Can a greenhouse have solid walls?

Can a greenhouse have solid walls?

A greenhouse is a man-made structure for those plants that are difficult to grow in the outdoor environment. The design and construction of a greenhouse depend on the space and what you want to achieve. Constructing a greenhouse is the primary step to having a flourishing garden at any time of the year to protect against rain, wind, frost, pests, disease, and wildlife.

This article will help you to consider the preliminary points before constructing the greenhouse walls.

The main purpose of the greenhouse is to hold and trap the solar energy. An ideal location of the greenhouse should receive direct sunlight for almost six hours during the winters.

The main problem with these greenhouse gases is storing free energy with thin plastic walls by reducing its loss through these walls.

So, Commercial greenhouses are built with double or triple walled solid panels to minimize heat loss.

Build a solid greenhouse wall is an excellent solution to reduce energy loss, but it is expensive and difficult to construct.

To make greenhouses airtight possible, you should construct your north and south walls solid and well insulated.

Especially in the winter, greenhouse walls should be open to solar energy and designed to minimize energy loss. To make the greenhouse wall solid, attach bubble or solid foam insulation inside the walls.

After reducing the energy loss, the next question is to store the heat inside the greenhouse walls.

Heat energy is best stored and released to any such material, which heats up slowly on heating and discharges heat slowly on cooling.

Soil is the most available thermal mass, and well-tilled soil has moisture and minerals to provide mass as well as act as an insulator.

With plants and mulches, soil can retail energy and release it slowly. Solid walls made up of brick or clay capture the maximum heat.

The commercial greenhouse has double or triple walled solid panels that decrease heat loss. It is an excellent solution but an expensive one to construct yourself.

In winter, you need the east and south sides of a  greenhouse need to be open for solar energy.

Many people build a shed type structure that has a solid and insulated wall on the north side. It may be 12 feet tall and angle of greenhouse plastic down to six feet south-facing wall. 

It has three feet of double-wall plastic and three feet of the insulated solid wall.

It works best because little sunlight comes from the north that loses heat.

The wall is solid, so you can line the wall with black water barrels to absorb the heat in daylight and release it in the night.

My solar solutions work to grow on cool loving vegetables. These are designed to grow and do not look like a typical greenhouse

The pit greenhouse is an efficient use of sun and soil energy.

Thermal mass is soil that has minerals and moisture to provide mass with humus to act as insulators.

Any material will heat up slowly when it becomes warm; it discharges the heat slowly when it is cooler.

The solid is kept protected with plants and row covers, which give amazing amounts of energy and release it slowly.

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