Best Concrete Breakers

Best Concrete Breakers

Are you in need of removing the concrete or clear the driveways made from concrete stones? No worries! The best concrete breakers will do the job quite efficiently without breaking a sweat. Thus, no matter if you’re working on garden projects or with the tiles or slabs, these machines will be pretty handy in this regard.

There can be plenty of choices in this regard, and the decision must be as per the project you’re working on! Suppose if you’re working on the concrete slabs with a thin diameter, it’s enough to have the small concrete breaker drills. You can chip in the tile or create a hole inside using the 24mm drill. On the flip side, you can also choose between the 12-23mm drill bits, depending on the slab type and thickness.

Also, the concrete breakers come in a variety of operational capabilities. Most of the time, the air-powered and petrol-powered machines are in demand when there is no power plug around. Thus, making the job less-onerous, these concrete breakers can manage the slab cutting job in no time.

How would you know whether to buy a 2 or 4 stroke machine? No worries! We’ve covered through the best concrete breakers 2021, which will help you arrive at a better deal. Here is our best pick in this regard.

Best Pick Concrete Breaker:

ReaseJoy Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

Having the 9.5 ft cable length and the mighty 1700W motor power, this Reasejoy can be the best choice for the concrete breakers. Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, this power tool can rise to a 1550bpm impact rate and a 45J or impact force to do the job. All in all, this double insulated Jack Hammer will last longer and is worth it!

Runner Up for Best Concrete Breakers:

SilverStorm 263570 Electric Breaker

Are you looking for an electric concrete breaker for masonry or asphalt? Here is our 2nd most favorite choice- Silverstorm Concrete Breaker. Its 360-degree swivel and vibration-reducing handle grip has all the power to make it reside on top of the market. Moreover, multiple chisels, spanners, and locking points will enable you to have high-impact demolition work on-site!

Our Buyer’s Guide:

Choosing the best concrete breakers can be a tough one for you as this machine holds some complex parts and peripherals to consider before you make a decision. All in all, they are not the ones that you can buy with closed eyes. Here are some factors that will surely help you get the right deal.

Factors to consider before buying the best concrete breakers:

Type of Concrete Breakers:

First things first, the best concrete breakers come in various types and power ratings-each having its pros and cons. Thus, the type of breaker you need depends on the DIY project or the commercial work you’re performing.

Electric Powered:

The first and foremost type is the electric powered concrete breaker that utilizes a motor to demolish the walls and concrete slabs. These machines can destroy the hardened slabs in no time without having a single drop of sweat.

Petrol Powered:

If you’ve no electricity plug around you, all you need is the petrol-powered concrete breaker on the building site!

Operational Ability:

Make sure that the machine is either handheld or mounted before you decide to buy! Handheld concrete breakers work similarly to the bit-like drills. On the other hand, the mounted ones are for more extensive and more decadent concrete slabs.


No matter if you’re going to work on the job-site or the home garage, the machines must be lightweight and match the physical strength! Otherwise, a wheel drive can be an option ensuring easy maneuverability and storage. Moreover, it’ll be more comfortable for the Home DIYer to work these demolition power tools.

Top 5 Best Concrete Breakers

1.  ReaseJoy 1700W Electric Demolition Concrete Breaker

Best Pick for Concrete Breakers

Breaking the hardened slabs and the concrete components might require a robust and rugged breaker. Look no further when you have the ReaseJoy 1700W electric demolition in your garage. It has the utmost 1700 rated power motor with an impact rate of 1550bpm. No matter if you have the power plug around you or not, the cord measures 9.5 ft. in length to let you maximize the portability and ease. The machine enables you to have 45J of energy, enough to break the concrete slab to clear the driveways or work on gardening jobs.

What’s unique about this Concrete breaker is the 16″ long point chisel size, and the 16″ long chisel. All in all, the device comes with the three chisel sizes in the package that’ll meet the needs. Additionally, the double insulated casing will prevent any damage and can improve the overall functioning.

The package includes the full accessories that you need for the first time use and hence needs no extra cost to buy the peripherals. The components include the glasses, gloves, three chisels, and all other small parts.


  • The device has a powerful 1700W motor to break even the hard concrete blocks and slabs.
  • The double-insulated motor casing can prevent any damage and short-circuits.
  • The 360-degrees swivel presents you with a side handle for easy job accomplishment.
  • No need to hold the trigger as you have the lock-on mode.


  • No batteries are included.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

The Electric Jack Hammer machine is our best pick concrete breaker of all time. The reason being the 1700W powerful motor, 45J of energy, and the 1550 bpm. Additionally, the power cord will have a 9.5 ft length, which needs no power outlet around.

2. Silverstorm 263570 1500W Electric Breaker:

Runner up for Best Concrete Breakers

The 1500W electric breaker leaves no stone unturned to let you accomplish what you want! No matter if you have work in masonry or asphalt, the rugged build quality and the primary finish presents you with overall efficient performance. What’s noteworthy in this best concrete breaker is the 360-degree rotating handle, ensuring you versatility as well as a firm grip. The rugged rubber grip will reduce the vibrations and provide even a firm grip at the highest speeds.

In terms of quality and performance, this powerful machine is equipped with plenty of smart peripherals to tear up even the hard concrete slabs in no time. The higher impact plastic case and the multi-locking points will enhance this machine’s versatility over multiple grounds.

Moreover, the additional smart features include the 1900bpm and an impact force of 45J, which will be an ideal choice overall for your garage.


  • The high-impact blow-molded case will remain intact even on higher speeds and excessive usage.
  • The 1900bpm is enough to have a 45J impact on the concrete slabs.
  • Multiple locking points are there to keep your hands relaxed from the ON button.
  • The wheels are employed at the bottom for smooth functioning and easy maneuverability.
  • 1500W motor power can produce 1500RPM at the normal mode to tear up slabs.


  • This model is quite heavy.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Our experts find no difficulty choosing this Silverstorm 263570 as our runner up for the best concrete breakers. It is an ideal choice due to being assertive and rugged. High impact blow-molded case along with wheels and 360 swivel handle are some topmost features that’ll make you rely on this machine. 

3. EBERTH 1600 Watt Demolition Hammer

There is plenty of demolition work that requires you to own the powerful concrete breaker. No matter if the work is indoor or outdoor, this EERTH 1600W can be the ideal choice. The 1600W motor power can generate 1800bpm, enough to break the slab’s concrete slabs for heavy and demanding lifting and chisel work. Moreover, the components and peripherals are arranged to smash, ground, and tear up the slabs, tile, plaster, and many other kinds of materials.

This concrete breaker can crack the concrete slabs with a force of 36-42 joules of impact force utilizing the 410mm flat and pointed chisel. The metal case, along with the auxiliary handle case and better control, ensures safe work.


  • The machine is perfect for both the indoors and outdoors.
  • The 410mm pointed chisel can smash, chip, and gouge the concrete.
  • The 1600Watt motor can generate the 1800bpm without any hassle for safe work.


  • A little pricey

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Whenever you’re looking for a versatile machine to tear up the slabs and gouge the concrete, you might need a different impact force for each. This EBERTH 1600W demolition hammer has a range of 36-42J of energy with a hexagonal mount to do the job.   

4. DeWalt 240V SDS-Max Breaker

Demolition is no more laborious work these days, especially when you have the DeWalt 240V SDS-Max in your garage. This powerful and rugged machine holds the 240V operational ability with a non-air pumping beat. 

All in all, the masonry dust can be eliminated this way, and you can prevent it from entering the central duct. This way, the machine will have a longer life overall, even in the work area where dust and moisture can ruin the parts.

What’s noteworthy is the spring-loaded dust seals! These can extend the overall tool life and reduce the machine’s wear and tear even in excessive usage. A large ON/OFF rocker switch enables you to work even with a single finger.

Simultaneously, the 2040 RPM can be achieved in no time, ensuring less power consumption and a better yield overall.


  • The non-air pumping beat piece will prevent the dust from entering the central unit.
  • A large rocker switch allows easy operations and a single-finger ease.
  • Spring-loaded dust seals ensure a longer life span.
  • The machine can generate up to 2040RPM


  • Not as powerful as the previous breakers

Thoughts and Recommendations:

In case you’re looking for a powerful yet functional demolition machine, this DeWalt Hammer can be the choice. This breaker is in-line with the world’s top-class devices with its ergonomic stable operational ability and easier access to the confined areas. 

5. ReaseJoy 52CC 1700W Heavy Duty Gasoline Demolition Hammer

This powerful jackhammer can be the ultimate choice for your next gouging and tearing work! It has a powerful 52CC 1700W engine, which works on gasoline power. The machine falls in mid-range in terms of power and performance as it utilizes gasoline and a pointed chisel to demolish the concrete slabs. 

Moreover, clearing some gardening job driveway is no more hectic now with the 700 to 1300 BPM impact force. All in all, with this wide range, the machine can be the ideal choice for home and commercial use.

Another prime feature for this best concrete breaker is the two exchangeable chisels that will suit everyone’s needs. Thus, to cut through the concrete slab, a pointed chisel is the right choice, while the flat one can smoothly apply the detailing to the surface. 

Simultaneously, if you’re using it on the Jobsite and need excessive usage, the hand pull start system will ease your hands.


  • Rubber grip on the handle will reduce the pain in the hands of workers.
  • Reasejoy 52CC concrete beaker also comes with a long cable and exchangeable chisels.
  • The 1700W power can even demolish a robust concrete wall.
  • Hand pull start system offers many conveniences overall.  
  • This concrete breaker can produce the RPM in the range of 700 to 1350 BPM.


  • Customers complain about fuel tank leaks.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Reasejoy 52CC 1700W can be one of the best concrete breakers of all time in the gasoline-powered category due to its 1300bpm impact force and less hectic operational ability. The machine can also be operated for smaller-scale projects at 700RPM with less fuel consumption. 


Clearing the driveway, gouging the concrete slabs, or even detailing will require you to have the concrete breaker in your garage. Look no further, as we have the best concrete breakers listed above to help you get the right deal.