Can you move a greenhouse

Can you move a greenhouse?

You may have just bought a greenhouse and erected it only to find you placed it in the worst place for sunlight in your garden!

Fear not, you can move a greenhouse, it might not be that easy as you may need to dismantle what you had just erected but it is definitely possible.

Can you move a greenhouse? Answered!

Its entirely possible to move a greenhouse yes, but how you may be wondering?!

First you want to decide upon where you want to put the greenhouse.

If you feel the current position is not correct for example due to shade or in direct wind then first of all you should figure out where you would like to move it to.

Ideally a greenhouse should be located in an easy to access location and with direct sunlight. plants and vegetables won’t grow without light.

Take some time to study how the sun moves around your garden and at what times in the day.

Where in your garden gets the most light and for the longest time, this is ideally where you want to move your greenhouse to.

How do you take down a greenhouse?

Most greenhouses are now made out of aluminum or wood or plastic frames.

They are usually easy to erect as well as dismantle.

Ideally you will still have the assembly instruction booklet form when you purchased the greenhouse, if not then you can always contact the manufacturuer and ask them for an instruction manual or in most cases you’ll probably find a video on youtube that can help.

How long does it take to assemble a greenhouse?

If you’ve just taken down the greenhouse, then you should allocate the same amount of time you just took to dismantle it.

Most greenhouses are DIY friendly and can be erected by one person or two.

If you have a large greenhouse with many components to it then it will take longer than a smaller greenhouse that has less bits to fix and assemble.

Greenhouses usually take no more than a day to assemble and this depends on the size and how many people you have ready to assist with the assembly.

What is the best position to place a greenhouse?

Ideally you want your greenhouse facing in a south or south eastly position in the UK.

This is the best direction for maximizing sunlight so that your plants and flowers get enough exposure to grow.

You may not be able to place your greenhouse in this direction so the next best option would be to face it in an easterly facing direction.

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