Can A Candle Heat A Greenhouse?

Can A Candle Heat A Greenhouse?

Are you looking to grow crops even in the winter season? Greenhouse gardening has made it possible as it can trap the heat from the sunrays. But what if there is not enough heat coming directly from the sun’s rays? 

No worries, as greenhouses can have their heating system, creating enough thriving conditions for all types of plants and crops.

Plenty of heating methods can create suitable conditions even for the non-seasonal vegetation and crops to enhance the yield all-year-round. 

Amongst all the ways, an affordable yet eco-friendly option includes heating with a candle. Many first-time growers do not believe the fact that candles can heat a greenhouse. You’ll get to know by the end of this reading!

Can A Candle Heat A Greenhouse?

There is utmost need to keep the temperature of your greenhouse steady and balanced. Electric and gas heaters can serve the purpose but are harmful in many aspects simultaneously. 

Here’s where the candles fit in! On the flip side, greenhouse heating with candles has more pros as compared to cons. As long as you’re starting things first and setting up a small greenhouse, candles can be the most affordable and effective heating solution for the greenhouse.

Coming back to the trending question, which says, ‘‘Can a candle heat a greenhouse?” The answer is yes, and sometimes this method serves the purpose best as compared to others.

How Will A Candle Heat A Greenhouse?

Plenty of attributes can influence the heating of greenhouse via candles, and there’s no denying that this method has proved to be much more useful than gas and electric heaters. The number of factors on which the heating depends includes the panel type, exterior, the temperature you want, and the greenhouse’s insulation. 

Moreover, this candle heating method can fulfil the temperature needs of a smaller greenhouse, and that too for a longer time at a consistent rate.

Benefits of Candle Heating for Greenhouse:

Gas and electric heaters might give you an immense amount of heat in less time, but these can be harmful to the plants due to the production of harmful gases faster. On the flip side, the greenhouse heated by the candles serves a more blissful overall environment inside and helps thrive plants at an optimum rate without any harmful effects. Here’re some of the key benefits of owning the candle heating method for the greenhouse.

Low Cost:

One of the significant benefits of most professional gardeners and vegetable growers keeps candle heaters inside the greenhouse is cost. Any method that uses the energy resources might cost higher as compared to the wax candles. Moreover, candle heaters are simpler to make, requiring no complicated and costly raw material.

Easy Formation:

It’ll be no less than a fun DIY project to form the candle heaters. All you need is a flower pot or a simple clay pot, which you can put on a stand upside down. Making this structure, the next step is to place the candles below! Thus, your Candle heater will be ready to heat the greenhouse at a significantly lower cost.

Disperses Easily:

The candle heating method to maintain the greenhouse temperature is also proven effective due to the heat spreading. Candle heaters make sure that the heat gets to each corner of the greenhouse and within a specific time frame.

Longer Heating Time:

Candle heaters (containing a candle and a pot at the top) serves the purpose for a longer time. Even when the candle dies out, the pot can disperse the heat into the surroundings for the next few hours. However, it depends on the initial time in which you kept the flame on!

Some Downsides To Heat A Greenhouse With A Candle:


Make sure to put the candle heaters or naked candles far away from the plants and other flammables. A simple mishap can set the whole greenhouse on fire. Moreover, do not heat the greenhouse with a candle heater overnight. Also, ensure all the necessary precautions before placing the candle heaters.

Carbon Monoxide:

Another demerit of using candle heating method for your greenhouse is carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure to ventilate the greenhouse after or during the heating process. Also, you can install the carbon monoxide poisoning detector.


Plenty of heating methods are here to maintain the temperature inside a greenhouse. These temperature maintaining methods are considered as a must-have thing to achieve the optimum growing conditions. Amongst all methods, candle heaters top the list.

The candle heating method for a greenhouse gets its fame due to being more environmentally friendly and serves as an easy DIY project to set up for first-time usage.

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