnmower.

The Front fins installed on the mower have been placed for improving the quality of the cutting finish and to assist with grass collection, so it keeps clear the path for the mower to move freely.

As you’d expect with a modern lawnmower, the handlebars are fully foldable so you can store it easily in small spaces after use.

I like the fact that on the highest of settings, the Hayter will shred any fallen leaves as well as collect the grass, this is a major plus and time save in those autumn months when the lawn can be full or debris and dead leaves.

The grass collection bag which is made of fabric is easily removed, through the handlebars and collects a good amount of cuttings before needing to be emptied.

A very high quality lawnmower overall and our 1st choice in this review of the best professional lawnmowers.


One point to note is the roller is made of plastic, this is not a major problem but Hayter used to use metal rollers before which I personally found more resilient to passing over any stones or surprise debris that found its way onto my lawn.

Our thoughts

All in all you can never go wrong with a Hayter. They’ve been around for many years and have the art of producing high quality mowers down to a tee. They are a little heavier on the price point that other manufacturers, but you definitely get what you pay for here, a high end long-lasting lawnmower.

2nd Place

Grizzly Tools Petrol Lawn Mower BRM 42


Grizzly Tools lawnmowers are a UK based manufacturer who have quickly grown and take market share in the UK with their cutting edge technology and attractive pricing.

The Grizzly BRM 42 is price perfectly for this not wanting to spend a fortune on a lwanmowver yet still have all the features of the top end of the lawnmowers on the market. I have chosen the Grizzly Tools lawnmower as our 2nd choice pick for these main reasons.

Lets start with the motor, the power behind the actual lawnmower itself. Grizzly use Briggs & Stratton motors which run off of petrol. It’s a 4 stroke motor which means you don’t need to mix oil with the petrol like you do in a 2 stroke. The engine runs much cleaner and is better on the environment. The output from the motor is strong at 1.82KW with 2900 RPM. More than enough to get you through a larger lawn with tall overgrown grass right down to a small area with fine cut grass.

When it comes to cutting, the grizzly holds up well against other competitors at much higher price points. Featuring a 42cm cutting width , the mower has 5 cutting height settings from a fine low level cut to a medium to long cut giving you the freedom of how long or short you want your lawn to be.

The collection box for the grass cuttings is generous at 45 litres and you have a filling indicator that gives you full sight of when it needs to be emptied.

As with the hayter, the grizzly also has full foldable handles so you can easily store the mower away when not in use. This feature is common now across most lawnmowers and is extremely helpful for those that have little storage space.

A feature to point out on the grizzly is the connection for water. This genius touch allows you to clean down the cutting area of the


One point to note is the roller is made of plastic, this is not a major problem but Hayter used to use metal rollers before which I personally found more resilient to passing over any stones or surprise debris that found its way onto my lawn.

Our thoughts

A really good choice for those on a budget but want the same benefits and specs that some of the higher price point lawnmowers have. Grizzly Tools are fast growing to become a major play in the UK Lawnmower market.

Einhell GC-PM 46 S HW-T Petrol Push Lawnmower


The Einhell GC-PM 46 is a very versatile Lawnmower. Set at a mid price point it is package with a very solid build and plenty of features.

The 139 cc single valve four-stroke engine with superb torque and an RPM of 3000 certainly packs a punch and cuts through grass with ease.  The engine is self-propelled  which and has rear wheel drive that requires little to no effort to allow it to move which ultimately saves you a whole lot of energy should you be pushing around a large or uneven lawn. If you wish to push more than allow the mower to do the heavy lifting then simply disengage the handle and it will become a push mower.

When it comes to the cutting settings, the Einhell has a choice of 9 cutting heights from 30mm to 80mm.  Its relatively easy to change form on setting to the other and you can flick between settings quickly. There is also 46cm of cutting width on the Einhell which is very generous and more than enough to cover your lawn area in quick time!

For the left-over cuttings, its fitted with fabric grass bag capable of holding up to 50 litres and can easily be removed and attached from the lawnmower itself.

The main housing of the lawnmower is made from steel that has been powder coated for extra protection against bumps and the elements further adding to its overall durability.


You may need to watch out on bumpy surfaces as the height adjustable bar can catch on occasion the ground.

Our thoughts

For a mid range price lawnmower the Einhell certainly gives its competitors a run for their money. Its packed with plenty of settings and features and one to consider should your budget allow.

Greenworks Tools G40LM41K2X Cordless Lawnmower


The Greenworks Tools Cordless lawnmower is a little different from the previous lawnmowers we have reviewed here today. The major difference being it is cordless and runs off of a 40v rechargeable battery power pack. This offers the benefit of flexibility in the sense you don’t need to fill it with petrol or run a long cable around the garden with the risk of forgetting its there and cutting through it. 2 batteries are included with the greenworks mower along with a battery charger so you can keep one on charge and change it over easily when one runs out. The batteries can also be used on other greenworks tools should you wish to add their other tools to your collection, a neat feature should you be in the market to purchase say a cordless hedge trimmer.

With the battery powered operation, this lawnmower is suited to small to medium size gardens which the battery will certainly cover and allow for a cutting session to be completed off the one charge.

5 cutting height settings are available allowing cuts of 25mm up to 80mm.

For grass collection, the mower is fitted with 50 litre collection bag that also allows the cuttings to be mulched and returned back to the surface of the lawn that can in turn provide nutrition back to your lawn.


Works better on shorter grass, may struggle on longer thicket grass. If you keep you lawn cut regularly, this mower will work just fine for your purpose.

Our Thoughts

As a mid priced lawnmower, the greenworks mower is a good choice for those that don’t want the hassle of using petrol or electricity via extension cable. Its suited very well for thos that keep shorter grass as it may struggle on thicker more mature lawns and longer grass.

Bosch Cordless Lawnmower Rotak 32


Bosch is a brand we all know and have heard of. Considered as a mid range brand, the Boach Rotak 32 is priced at the mid range price point.

Similar to the greenworks mower it is cordless and thus runs off of the battery pack that you connect to it. It has a smaller voltage than the greenworks mower in at 36v vs the 40v on the greenworks but its more than enough power to get you around a small lawn area. There is just one battery included with the mower and charger.

For smaller lawns you don’t need a huge grass cutting collection box and the bosch rotak allows for up to 32 litres of grass cutting storage before being required to be emptied. Good if you have a small lawn area. One of the benefits of a battery owered lawn mower is they generally offer lower levels of noise output vs the petrol versions. This is the same with the bosch rotak, its extremely quiet and pleasure to use.

The cutting height on the rotak 32 ranges from 30mm to 80mm and has a cutting width of 32cm, again good for smaller lawns.


The Bosch rotak only comes with one battery vs the greenworks with 2 batteries, something you may wish to consider when looking to purchase a cordless mower.

Our Thoughts

A reliable and trustworthy brand. You may wish to think over the 1 battery issue though. For a similar price, the greenworks offers 2 batteries meaning one can be on charge whilst the other is in use.

Buyers Guide Professional Lawnmowers

Walk behind or ride on behind

With the above professional lawn mowers they are all considered “walk behind”.  This means you the operator walk behind the mower and either manually assist it or use the auto rear wheel drive to assist you.

Ride on mowers on the other hand are those more suited to larger lawns or areas where you the operator ride on top of the mower and guide it through its cutting via the steering wheel, the same like you find in a car.


A very important component of the lawnmower is the cutting blades and the cutting deck.The top end more quality mowers will have a once piece cutting deck that allows for fewer problems to happen such as cracking or too many parts involved in piecing the decking together which can sometimes render weakness.


All the above lawnmowers have a number of cutting widths which give you the flexibility to cut your grass close to borders such as flower beds. These are easier to manage when cutting around a flower bed.


All the above lawnmowers have a number of cutting heights which give you the flexibility to cut your grass to a certain length should you desire a really short grass height or a longer grass height.


You will find a majority of the professional lawn mowers are powered by a petrol engine and some with a battery power pack. The petrol powered mowers are considered to be more powerful and are the preferred choice for those landscaping for a profession or those using the mower over large areas or with longer over grown grass.


If you fancy having stripes on your lawn like you see on Wembley football pitch then you may wish to opt for a mower with the rear roller that produces those wonderful stripes. Not all mowers offer this option so you need to ensure it is offered in the build of the mower prior to purchasing.


A vast majority of the more recently manufactured lawnmowers feature a safety mechanism. Usually found by way of an auto cut off of the cutting blades or also referred to as a brake.

This feature is useful when you wish to turn the mower around after completing a cut of one length of the garden and setting yourself up for the next length. Its also useful should you wish to pause for a break without having to shut down completely the mower.


Of course there are many things to consider, not just price as each have their own specifications and benefits that will serve its purpose for the job you have in mind.

The above options are powered by petrol or by electricity, both have their pros and cons again highlighted above for you.

So that’s brings us to our wrap up and I hope you found the article very helpful in giving you all of the information and background into the best professional lawnmowers in the market today.

The buying guide should really be looked at again so you get a full understanding of what you need to look out for when buying a lawnmower.

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