do i need a permit for a greenhouse

Do i need a permit for a greenhouse?

So you have set your sights n a nice new plush greenhouse, you fancy growing yourself some nice vegetables and starting seedlings into beautiful flowers for your garden and then you wonder, do i need a permit for this greenhouse?!

Do i need a permit for a greenhouse? Answered!

In most cases the answer will be no, you dont need a permit to build a greenhouse and you don’t need a permit to own a greenhouse.

This does depend on your local council or municipality though so it would also be a good idea to double check there to.

Greenhouses are not usually considered in the same way as a house extension or build for example.

They are considered as hobby not permanent structures and in most cases you wont run into any trouble putting one up in your garden.

If you have neighbours then it might be a good idea to not build or erect the greenhouse in a way that blocks any views they may have or encroaches into their space or privacy.

Is a greenhouse considered a permanent structure?

Greenhouses in most counties are not considered to be a permanent structure, in most cases they are considered as a temporary structure.

Many households have greenhouses that are no more than 6×14 ft in size thus they are not imposing or obscure structures and they are not replacing a permanent existing structure or building.

What’s considered a permanent structure?

A permanent structure on a property is a structure that is purposely built on the land for the foreseeable future and that is affixed to the ground.

Think of a permanent structure such as a house, a barn, a garage or a swimming pool (below ground).


As ive covered above, most councils will not require you to have a permit for a greenhouse however you should first check and ensure there are no specific requirements in your area that stipulate certain requirements on erecting or building a greenhouse in your garden.

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