Best Electric Planer UK Review – Buyer’s Guide

Delicately smooth wood products are the trademark of good furniture makers. Electric planers are devices that even out any wooden surfaces giving it an appealing look. Offering other purposes as well, such as tapering of wood helping you attain your ideal width. Making them a must to have in your inventory, but how do you select the best electric planer in the UK or anywhere else? 

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional carpenter, crafting both decorative yet useful wood products is not a breeze. It requires you to work for extended periods, which may overwhelm many. To assist woodworkers, machines have now overtaken arduous tasks that previously required strenuous labor, making these machines worth the investments.

Planers have been in use for decades by construction workers. They are also now used broadly by many DIY’ers, compelling them to evolve to meet different needs, forming myriads of different types, each assisting with various tasks. It makes it necessary for beginners and experienced craftsmen to perform a bit of research to purchase the best electric planer for themselves.

Planers having two main types, the handheld and the electric. The electrical options providing more comfort and efficiency make them the perfect choice when working for prolonged hours. 

Working on your next project, you must get your hands on an electric planer to provide that elegant look to your piece. But making a selection may not be a cakewalk due to the sheer volume of different products available. To guide novice and experienced woodworkers, we have compiled this guide to discuss the best electric planer in the UK and how to shop for one. 

Short of time? Don’t worry, we got our choice for the best electric planer that’ll make smoothing your wooden piece a breeze, mentioned below:

Our Pick For The Best Electric Planer In The UK:

Makita KP0810K Electric Planer

Looking for a heavy-duty electric planer that will effortlessly complete all your tasks in a short time’s notice? Look no further than the Makita KP0810K Electric Planer. With its small size and a powerful 7.5AMP motor, it finishes all your tasks with a satisfying experience.

Runner-Up For The Best Electric Planer In The UK:

BLACK+DECKER high-performance rebating planer

As our runner up we have the BLACK+DECKER high-performance rebating planer, offering an all-rounding experience while boosting significant power; it makes sure to accomplish all your tasks regardless of the difficulty.

Our Buyer’s Guide:

As with all the other things, the variety in the electric planers has multiplied with time due to modern technology. Each offers the ability to give any wooden piece a glorious look but varies in features. Making it difficult for novice craftsmen to choose the best electric planer for them. Thus, to assist you, we have assembled this intensive buyer’s guide, which will enable you to make a selection.

Motor Capacity:

The power provided by the motor is of utmost importance. If you’re any hobbyist, then an electric planer consisting of a 5-6 amp motor will be more than sufficient. However, if you’re a constructor or professional carpenter, you may need to up the power level. Electric planers with greater power are generally sturdy, much more accurate, and suitable for hefty tasks.


The amount you’re willing to spend is a factor you can not negotiate; our list of best electric planers contains cost-friendly and cost-efficient planers that will make no exceptions in their work quality. However, it is advised to select a planner which is affordable and not the most inexpensive option as it may provide poor quality of work and a shaky built quality.

Experience And Flexibility:

Avoid choosing an electric planer that is difficult to assemble as it can be too overwhelming for newbies. Also, choose a capable enough planer to fulfill all your needs as they vary in specs, usually professionals requiring higher-end models. If you run a workshop, go for a flexible and easy-to-use planer so that everyone can use it. 

Cord Or Cordless Option:

Offering both options, cordless is powered by a battery and is better for people having no outlet near their working space and for those who find having a cord an annoyance. At the same time, corded alternatives are better for people who find charging a battery a hassle and would rather have a constant continuous flow of energy while working.

Our Top 5 Best Electric Planer UK Reviews:

1. Makita KP0810K Heavy-Duty Electric Planer:

Searching for a heavy-duty electric planer that requires little to no maintenance? Something that provides a comfortable experience without lacking power? Then you’ll dig the Makita KP0810K heavy duty planer, with a 7.5AMP motor and a lightweight-ed build; it offers a relaxed experience even when using for long hours.

You’ll love the power offered by the Makita KP0810K that comes in with its tiny size. Providing higher portability with its comfy handle gives relief to its customers like no other. Enabling you to make efficient cuts without tiring yourself.

Consisting of dual carbide blades and its ability to work on wood with a width from 3 – ¼ inch, it assures you of not compromising accuracy, including many safety features that protect the blade, making them a perfect fit for construction workers. The Makita KP0810K is a reliable yet easy to operate electric planer that will last for many years, offering a lock on/off button as an added feature assisting carpenters in working continuously without much hassle.

Usable both by left as well as right-handers, this planer fulfills all needs of any construction worker. With an add-on bonus of a 1-year guarantee, freeing you of any doubts, you’ll have before purchasing this product.


  • Heavy duty.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • Portable.
  • Reliable under any circumstances.
  • Double carbide blades.
  • 7.5AMP powerful motor.


  • Carbide blades may, however, be regarded as too thin.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

As a heavy-duty electric planer, excellent construction workers, fitted with the most durable materials and enhanced portability, make it the best electric planer to rely on for arduous tasks.

2. Bosch Professional GHO 26-28 D Corded Planer:

Are you a professional DIY’er or carpenter? Someone who doesn’t have to complete considerable tasks on short notice? Then you should be looking at the Bosch Professional GHO 26-28 D electric planer. Equipped with a single blade, it saves you from the hassle of alignment and makes changing the blades an easier task.

Offering precise and efficient cuts and a low-weight body makes it perfect for professional uses, helping carpenters produce practical yet elegant products. Having added features such as shoe adjustments make a significant impact on increasing its stability and accuracy.

Powered by a 710W motor provides top-quality finishing to your workpieces. Also giving a relatively higher cutting depth than other planers. A carrying case has been included in the box to make it more portable, supporting you when carrying it around your workshop.

Just as its name suggests, it’s a cord electric planer granting a cord of 4m, sufficient if you have an electrical outlet near your working space. Professionals advise using this planer for small quick steps rather than extended cuts.


  • Easier change of blades.
  • Higher cutting depth.
  • Usable at a professional level.
  • Variety of features.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Dustbag may come loose.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Delivering professionals a combination of features, this electric planer will be ideal for any experienced hobbyist or a DIY’er. Being the best electric planer due to the ergonomic design and multiple features it comprises.

3. Makita KP0800 Planer:

Maybe you’re looking for a durable option that provides fine finishing and a pleasing experience due to its user-friendliness. The Makita KP0800 electric planer works perfectly.

Backed up by customers, the Makita KP0800 is known to leave all your pieces smooth & even. Reaching high cutting speeds is no unusual task for this planer as it has been designed to produce less friction, which also causes less wear and tear. You will also like how easy it is to change the blades and their safety features that prevent any accidental damage to the workpiece.

Fitted with a robust 6.5 AMP motor delivers an rpm of 17,000. Offering high power to weight ratio makes this worth its money. However, users advise against using this for daily professional work. 

Coming in with a 2-year warranty elevated many of your concerns. Due to a sleek design, the Makita KP0800 is also conveniently storable.


  • Good customer care.
  • Produce less friction.
  • Safety features included.
  • Springboard secures the wood.
  • Efficient.


  • Dustbag is not included.
  • Not suitable for hard professional use.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Perfect for any hobbyist, the Makita KP0800 provides top-quality surfaces; its blades also produce less friction making it long-lasting and budget-friendly. Right choice as the best electric planer for people who don’t have to work professionally daily.

4. Bosch PHO 1500 Planer:

In case you require a robust and compact design that won’t leave a dent in your wallet, then the Bosch PHO 1500 planer has you covered. Produced by a reliable and well-known company, it  comes in with a wide range of considerable motor power features.

Attached with high-quality tungsten carbide blades and a motor of 550W produce flat yet clear surfaces giving all of your pieces a sleek look. Spitting out an rpm of 19,500 enables you to smooth and efficient cuts. What’s noteworthy about the Bosch PHO 1500 is its efficiency at removing chips. Also, offering a parking rest protects your workpiece when taking a break between continuous work.

To ease the carpenters’ strenuous work, it comes in with a comfortable grip and an ambidextrous handle. This product also comes with a 2-year warranty that takes care of any troubles. However, dust collections need improvement. Professionals also warn against using this product on hardwood.


  • Compact design.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Increased rate of chip removal.
  • Long-lasting blades.
  • Easily changeable blades.


  • Dust collection has room for improvement.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Ideal for any carpenters, offering a 2-year warranty with surprisingly high comfortability makes it the best electric planer for any average carpenter or hobbyist. 

5. BLACK+DECKER 750W High Performance Rebating Planer:

The last on our list is the BLACK+DECKER rebating planer, compiled features, and specs that make it an all-rounder even for a professional and beginners. Its easy interface is loved by its users, aiding novice carpenter a bunch.

Coming in with many noteworthy features, the BLACK+DECKER planer is the best rebating planer in the market, offering adjustable dust extraction as well as a pair of reversible blades. These features and many others make this electric planer have a prolonged life.

Providing an elegant and comfortable design gives more maneuverability; its robust 750W motor makes any task a breeze. Made from durable and high-quality materials such as aluminium makes it sturdy and significantly increases its life span.

Many extra accessories attached with the motor prevent any overload in the body; being multifunctional makes it notable in our list. Some may have trouble with weight handling when using for longer periods.


  • Multifunctional.
  • Long life span.
  • Good build quality.
  • Easy interface.
  • Superb accuracy.
  • Reversible Carbide Blades.


  • Box size can be reduced.
  • Heavier when used for extended periods.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Offering surprising performance with astounding accuracy makes it the best electric planer for professional use and household use. Capable of fulfilling any task, even the hefty ones, easily while providing an easy interface makes it one of the best electric planers available in the market.


The technology focuses on reducing human labor and providing comfort to people. Electric planers, also being invented on the same principle, help save carpenters, construction workers, and many woodworkers from working for extended periods to produce elegant and smooth products that can also fulfill different purposes.

Our choice for the best electric planet in the UK, Makita KP0810K heavy duty planer, and our runner-up BLACK+DECKER rebating planer assure you of providing you a pleasing and fulfilling experience.