Best Cylinder Lawn Mower Reviews

While thinking of the Best cylinder lawnmowers, you might recall that bulky machine that you used to push with your parents in your backyard.

That reluctant motion on hot summer days is quite an effort to make the grass tips smooth. Things are not the same anymore!

The Best cylinder lawn mowers are now equipped with sharp blades, and automatic motion technology to perfectly manicure your lawn without much hassle.

Unlike the rotary ones, these lawnmowers have a unique cutting mechanism. The rollerblades cut the grass at an angle, which is smooth enough to have a neat and tapered looking lawn.

Choosing one can be complicated in case you’ve little knowledge. Worry not, as we’ve got you covered as always. We’ve thoroughly researched for the cylinder lawnmowers and come with the top 5 lawn mowers of all time through a well-researched analysis.


Have you got no time to go through our guide about Best cylinder lawn mower reviews? Here is our best-pick, which has outclassed the competitors with its unmatchable features.

Best Pick Cylinder Lawn Mowers

Fiskars Stay Sharp Plus Reel Mower


This manual lawn mower utilizes the blade-free cutting method to cover the 43cm cutting width and a 4-10cm of height simultaneously. Moreover, ergonomic handlebars and a non-slip rubber coating make the push easier through the thick grass. Thanks to the no-fuel usage, it’s utterly environmentally friendly as well.

Best Runner-up Cylinder Lawn Mowers:

GARDENA comfort Reel Mower 400C

This lawnmower has got you covered with its 40cm working width and an ability to cut 250 m sq. area. Thanks to the smooth and effortless blades’ motion, which needs less push, and a folding design that works for less space storage. One noteworthy feature that’ll help you keep your hands on this GARDENA cylinder lawnmower without even thinking is the contact-free cutting.

Our Buyer’s Guide – Best Cylinder Lawn Mower:

There are plenty of options available right now in the lawn mowers category, and every mower has its sole merits and demerits. Have a look at some considerations before you decide to buy one for your lawn manicured.

Cylinder Assembly:

Cylinder lawnmowers have a cylinder-like structure at the front end. The blade’s assembly inside the cylinder should follow a helical pattern for smooth movement.

Grass Box:

Next, you need to make sure the size of the grass collection box. If you’re about to clean a large-sized garden but having a small grass collection box, things will not work smoother.

Cutting Width and Height:

Cutting width and height are the factors that must be taken care of and depend on the lawn area. For example, for a medium-sized lawn, buy a mower with at least 350mm cutting width and 20-60mm height.

Mowing Edges:

If you’re extra caring for your lawn, make sure to buy a less bulky design that can easily cut the grass from the edges and hard-to-reach areas.

Top 5 Best Cylinder Lawn Mower Reviews:

1. GARDENA comfort Reel Mower 400C

When it comes to having a perfect manicure and doing some lawn care, the GARDENA Comfort Reel Mower will be the choice. It has sharp blade rollers, which are made up of rugged build quality and a smoothened edge. No matter how long you’ll use this Reel Mower 400C, the blades will still have the power to cut the grass. Moreover, the blade size has the optimum dimensions, which let you cut the grass in large or medium-sized gardens.

It utilizes an unmatchable technology that is not just quiet but easier to work with! Moreover, you don’t need that particular force to push the mower as you need in the classic ones.

You might have already decided to buy this lawnmower, but the feature list is not yet ended. This top-rated lawnmower has a folding design that’ll aid in easy storage and offers a space-saving design.


  • It can tackle the 250m² mowing area, ensuring it to be the ideal choice.
  • A space-saving design makes it easier for the one with lesser space.
  • It has a non-stick coating on the blades, which keeps the clippings out of the blade area.  
  • It is much easier to clean as compared to the traditional lawnmowers.  


  • The grass box is heavier for this lawnmower.  

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Whenever it comes to clearing the patches or the whole lawn, GARDENA Comfort Reel Mower has got you covered. This best cylinder lawnmower can tackle the 250m² mowing area in no time. Moreover, many of you might be thinking about where to store a lawn mower this big! 

The GARDENA Reel Mower 400C has a foldable design that offers convenience while storage and transportation as well.  

2. Murray HM400 Hand Push Cylinder Mower

As in the previous mower, you might have seen the grass collection box as a significant problem if it’s heavy. Keeping that in mind, here is our next best cylinder lawnmower on the list, i.e., Murray HM400. It has a 20L grass collection box capacity and weighs just 9.5 kg overall. 

Thus, sharper looking lawns are no more a dream now. While talking about the sharpness, the blades are quite efficient and sharp enough to last for years.

A handle at the top is padded with foam and ensures an easy to hold ability, giving an ergonomic feel while pushing. Thus, you don’t need to put your hands into trouble with most of the rotary machines and the classic ones. A 20L catcher will collect all the clippings for a cleaner finish.

Some additional features include the quiet cutting and adaptive height. Yes! You read it right. This lawnmower has an adjustable height with four positions in a single lever that can adjust the height from 13 to 38 mm.


  • The sharp-edged blades make the grass snipping a lot easier.
  • Its adaptive cutting height option works best for all types of lawns.  
  • It has an ergonomic foam padding to push it more manageable through the grass.
  • A 20L collection bag will reduce the hassle a lot.


  • The pump type is manual for this lawnmower.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

No matter if you’re looking for the adjustable height cutting or the ergonomic fit in your hands, this lawnmower gets you covered in both. Moreover, a 20L collection bag makes sure you get all the work done in a single turn. This will save your time and efforts. You don’t need to annoy your neighbors with the loud machine sound as it features a quiet operational ability. 

3. Fiskars Stay Sharp Plus Reel Mower

Have you ever wondered that manual lawnmowers can be efficient and easier to handle? If not, here is the Fiskars Stay Sharp Plus mower, which will change your mind. This machine deserved a place in our best cylinder lawn mower reviews due to being more precise and user-friendly. 

Many of you might have gone through a common problem, i.e., difficulty cutting the grass near the edges. Not anymore now! This lawnmower comes with a less bulky design and adjustable cutting capacity to deal with the garden edges.

No matter if you’re buying this lawnmower for a commercial building or home-use, it’ll fulfill the purpose. The adjustable cutting height makes sure you get the perfect lawn manicure and a neater look at the end ranging in between 4 to 10 cm. The handlebar is also coated with foam padding, ensuring an ergonomic feel while pushing this lawnmower through the grass.

The stainless steel blades will stay sharp for a more extended period. Thanks to its no fuel and electricity consumption, the lawnmower is completely environmentally-friendly, deserving a place in our best cylinder lawn mower reviews.


  • A perfect alloy steel construction will make the lawnmower last longer.  
  • It is an ideal fit for every size of the garden.
  • Its 4 to 10cm adjustable height capacity enables the gardeners to be creative in their lawn design.
  • Having a helical blade assembly will smoothen the movement.  


  • There is no grass collection box there; thus, the clippings will be out there on the lawn.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Are you looking for an all-in-one lawn mower device that ensures a cleaner and neater look on your lawn? Look no further! This Fiskar Lawn Mower is good enough to utilize the sharp helical blades to cut the grass within a range of 4 to 10cm of range. However, it is not quite good with the wet grass. 

4. Einhell GC-HM 40 Hand Lawn Mower


Einhell has never compromised on the needs of gardeners and lawn lovers trying to be friendly and caring with the grass! With that being said, here is the GC-HM 40 Hand Lawn Mower machine, which utilized premium-grade steel for faster yet effective results. 

The helical blades are five in number and are arranged in a precise assembly to cut the grass by not missing any grass tip. Moreover, the helical assembly makes sure that the blades run smoother on all types of grasses and ground.

Next up, we have the adjustable height feature on-board, which tends to help all the gardeners in making their decision. You can select the blade height as per your choice ranging in between 15-35mm height, ensuring the perfect look. The 4-level cutting height adjustments will aid you to look no further in mowing the lawn flawlessly.

A large 27L grass collection box will leave you stunned! You don’t need to empty the grass box again and again. Also, it enables you to clean even the large-sized gardens and lawns even up to the area of 250 m square.


  • A 15-35mm cutting height adjustment is ideal for all types of lawns.
  • It has a 50mm plastic roller diameter to deal with the edges and hard-to-reach areas.
  • A large grass collection box will reduce the hassle.
  • Its long-lasting blades made this lawnmower worth-buying.  


  • The Grass box is of low quality and can break.  

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Do you have the 250-meter square area to clean the grass? No worries! This GC-HM 40 model comes equipped with mowing spindles with ball-bearing ensuring a smooth motion. Thus, it’ll help all the gardeners put less effort and force while pushing it through the lawn. 

5. SPRINT 410RM Cylinder Mower 40cm

No wonder that a sharp-looking lawn is what you need for a better landscape look! But that requires a sharp mower blade. Here is the next dream choice for all the gardeners and lawn lovers out there, i.e., SPRINT 410RM in our best cylinder lawn mower reviews. As mentioned earlier, this mower machine has sharp blades and perfect assembly, ensuring better performance.

What’s noteworthy is its adaptive ability and cutting height as per the convenience. This way, you can easily cut the grass tips in response to the lawn’s weather conditions and look. The cutting height range is from 13 – 38mm, having four adjustable positions overall. Not just this, a single level is utilized to tackle the height capacity.

Convenience and comfort are what a gardener looks like in a lawnmower! Thus, SPRINT lawnmower has a foam-padded handle and a 20 little grass collection box to save energy.


  • A 20L grass collection box makes this process less onerous.
  • It has sharp blades which last for years.
  • Having less noise is a plus for the lawnmower.
  • Ergonomic comfort and better grip


  • It might be harder to push as compared to other lawnmower machines.

Thoughts and Recommendations:

There are no shortcuts to success, but there are some for the grass cutting! This SPRINT 410RM is accurate and precise in its cutting capacity, and the 4-adjustable heights make sure that the grass cutting looks like scissor-work, i.e., neat and clean. 


If you’re into gardening or a lawn lover; it’s hurting to see the unusual and messy grass growth. Thanks to the best cylinder lawnmowers, which have got you covered with all lawn manicure needs and a neater landscape look in turn with our Best cylinder lawn mower reviews.