Best Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer UK Review- Buyer’s Guide and Detailed Reviews

No matter if you’re an avid gardener or a professional who loves seeing the sharp edges and a well-maintained lawn, you must not miss having the best long reach petrol hedge trimmer uk.

Whenever it comes to maintaining the hedges, bushes, and shrubs, only fewer tools might be able to help you as this job requires accuracy and precision.

If you’re finding it hard to reach some areas due to bushes, long reach hedges might be the ideal choice.

Thus, if you’re the one looking for the right tool to maintain the hedges? Look no further! As we’ve got you covered with our best long reach petrol hedge trimmer review.

While cutting the grass or maintaining the hedges, overextending yourself might cost you an injury.

The ones who have the larger thriving plants in their garden might have a problem reaching some areas. But once you’re equipped with the suitable model, reaching to the top of the hedge might seem not an issue. 

You’ll also not need any ladders or tables to climb to the top to get rid of extra growth. All in all, an ideal long-reach hedge trimmer will surely complete your arsenal for garden maintenance.

Are you in a hurry or have no time to go through this piece of writing? No worries! 

We understand the need and got you completely covered with our best Pick and runner-up in this regard. Let’s have a look at the best long reach petrol hedge trimmer reviews!

Best Pick For Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer

MAXTRA Petrol 3.67m Long Reach Pole Hedge Trimmer:

On the top of the best long reach petrol hedge trimmer review, here is our best Pick in the form of MAXTRA Petrol trimmer!

This machine is sturdy and robust enough to cut even the thick branches utilizing the 900W 1.5HP engine. Moreover, the 46cm reach enables an avid gardener to reach even hard-to-reach areas without overextending arms.

Runner Up For Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer

True Shopping 52CC Petrol Multi-Tool Trimmer:

In this best long reach petrol hedge trimmer review, our runner-up is the 52CC trimmer by TrueShopping!

This petrol-powered trimming tool can completely keep the lawn in a tip-top shape utilizing the 52CC 2.2kW powerful engine, which can rotate the blades up to 9500RPM.

The air-cooled mechanism, along with a foam filter and centrifugal clutch, makes it an ideal choice.

Our Buying Guide- Best Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review:

Are you the one looking for the best hedge cutter to keep your lawn look tidier than your neighbor? Worry not, as we’ve got you the list of the 5 best petrol hedge trimmers. But before we jump onto the products, you must equip yourself with the best knowledge to arrive at better decisions. Here are some considerations to make while buying the best long reach petrol hedges.

Hedge Size and Dimensions:

As in the first place, we’ve got you covered with the hedge size in our best long reach petrol hedge trimmer review to get the most out of your gadget. The taller the hedge, the more difficult it’ll be to reach there. Similarly, the more area you need to cover while cutting, the larger the blade size you’ll need.

Cutting Blade:

As mentioned earlier, the larger blades will cover the more extended areas. Usually, most of the blades in the hedge trimmers range from 40cm to 50cm unless you have a hedge that is 1m away from you. On the contrary, larger blades are often challenging to maneuver and must be used with precautions.

Extendable Poles or not?

Another factor that counts the most is the pole size! Make sure to buy the best petrol hedge trimmer that can go up to the highest end. Also, the extendable poles are the best ones so far due to being their versatile usage.

Tooth Gap Sizing:

Tooth gap size is a much important consideration as it directly refers to the branch size you need to cut! A 16mm to 20mm tooth gap size or spacing is more than enough for a standard lawn.

Top 5 Best Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review:

1. Petrol Extended Long Reach 3m Hedge Trimmer:

Whenever it comes to a neat-looking lawn with sharp edges and fine hedges- long reach extended trimmers can be the ideal choice.

Among the variety of models, the TrueShopping brand has made it to the top of the list due to its versatile features on-board.

Equipped with the 3m pole size and easy manoeuvrability, this petrol hedge trimmer can be the best-suited choice for an avid gardener as well as a professional.

What’s noteworthy is the easy transportation and handling, which has got the attention and fame for this trimmer! The MFS520HT trimmer has also got you covered with more than ten angles to cut and trim the plants in your gardener.

Additionally, the two-stroke engine and the air-cooled mechanisms have your back even if you’re going to cut and shape the whole garden in a single go.

Also, cutting capacity and dimensions are not a thing to worry about in this hedge trimmer! MFS520HT has a 450mm blade length with the 9000RPM, which is more than enough to cut the hardwood hedges.


  • Long reach pole size will help you cut even up to 10 meters of height.
  • You can adjust among the ten different cutting angles.
  • The two-stroke engine powers the blade with a speed of 9000RPM.
  • The 450mm blade length enables you to cover the vast area in a single go.
  •  The 52CC 3HP motor can last longer than the usual ones.


  • Product requires pre-assembly

Thoughts and Recommendations:

If you’re in dire need of a hedge trimmer with a powerful motor and long reach extendable pole? Worry not! This TrueShopping hedge trimmer manages to find a place in our best long reach petrol hedge trimmer review due to its utmost speed and power.

2. MAXTRA Petrol 3.67m Long Reach Pole Hedge Trimmer:

Who doesn’t like a trimmer that not only costs you less but also utilizes less electricity for the operational work?

One such pole hedge trimmer has managed to find second place in our best long reach petrol hedge trimmer review. This MAXTRA Trimmer is equipped with the ideal specifications that will be enough for a professional and a hobbyist to maintain the lawn without any hassle.

One of the noticeable features that have urged many gardeners to keep their hands on this MAXTRA petrol hedge trimmer is its long reach!

It can quickly reach a height of 3.67 meters with its long pole head and blade size. Moreover, this trimmer is backed up by the 33cc engine, which powers the blade to generate enough RPM to cut the hardwood in seconds without even bending the blade.

Generating the 900 watts power and anti-vibrational motion, you’re going to love shaping your lawn next time. The extendable pole offers excellent maneuverability as it can be extended to reach a height up to 71 inches (over 10 ft.).


  • There are two choke positions, making the ignition process easier in cold and hot starts.
  • The anti-vibration system makes the cutting process much easier and smoother.
  • The 46cm dual-edged blade can cut the hardwood without any hassle.
  • The powerful 33cc engine can produce 900watts motor power.
  • A hardened steel blade can cut even hardwood.


  • Diagrams are blurry in the instruction manual

Thoughts and Recommendations:

Are you in search of a cost-friendly long-reach hedge trimmer? Look no further as we’ve got you covered with this ideal choice in our best long reach petrol hedge trimmer review. This MAXTRA petrol will have the 1.5HP 33CC engine with all the accessories packed inside.

3. Garden Care GCLR262 Long Reach Petrol Hedge Trimmer:

Now, coming towards our third-best trimmer in this best long reach petrol hedge trimmer review has immensely upgraded and super-friendly features on-board.

This Garden Care GCLR262 is backed up by the 26cc engine, which might not be the best one but can fulfill the needs of a home gardener or hobbyist looking forward to a lightweight trimmer.

One of the noticeable features which have urged the gardener to keep their eyes on this GardenCare Hedge Trimmer includes the 3-meter reach!

Thus, are you looking for a trimmer to reach a more extended height without overextending your arms? Look no further when you have the Garden Care 26cc petrol hedge trimmer!

Moreover, the cutting blade has a size of 54cm, which is more than enough to deal with the bushes’ prominent edges and thriving plants. It’s better than most of the models in the angled cutting and the degree of cutting.


  • The double-sided blades can cut the hedges or edges without bending the blades.
  • The 3-meter reach enables you to cut the overgrown tallest hedges in no time.
  • The 26cc two-stroke engine can lead you towards a better approach in cutting and shaping the lawn.
  • The double-sided blades can incline at 90-degrees to cut even better.


  • Not much lightweight

Thoughts and Recommendation:

When it comes to petrol-powered trimmer to shape even the tallest of hedges- look no further! This Garden Care 26CC Engine has 54cm of the long cutting blade and a 3 meter long extending pole to cut easily.

4. True Shopping 52CC Petrol Multi-Tool Trimmer:

Do you want to see your lawn or garden all neat and tidy? Look no further as we’ve got you covered with this ideal TrueShopping 52CC engine under the best long reach petrol hedge trimmer review list.

This petrol-powered gardening tool comes with a sharp blade to keep the plants in a neat and tidy outlook.

Also, equipped with the brush cutter, hedge trimmer, extending pole, and all other peripherals, this 52cc multi-tool trimmer can be the ideal choice for your cutting needs.

A two-stroke engine with an air-cooled cylinder will offer reliability, ruggedness, and versatility at the same time. Moreover, backed up by the 2.2kW power, the blades can reach up to 9500RPM in no time.


  • The 2.2kW two-stroke engine can reach up to 9500RPM.
  • A 100cm extension pole can cover the height needed.
  • Sharp blades can even rotate at 9500 RPM to cut even thick branches.


  • Hard to start

Thoughts and Recommendations:

This power-cutting tool is equipped with the best and upgraded features on-board to put your garden in a tip-top shape.

5. Selections 42.7cc 4 in 1 Long Reach Hedge Trimmer:

Next in our best long reach petrol hedge trimmer review, we have a versatile and advanced power tool on-board which is not only famous for its 90-degrees cutting angle but the pruner! 

This selection’s 42.7cc powerful trimmer has a 45cm long and sharp blade, which can even cut the thorny hedges. Not only is this, but the blade’s edge can last longer than usual, as most of the long reach hedge trimmer users were facing this problem in the past.

Apart from the sharp cutting, another noticeable attribute that paves the way for avid gardeners is the angled cutting!

You can easily cut the top of hedges using the 90-degree angled cut offered by this versatile power tool. The hedge trimmer comes along with the peripherals, so you don’t need to spend much once bought. 

It comes with a pruner that resembles or works like a mini chainsaw to cut even the thick and hard branches.

On the other hand, a brush cutter can cut through the thick branches as well but near the ground level. Additionally, this hedge trimmer is lightweight and equipped with a shoulder strap for easy usage.


  • The pruner lets you cut the thick branches in no time.
  • The brush cutter holds immense power and mobility.
  • The 47.2CC engine can even clear out the thick hedges without bending the blades.
  • The two-stroke engine uses less fuel and offers economic use.


  • Customers complain about the blue smoke

Thoughts and Recommendations:

In case you’re simply a hobbyist who loves maintaining the home lawn or garden, keep your hands on this Selections 42.7cc trimmer. 


The neat and tidy-looking lawn is a need of every avid gardener as well as a professional. But maintaining the yard can be a bit of a daunting task sometimes.

Overextending your arms might lead to an injury. Thus, we’re here with this best long reach petrol hedge trimmer reviews to help you choose an ideal cutting tool!

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