Can you paint a greenhouse frame

Can you paint a greenhouse frame

Greenhouses are built to last which are to be part of your garden. Many people ask can we paint a greenhouse frame?

Wooden or aluminum, both greenhouses require proper maintenance, so you need to give it deep cleaning once a year.

With this in mind, and keeping up the maintenance, painting your greenhouse to preserve it is an important thing to do! Below, let’s walk through how you can paint a greenhouse frame.

Main Greenhouse color

The main greenhouse color palettes

1.Nature Colors like leaf greens

2.Stone Shades: deep greys to pale off whites

3.Neutral tones like bright white.

If you have already had a strong color scheme, we can do it with a custom paint finish for your aluminum greenhouse.

Most greenhouses are made with aluminum, so paint protects the aluminum itself from oxidizing.

The greenhouse will stay fresh and gives a bright visual appearance for a longer time. For aluminum greenhouses mostly these colors are recommended

  • White
  • Country Stone
  • Light Ivory
  • The Olive leaf
  • Mist Grey
  • Forest Grey
  • Verona Stone
  • Umbria Light
  • The Cotswold
  • Bronze

Aluminum greenhouses could possibly be paint in every color.

No doubt it is time-consuming and expensive, so everyone wants the best results. You can get the perfect result with silver aluminum frame green that protects from discoloration and rust.

How to Paint Greenhouse frame?

The painting on the aluminum greenhouse depends on using a primer before spray paint.

Therefore, to paint the silver aluminum greenhouse, you need to use a self-etching primer to promote maximum adhesion and provide smoothness to the topcoat.  

After that, you spray paint for metal and give a furnished look with a coat of sealer. 

It is quite difficult to paint the old greenhouse because you nee dto remove the glass or polycarbonate panels that are dangerous and time-consuming.

Furthermore, you have polycarbonate panels, then there is a different system available such as clips, bars, and slots.

What paint should be used on Aluminum Greenhouse Frame?

Aluminum has a non-porous surface that does not hold the paint very well.  It makes an oxide coating that protects the metal beneath.

Self Etching is a special formulation that comprises chemical that micro-etch the aluminum’s surface for best bound.

The prway is to purchase a spray primer and spray it on thin coats on the frame. Let it dry, and then apply paint. 

After that, you need to use acrylic or latex paint that is specificallyt designed for use on metal and outdoor use. it is labeled as ‘exterior grade.”

Use the brush to spray the paint, but It depends on the size of the greenhouse and personal preference.

You need to apply multiple numbers of coats and make sure the surface is completely dry.

The final step is to coat the enamel sealer that prevents the paint from chipping and protects painted aluminum from scratching and fading. Let’s take an example.

Green aluminum greenhouse frame

The green finish is a powder coating that allows the greenhouse to fit with the interior and protects the aluminum frame from oxidizing and pitting. Powder-coated options are available in different colors, such as

  • Green
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Blue

 In that way, you make a perfect greenhouse structure that fits into the garden. A powder-coated finish will cost you a few hundred backs more rather than purchasing a plain aluminum frame. Here we are explaining that what is powder coating.

Powder coating is a process to apply dry paint. It is applied electrostatically and cured under heat. It makes the surface resistant to scratching, chipping, fading, and wearing off. Also, it protects from discoloration and rust.

A plain silver aluminum greenhouse gives much maintenance-free with cleaning routine.  You can consider the greenhouse size, costs of primer, paint, and sealer, and time it takes to do the job. It’s not worth the effort to make a greenhouse look prettier.

On the other hand, powder coating is difficult as compared to paint because of the thermal bonding. Polyester powders have high colors and gloss retention. The higher retention provides the long term sunlight exposure and moisture that lead to loss of adhesion.

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