Best Planer Thicknesser Uk

Best Planer Thicknesser Uk

No wonder you’re a great woodworker or a home DIYer, as you’ve landed at this guide. In case you’re looking for something to manipulate or shave down the wood logs to carve something useful from it, you’re in need of the best planer thicknesser UK. Unlike other tools, you won’t regret shaving down the wood as it promises accuracy and precision.

Planer Thicknesser is a powerful tool that you must have placed in your garage. It aids in trimming down the woods without ruining their actual shape. All in all, gone are the days where you need to struggle with wood trimming and shaving. It is not just the ease of work, but this power tool can save you much time and money. Doing the DIY work yourself, crafting things will be much more comfortable and budget-friendly as well.

Thus, no matter if you’re a hobbyist or a professional woodworker, these best planer thicknesser UK will help you trim the timber in the desired thickness.

If you dont have time to read the whole below to find out which Planer is a Best Pick, worry not, as we’ve shortlisted our best-pick and runner up for you in a simple 2-minute read section, here you go:

Best Pick Planer Thicknesser UK

Makita 2012NB/2 Thicknesser

Crafting different wood pieces in the workshop or Home DIY garages was never more manageable as it is with this Makita 2012NB/2. Equipped with the adjustment options, fine depth adjustability, the large material capacity range, and enhanced feed rate makes it suitable for the workers. Another notable feature, i.e., the downward pressure system, will improve the feeding rate and ensure the ripple free finish in no time. All in all, it is the ideal choice for the best planer thicknesser UK.

Runner Up for best planer Thicknesser UK

Lumberjack Tools PT254 Planer Thicknesser

The 1500W powerful motor and 8500RPM rotating speed enable you to utilize this powerful tool for the maximized function. Along with the correct fence tilt, the floor stand makes sure that this machine can survive the environment of a commercial-grade workshop without any hassle. OD 75mm dust port and 2mm cutting depth are all you need for quick and efficient trim.

Our Buyer’s Guide For The Best Planer Thicknesser UK:

There are plenty of features that count while buying the best planer thicknesser. But every power tool is not entirely made for every home DIY workshop and garage. Thus, you won’t need to waste your investment over the cheaper planer thicknesser; instead, buy a model that saves power and yields better output.

Factors to look for while buying best planer thicknesser UK:

Thickness Capability:

You shouldn’t accept the wood material of a particular thickness as per the machine’s limits. Instead, own a planer thicknesser with an adjustable feeding mount and blades capable enough to accept the wood size you want. The planer thicknesser mostly works with the 8″ x 5″ thickness capacity, while others might be up or below the range. 

Planning Width or Trimming Size:

The planer thicknesser holds different capabilities for the widths of wood pieces that can fit inside. The feed size and rate will decide for the neat, clean, and ripple-free finish. The jointer part or components is responsible mostly for the width that a planer thicknesser can work on! The planning capacity can range from 6″ to 8″ for different thicknesses. 

Fence and Tilting:

The wood pieces can be trimmed side by side using the tilt fence. Thus, the fence plays a dual role as it is also utilized to cut the sides perpendicularly. The tilt angle ranging from 0 to 45 degrees will decide for the trimming angle and the efficiency of shaving.  

Top 5 Best Planer Thicknesser:

1. LumberJack Tools PT254 Planer Thicknesser

Runner Up for best planer Thicknesser UK

Are you a small-scale hobbyist or running the crafting business on a much larger scale? Both ways, you’re going to love what this planer thicknesser will serve you in the garage. Thus, here is one of the best planer thicknesser UK which gets the work done in minutes.

Having the 1500W motor power and the two resharpenable HSS blades, this machine can even trim down the hardwood. The blades not only offer long lasting sharpness but ensure a clean cut. Clean cuts are limited to the blades’ sharpness as the RPM has a role to play! The 1500W motor power can generate a toque to produce an RPM of 8500, ensuring the workshop’s ripple-free finish.

The accurate fence tilt option brings versatility to wood trimming and shaving. The fence can tilt from 0 to 45 degrees and is equipped with a floor stand to utilize the maximum RPM without any hassle.


  • A powerful 1500W motor brings more ease to the trimming and shaving down the wood logs.
  • The HSS blades can rotate at 8500RPM to bring a ripple-free finish.
  • The machine comes with a floor stand for additional support.
  • The stock thickness ranges from 6-120mm, ensuring versatility.


  • The outfeed table is not flat.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

No matter whether you’re looking for the best planer thicknesser UK for the softwood or hardwood, this LumberJack PT254 has got you covered with its 1500W power and the 8500RPM blade rotation.

2. Makita2012NB/2 Thicknesser

Best Pick Planer Thicknesser UK

Adjustability is what you must look for in the power tools that reside in your garage or workshop! That’s where this Makita 2012NB/2 fits in. It has an accurate and precise functioning ability with some easy adjustments on the go. The most important and valuable one is the Fine Depth Adjustment. You can easily fine-tune the cutting width and length. Moreover, apart from the adjustability, this planer thicknesser has a feeding rate of 8.5 meters per second, which means a quick and functional approach is no more a dream now!

A powerful 1650W motor can ensure that crafting things and trimming wood logs in your workshop finds no difficulty at all. It features a 304mm cutting width and a 3mm cutting depth so that you can craft multiple kinds of innovative things from the hardwood logs.

Are you tired of sniping of timber, or you’re not getting the ripple-free finish? Worry not, as this Makita planer thicknesser has got you covered. It has a downward pressure system while feeding, enabling you to stop the sniping and get the right finish in the end.  


  • Makita power tool comes with easy adjustment options.
  • It has the subtle adjustment depth feature that helps you get the precise trimming.
  • The planning width is near 304mm, ensuring a large feeding capacity.


  • No light indicator

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Fine depth adjustments and large material capacity ensure you of the versatile operations in the garage. Additionally, the downward pressure system makes trimming more manageable and efficient.

3. Clarke Planer Thicknesser

A smooth and ripple-free finish is no more a dream now with this Clarke Planer Thickness! It has a 204mm wide cutting area with a 120mm thickness diameter. This means you can easily cut the soft and hardwood logs, no matter what their length is! Moreover, this versatile power tool in your garage will not smoothen the wood pieces but can plane the timber’s top surface in no time.

What’s noteworthy is the adjustable planning depth, which can easily trim down the wood pieces’ length in less time! The 2mm planning depth can be achieved within 2-3 minutes. Moreover, the 6 meters per minute feed rate makes sure that the wood material is quickly passed through this powerful tool, ensuring you quick and efficient functioning.

Another top attribute that makes it the ideal choice for the DIYers and workers is the angular fence movement. You can adjust the angle between 90 and 135, which helps you get the right amount of trimming and shaving. Additionally, the Aluminum tab can endure the  


  • The angular fence movement enables you to adjust the angle between 90 and 135 degrees.
  • The aluminum table top is rugged and durable, ensuring a longer life.
  • To get the ripple-free finish and smoothen the wooden surface, this Clarke Planer thicknesser will be the ultimate choice.
  • You can get the 8500RPM and a 6 meter per minute feed rate using this power tool.


  • It is a little heavier than others.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Adjustability and maximum feed rate are what you get once you own this Clarke Planer Thicknesser. Crafting and trimming wood logs in home DIY workshops will be a much easier job with the 2mm planting depth and a 6 meters per minute feed rate. 

4. Charnwood W588 Bench Top Planer Thicknesser:

Are you looking for a heavy and powerful planer thicknesser that can deal with the heavier wood logs? No worries! Charnwood W588 has made its place in the best planer thicknesser category, and there are plenty of reasons why! 

This power tool’s 8″ planning capacity enables the woodworkers to craft different wood items in no time. Sidewise, the aluminum top table makes this machine a rugged choice to deal with the heavy wood logs on a larger scale.

Unlike other planer thicknessers, this powerful tool has twin guides installed to efficiently tackle the tilting fence and minimize the weight extruded guide. The feed rollers are rubber-coated to achieve a neat and clean look of the wood logs in the end.

The machine is lightweight yet sturdy to even deal with the hardwood. The timber having 5″ width can be flattened in no time with precision and accuracy. You can lock the tilt fence at 45-degrees when required to get the precise results.


  • The machine has an 8 m/min feed rate, which makes it super-fast and quick.
  • The cutter block speed is near 8000RPM, ensuring neat and clean cuts.
  • Instead of one, the machine holds two blades that can cut the wooden logs from multiple sides with even thickness.
  • A 1500W motor utilizes carbon brushes for efficient functioning.
  • An extensive and more extended arm on the outfeed side serves as adjustable support.


  • Lightweight components might cause unwanted vibrations.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Charnwood has provided woodworking machinery since the 1970s. Thus, no matter if you’re just a DIYer or a professional worker, plenty of smart features can work for accuracy and precision cutting and trimming. 

5. Draper 09543 1500W Planer Thicknesser

Draper 09543 230-Volt planer thicknesser is the ultimate choice for woodworkers and home DIYers. This power tool can supply enough burst to trim or shave down even the hardwood in no time. One noteworthy feature to count is the HSS Blades, which can be adjusted to achieve neat, clean, and precise results.

No matter if you’re buying this powerful tool to use on the commercial level or in the home DIY workshop, the non-renewable three-pin molded plug and cable will ensure that the voltage remains up to the mark the machine works in a usual fashion.

Moreover, the Draper 09543 delivers cost-friendly operations without compromising on the quality and efficiency of trimming. The tilting fence can lower the angle from 0 to 45 degrees that will surely help you get the right amount of trim and shave.


  • No volt safety switch helps you ensure a secure electricity connection and prevents the overflow of current.
  • The adjustable cutting depth eases the crafting process and helps you get better details.
  • HSS reversible blades are employed in this power tool


  • No cons reported yet

Thoughts and recommendations:

The HSS reversible blades ensure that the Draper 09543 power tool will be the best-suited choice for the home DIYers and woodworkers. One noteworthy feature is the dust extraction nozzle, which extends this machine’s overall usage to large scale crafting projects.  


Are you in need of the best thickness planer UK? Worry not! We have eased your work by compiling a list of 5 best powerful planer thicknessers which can work on hardwood and softwood. Moreover, having varying adjustability options and features alongside, these power tools are best to have in your DIY workshop.