Best Mig Welder Reviews

Best Mig Welder Reviews

The best MIG welder is a must-have for normal day-to-day life. Not only are they convenient and efficient to use but are also quite good at doing a job well done. From DIY projects to fixing repairing things, they can be used everywhere and anywhere. 

MIG welders are a must-have for any hobbyist or a professional welder with an exceptionally extraordinary impact on productivity. Not only will they help you get the work done quickly but also neatly. However, with the influx of huge competition in the market, it’s tough to pick up the right MIG welder for your needs. 

Many people tend to buy MIG welders that do not cater to their required specifications and needs, and hence they start hating it, turning all the hate into demotivation for plans. There are many things to consider in a MIG welder, from input volts to power, reliability, durability, weight, and size.

That’s why in today’s guide, we will give you an overview of the 5 best MIG welders out there, according to us. They are our personal favorites, and we can’t recommend them enough. Topping the list, we have GYS 031876 EASYMIG Inverter Welder and the runner up Tammible MIG 130 Welder Welding Machine are best known for their functionality.

If you feel like the article is a little too long for you to skim through, have a look at our best pick. We are positive you will like it.

Best Pick For Mig Welder:

GYS 031876 EASYMIG 140-140 A MIG/MAG/MMA Multi Process Inverter Welder

Not only does this welder feature a 3 in 1 innovative semi-automatic design, combining MIG, MAG, and MMA welding processes, but it’s also exceptionally lightweight for its functionality. 

Also, it features an inverter technology with 140A power. The power is high enough to melt through a metal of considerable thickness. The inverter technology makes sure the fluctuations in voltage and current do not affect its smooth operation. 

It’s quite cute looking and aesthetic as well. You can’t go wrong with this welder. 

Runner Up

Tammible MIG 130 Welder Welding Machine

With the 4 levels of adjusting welding speed and 11 levels of wire feeding speed, this welder will adjust itself entirely according to your needs. 

You don’t want a lot of heat and blisters on your weld? Just weld at the maximum speed, and you’ll be amazed at how cleanly it does its job. Or perhaps you want a stronger, more durable weld? In which case, you can always slow down the speed and easily get your desired results.

Also, it’s mini size, which is always great. Looking at its size, you won’t expect it to be highly functional and efficient. But wait until you unleash the beast locked within. 

Our Buyers Guide For The Best Mig Welder 

Here are some of the things you ought to consider before buying any MIG welder whatsoever. 


Input voltage is something you must look at the first thing when you are going to buy your best MIG welder.

Normally there are two common input voltages—ones in the range of 110Vs and ones in the range of 220-240Vs. 

The ones that feature an input voltage of 110 deliver lower power. Enough for a thin metal plate but weak for a thick one. But the good thing about them is that almost every house has a 110V input line. 

As for the 220V, you have to make sure you have a 220V input line. Also, the 220V consumes a lot of power as well, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Duty cycle 

The duty cycle is the amount of time a welder will operate smoothly without heating up at a given power. 

If you want to weld continuously at thick sheets of metal, you would want a welder with longer duty cycles. However, do know that a more powerful welder will have shorter duty cycles if otherwise stated. And low power welders will have longer duty cycles. 

But then again, even high-power welders sometimes come equipped with features such as extra vents or fans to enhance duty cycles, so that’s something to look for in a high-power welder as well. 


The amperage is the power output of a welder in terms of heat, that is, how much heat the welder can produce during a specific duty cycle (the standard duty cycle for calculations is 10 minutes)

The average thickness of the metal you usually weld determines the amount of amp you need in a welder; here’s a small table to consider: 

Maximum Amps 90110130150180
Maximum steel thickness 2mm2.5mm3mm4mm5mm

Our Best Mig Welder Reviews

1. Sealey MIGHTYMIG150 Professional Gas/No-Gas Mig Welder

The first thing that we noticed in the Sealey MIGHTY MIG 150 welder is its amazing duty cycle. The extraordinary duty cycle is made possible by the presence of a forced-air cooling system. The system directs air over the transformer, prevents it from heating up fast, and efficiently increases the duty cycle.

Also, its Gas/No Gas function is quite resourceful as well. Although to switch to a Gas mode, you’ll need to buy a gas conversion kit, which is quite affordable as well. The feature, however, holds for MIGHTY 150 only; all the models 170 and above are set to run with gas only. 

And finally, it features a Euro torch, which we think adds quite a lot to the Mig welder’s mobility. The torch features a fast connection which makes it easy to maintain and move. The torch comes with heat proof cables and contour handles for comfort and a steadier control. 


  • Resourceful 
  • Easy controls 
  • Good mobility 


  • It makes a little too much noise 
  • The wire feed is a bit inconsistent

Thoughts and Recommendations:

If you’re a beginner in the world of the best MIG welder, this can be your go-to product. Not only is it quite resourceful but also easy to handle and control. The gas switch, which can be technical sometimes on other brands, is quite simple. Just connect a bottle and a regulator, switch the polarity, use a proper wire, and you’re good to go. 

2. HITBOX Mig Welder MIG250 MIG TIG ARC Welding Machine

First off, by the looks of it, this MIG welder is pretty lightweight, well-composed, and quite compact for its functionality. This is something we like because not only does this make the MIG welder easier to carry around and work with but quite efficient as well. 

As for the functionality, the company claims that you can achieve a hundred percent duty cycle when using a 0.8mm wire. And although that was not true for us, the duty cycle was indeed prolonged with a 0.8mm wire by quite a lot. 

Finally, the machine is compatible with a standard power generator as well. This comes quite in handy, considering the fact it’s good mobility. Also, the systems and the functions are very easy to operate, making it a good choice for beginners looking for the best MIG welder.


  • Long, continuous, and consistent welds 
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Versatile for a wide variety of metals 


  • Make sure it comes with the right plug 
  • Needs a different wire feel wheel for a flux core wire 

Thoughts and Recommendations:

We recommend it because of its exceptional wire feed mechanism, which is metal, unlike many other welders using a plastic wire feed mechanism, and the outstanding arc weld function. The welder faces little effort in dealing with as large as 5kg wire spools, and it arcs consistently and quite immediately as well. 

3. DEKO 200A Arc Electric Welding Machine MMA Welder

First of all, let’s talk about how safe and secure this is; one of the best Mig welder indeed when it comes to unstable voltage areas. You can easily start it in an unstable voltage area because over-current protection and overload protection ensure maximum safety. 

The built-in fan, along with an ultra-low voltage regulator on the machine, ensures everything is as steady as possible.

Speaking of voltages and electricity, it is quite financially friendly as well. We were surprised when we found out how it converts alternating current to Direct current to save power and produce a very stable output, giving you clean welds.

Although the package claims exclusively that only qualified professionals can use this best MIG welder, we believe a beginner will have no problem operating it considering how easy-to-understand its operations are. 

Just make sure you use it under the supervision of a professional the first few times to minimize the chances of hazards, and you should be good to go around doing your DIY projects. 


  • Next level safety 
  • Environment friendly (energy saving)
  • Highly portable 


  • Not dual voltage 
  • The leads on the ground clamp are a little too short 

Thoughts and Recommendations:

For its cost, it delivers quite the standard functions and features a more professional-looking welder would, and that is something we like. If you’re an outdoor person and need to weld small things here and there, it will pretty much suffice all your repair and maintenance needs. 

4. Tammible MIG 130 Welder Welding Machine

Let’s first admire its durability since it caught our eyes the first time we saw it. Made of stainless steel body and covered with bright paints, this best MIG welder is highly durable and quite aesthetic in looks. Also, it’s mini, so if you’re into cute stuff, this one’s for you.

Although it’s small in size, the same cannot be said for its functionality. Just by using 4 buttons, you can easily adjust welding speeds by adjusting four levels of current flow. Hence, if you want clean welds, go for the fast speed because apparently, the metal doesn’t heat a lot and does not form as many blisters.

There is also a wire feeding speed adjusting knob featuring 11 different feeding speeds. But don’t worry about its high speed producing a lot of residual heat because the 3 air vents on the machine will take care of that quite easily. 


  • Great quality for its price 
  • Best with 1kg spools 
  • Best for light welding 


  • The quality of included mask can be improved 
  • The quality and length of the earth clamp needs improvement as well

Thoughts and Recommendations:

For its price, it is the best MIG welder out there. We highly recommend this welder if you do light welding here and there more often. It’s portable, convenient, and easy to store. And if you use thin metal, it is by far the best MIG welder because it works perfectly. Yes, there will be minute splatters here and there, but it’s not something not easy to clean off. 

5. GYS 031876 EASYMIG 140-140 A MIG/MAG/MMA Multi Process Inverter Welder

What appeals to us most about this welder is how intricately it combines the MIG/MAG core wire with an MMA welding process. You can already imagine the efficiency of this keen combination. 

Also, unlike the welders we have reviewed so far, what makes this welder the best MIG welder is its anti-sticking technology. And if you didn’t know already, the anti-sticking technology turns off the welder’s power source in case the electrode sticks to the metal. This prevents power overload and makes possible the easy removal of the electrode from the metal.

Finally, another thing we like about this is its inverter technology. Hence, even in unstable voltages, you can still use it quite safely and steadily. The inverter makes sure the electric consumption is less, too, which makes it pretty environment-friendly if you think about it.


  • Polarity reversal 
  • The absence of gas bottles make it very portable 
  • Wire-speed selection from 3 to 9 m/min 


  • The earth lead could be a little longer 
  • Does not take 5kg reels 

Thoughts and Recommendations:

This is best for welding up to 3mm sheets, and best uses 100mm/1kg reels. Hence, if you’re into light welding and find yourself in workshop welding sometimes, this is the best MIG welder for you. But do consider studying the amperage for different types of metal thicknesses. 


And that’s it for our guide on the best MIG welder for 2021. Despite the thousands of products in the market, we think these 5 are amongst the best out there that will completely suffice your needs as a hobbyist or a professional. 

We hope you found it helpful, and we hope you get your hands on the Best MIG welder in town.