Best Polycarbonate Greenhouse UK Review – Buyer’s Guide:

Polycarbonate greenhouses are an efficient gardening tool. There are innumerable factors a gardener needs to be concerned about; with so much to do, having a tool that provides ideal nurturing conditions to your plants is no less than a blessing. 

For a long time, gardening has been thought of as a seasonal hobby. Changing seasons may worry any old-time gardener, but in the recent era, not anymore. Polycarbonate greenhouses are biological filters that help safeguard plants from harmful ultraviolet rays. 

They also let more light diffuse through them, forming an optimum atmosphere for ideal plant growth regardless of the weather outside. Making them an essential gardening tool, but how do you select the best polycarbonate greenhouse UK? 

Replacing glass as the best greenhouse covering material, polycarbonate greenhouses are becoming to be increasingly prominent. Proving itself to have more advantages than its alternative at a significantly lower price point makes every nursery worker choose. 

Moreover, they provide you with healthy physical recreation and allow you to spend more time in the fresh air giving you a peaceful and refreshing aura. It may be its most notable benefit because you can grow your vegetables, elevating you of any concerns of added preservatives.

Due to market saturation, different polycarbonate greenhouses are available, making it a bit of a hassle for newbies to choose the best polycarbonate greenhouse UK. Nevertheless, our best pick palram harmony greenhouse and runner-up palram mythos greenhouse assure you of enhancing your gardening experience. 

Have no time to read all our reviews? We have you covered, here are is our best pick:

Our Pick For The Best Polycarbonate Greenhouse UK:

Palram Harmony Greenhouse

Are you looking for the best polycarbonate greenhouse UK that will never make an exception in its durability and work all year long? Look no further than the palram harmony greenhouse. Offering you a 5-year warranty, this product is worth its money. Some people also regard it as unbreakable.

Runner-Up For The Best Polycarbonate Greenhouse UK:

Palram Mythos Greenhouse

For our runner-up, we have the palram mythos greenhouse; having an attractive design as well as an attractive price makes it a premium option for avid gardeners. Working as an all-rounder, it never makes an exception on providing optimum conditions to your plants.

Our Buyer’s Guide:

In providing ideal seed conditions, countless aspects come into play, compelling manufactures to produce various greenhouses. This is one of the key reasons for its market saturation. As such, we have compiled an extensive buyer’s guide, helping you keep various factors in consideration before purchasing the best polycarbonate greenhouse UK.


Polycarbonate greenhouses are available in clear as well as diffused panels. Clear panels provide a clear view without any blurriness; they are preferred when one needs quick and maximum light transmission. Preferable for areas that have limited sun exposure. 

Diffused panels are usually twin-walled and protect plants from burns; they also have increased insulation. One also has the luxury to fit both diffused and clear panels, creating evenly spread light while providing vision from the side.


Most of the polycarbonate greenhouses are worth their money, coming with a 10-year warranty that disregards your thoughts about its lifetime. They are also relatively more rigid and can deal with hail or any flying football. Having relatively cheap and easy-to-change panels makes it an economical option.

Single Wall Or Multi-wall Panes:

Single wall panels are relatively lighter and clearer; with the help of modern technology, even the single-walled panels are tough. They offer an unobstructed and attractive view. While the multi-walled planes offer higher insulation due to their thickness and are extremely strong, the higher quality ones provide a whopping 10-year warranty.


One of the most significant factors in a greenhouse is its ventilation, as heat, airflow, and dampness in a greenhouse are regulated. Lower ventilation provides higher temperature and humidity in the greenhouse by compromising its airflow, while higher ventilation improves airflow.

5 Best Polycarbonate Greenhouse UK Review:

1. Palram Harmony Greenhouse:

Do you desire a budget-friendly and easy to assemble polycarbonate greenhouse that comes in various sizes? Then the Palram harmony greenhouse is precisely what you need. Consisting of a slide and lock system, it assembles quickly and fits into place, requiring only two people.

What’s noteworthy among modern polycarbonate greenhouses is their automatic vent opener, which opens automatically as the humidity increases above the optimum range, freeing you of any hassle to take notice of the dampness inside the greenhouse. The palram harmony greenhouse is available in 5 different sizes, allowing you to choose the best polycarbonate greenhouse UK with the appropriate dimensions. 

To improve drainage, the palram harmony greenhouse has built-in gutters, and the gutters are equipped with fitments where hoses can be attached—making it a user-friendly design.

When it comes to panels, palram harmony is equipped with clear yet UV immune panels, saving the plants from any harmful rays; it blocks 99% of the sun’s rays.

Greenhouses built quality is not compromised; the palram harmony comes in an aluminum built, which renders it rust-resistant, further elongating its life. However, it’s known to be lightweight, which makes it unsuitable for windy and rainy places.


  • Cost-efficient. 
  • Available in several sizes.
  • Includes roof vent.
  • Built-in gutters.
  • Rigid panels.
  • Clear panels.


  • Not preferable for windy areas.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Preferable for relatively new gardeners, as it has all you need to get started included in the box at an attractive price. It’s tough panels also provide a safety layer and elevate your need to be cautious with the kids around.

2. Palram Mythos Greenhouse:

The second greenhouse worth mentioning on our list is the Palram mythos greenhouse; what makes it our runner-up is its sleek design offered at a relatively low price point.

Equipped with twin-wall polycarbonate panels significantly boost the insulation offered by it as a bit of air gap sits between the twin panels. Assuring you that no heat flees even on the chilliest nights. Preferred for people who live in sunny areas as the twin walls protect plants from any burns while dispersing all of the light energy inside.

Like the palram harmony, the alarm mythos also has a simple slide and glaze system, making you spend less time on the assembly and more time on the gardening. What may seem extraordinary about this greenhouse is its magnetic door that can be locked to keep any unwanted company out.

The box includes a base frame on which the greenhouse is erected, this type of construction makes the greenhouse stand firmly even on uneven grounds. A silver aluminum body gives rise to sturdiness and enables it to be rust-proof. But some users complain about its windows blowing off during storms.


  • Attractive design.
  • Safeguards from harmful rays.
  • Slide and glaze system makes assembling quick.
  • Built-in roof.
  • Panels keep their invisible color without any yellowing
  • Magnetic and lockable door.


  • Mildly blurry view from outside.
  • Windows may blow off during storms.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

It is considered a premium option for beginners and experienced gardeners as it is suitable for various places and weathering conditions, making it an allrounder. Maybe the right choice is the best polycarbonate greenhouse UK for places that have increased exposure to sun rays. 

3. Garden Grow Polycarbonate Greenhouse:

In case you are looking for a greenhouse that has an elegant design and a low maintenance build, then look forward to no other than the Garden grow polycarbonate greenhouse. 

What may be special about this greenhouse is its rain collecting gutters that gather rainwater so that you can use them afterward. Also, coming in with a window at the roof helps air through it. 

The garden grow polycarbonate greenhouse provides a somewhat milky or blurry view due to it being twin-walled, making it preferable for sunny places. What makes it safe from glass products is the panels being 100% shatterproof, saving you from the nuisance of handling small bits of broken glass.

The feature that makes this design, so hassle-free is its sliding door that saves you from the annoyance of dealing with a banging door during storms. To further assist users, it also comes with an installation tutorial. However, due to its lightweight, it does offer portability but needs to be anchored during winds.


  • Integrated rain gutters.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Sliding door.
  • Elegant design.
  • Spreads sunlight evenly.
  • Well ventilated due to a window on the roof.


  • No accessories are included.
  • The door can not be locked, but padlocks can be attached.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Advised for places with higher sun exposure, it is sure to last you a long time. 

Suitable for people growing vegetables. However, do not forget to anchor it when assembling it.

4. Outsunny Clear Polycarbonate Greenhouse

If you dig for something durable, weather-resistant, and budget-friendly, you’ll love the Outsunny clear polycarbonate greenhouse. With the outstanding build quality, you’ll have no trouble using it all year round as it’s relatively better at facing the wind as well as water.

Assembly isn’t that hard but requires at least another individual to assist you out. And just like the previous product on our list, the outsunny clear polycarbonate also comes in with a sliding door. What could be noteworthy is the company’s good customer support; any issues or any lost part of the greenhouse can easily be replaced through it. 

Providing you with a large walk-in space, you can comfortably cater to your plants inside it. Equipped with clear panels, it offers clear visibility and an effective environment inside, also isolating any harmful UV rays. 

Made with a galvanized frame, it means it’s protected by an added layer of zinc increasing its life. It also needs little to no maintenance once it’s assembled.


  • Durable.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Good customer support.
  • Large space.
  • Retains warmth and sunlight.
  • Galvanised frame.


  • It needs to be anchored due to its lightweight.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

It can be the best polycarbonate greenhouse UK for people that require ample room and plant all through the year. Its capacity and low price points make it desirable. Capable of providing ideal nurturing conditions to many plants, the outsunny clear polycarbonate greenhouse is ideal for the avid gardeners.

5. Selections Wooden Framed Polycarbonate Mini Greenhouse:

Last but not least on our list is the Selections wooden framed polycarbonate mini greenhouse. Mini greenhouses are ideal for hobbyists and people living in apartments as they can be easily placed on the terrace or the patio. Offering sufficient room and occupying less space is their key characteristic.

The Selections wooden framed mini-greenhouse has 3 shelves that provide adequate space while maximizing storage efficiency. Its panels are twin-walled that assist in retaining warmth as well as sunlight. The stained wood gives an attractive look, and the wooden texture makes your aesthetics pop.

Accessibility through two doors makes catering your plants easier. To keep the doors shut, fasteners are used, which assist in isolating the inner atmosphere. Even with a wooden built, the wooden framed mini greenhouse will last years if proper care is taken.

A simple design means it’s also reasonably easy to assemble. Also, having a hinged top allows airflow.


  • Easy accessibility.
  • Elegant look.
  • Efficient storage.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Affordable.
  • Long-lasting investment.


  • Unsuitable for rainy areas.

Thoughts And Recommendations:

Compatible and easily kept even in small places. Best polycarbonate greenhouse UK and a lifesaver for people living in apartments or flats, enabling them to enjoy their hobbies regardless of the space available.


Greenhouses are an easy way to carry on your gardening throughout the year without caring about fluctuations in weather and seasons. Many things require warmer temperatures to develop adequately; the best polycarbonate greenhouses aim at providing optimum temperatures for plant growth, even in the chilliest of winters. 
We’ve listed our top 5 best polycarbonate greenhouse UK. Our best pick palram harmony greenhouse and our runner-up palram mythos greenhouse help you produce stunning plants all year long.

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