Can Bees Live In A Greenhouse

Can Bees Live In A Greenhouse?

Whether you’re a novice or an expert grower, you need to ensure that pollination occurs inside your greenhouse for effective fruit production and the thriving of crops. However, the greenhouse is a conservatory that conserves the internal environment and presents balanced heat and humidity conditions. 

But still, the pollination problems are here! Now the question remains, how would a grower meet the needs? What will be beneficial for greenhouse pollination? Bees are the answer! Let’s delve into further details that might help you grow fruits and flowers.

Why Bees? – A Solution to Pollination Problems:

As discussed, greenhouses face challenges regarding pollination. Even a smaller greenhouse cannot thrive crops enough if there is little or no pollination. Thus, experts have found two essential solutions to overcome this greenhouse problem for crop growers. Here you go!

Solution 1: Place some hives around your greenhouse, and then you can simply open up the vents and panels of your greenhouse in summer early in the morning. Having limited needs and because the summer season is going-on, this method works perfectly. Make sure you close the panels after sunset to let the last struggling bees return home.

Solution 2: Once you’re growing on a large scale, placing the hives in the outside environment doesn’t help much. Then, you must set the beehives inside the greenhouse. This might sound simpler and easier, but plenty of factors count in! Let’s look at some concerns about whether the bees can live inside a greenhouse or not?

Can Bees Live In A Greenhouse?

First things first, as we all know, the solution to skimpy pollination- the bees! But can bees live in a greenhouse? The answer is yes! Both the bees and bumblebees can live inside a greenhouse once you fulfill certain conditions. One might think what can be the most effortless survival other than this “Protected” greenhouse environment, but that’s not the case! 

There are plenty of factors that might help bees to flourish their colonies and pollinate the crops. Here is a quick look at the facts about managing the bees’ colonies inside a greenhouse!

How Can Bees Live Inside A Greenhouse?

Regardless of the greenhouse size, once you decide to place the hives inside the greenhouse, plenty of factors count in! The first problem lies in keeping the hives inside because you cannot force them to shut inside a hive box. This will not only ruin their nutrition cycle but their ability to maintain a healthy diet. Here are some pro tips to make them live inside the greenhouse.

Tip 1: Always keep the hive in a southeast direction so that the bees get direct sunlight.

This will keep them in work-situation for the maximum hours. Also, getting the advantage of heat in the earliest morning will maximize the output of the day. For this purpose, make sure the panels are airtight and conserve the heat inside the greenhouse. No matter if you have a panelled greenhouse or not, the direct sunray will serve the heating purpose.

Tip 2: Make sure the bees have access to the external environment.

Regardless of the type of bees you choose for pollination inside the greenhouse, it’s customary to maintain a balance in their living. You’ll need to open a panel for the bees so that they can go outside. Moreover, if you don’t have a panelled greenhouse, fit a PVC pipe entrance and exit for bees.

Tip 3: Maintain enough ventilation for the bees’ hive.

Ventilation is a must-have thing for you to thrive the crops to their best bloom. Moreover, the bees mustn’t fly and pollinate if the condition isn’t suitable for heat and humidity.

Winter To-Do List for Bees’ Pollination in Greenhouse:

In winters, the greenhouse must be your center of attention as maintaining the heat inside is necessary for both the plants and bees. Most of the time, in winters, the bees usually cluster up. 

They don’t fly until the temperature reaches 60 t0 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, an unheated greenhouse might end up discouraging the pollination via bees. Moreover, you don’t need to block the entrance and exit as bees will not fly to the external environment on their own due to low temperature.


Pollination holds immense importance for the crops to thrive and fruits to grow! It’s not possible inside the conserved environment of the greenhouse. Thus, placing the beehives inside the greenhouse can be a solution! Following the tips and to-do list, you’ll be able to make the greenhouse environment suitable for bees.

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